Poll: Joe Biden’s COVID Relief Bill Is Very Popular

UPDATE: Larry Kudlow himself literally chimed in on FOX Business this morning to confirm that it is only people like that who oppose this.

I’m feeling bullish.

Joe is doing this one thing for us as president and on balance it is great. This will put tremendous pressure on the Republicans to become more populist to remain competitive.

77% of Independents support the COVID relief package.

46% of Republicans support the COVID relief package.

In other words, our social views have outright triumphed in the Republican Party and our economic views aren’t that far behind. The Center is populist now on economics. Give it a few more years of the electorate resorting due to education polarization and White Populism will be dominant.

Why is this bill so popular?

Consider what is being proposed here:

So, the effect of this thing is that most people will get $1,400, parents will start getting regular monthly checks and health insurance will become less expensive. FOX News wants us to be extremely angry about this … because, I guess, it will mostly benefit working class people instead of billionaires.

The COVID relief bill is a win for populism, a win for the country and a win for most people personally so they aren’t mad about it. The Larry Kudlows and Stephen Moores of the world are mad about it.

White working class voters are like … LET’S GO!

It seems to have dawned on the Jacobin ladies that the reason libs are so obsessed with race and make everything about “white supremacy” even in bizarre situations like with COVID is because they want to poison the well. As long as they continue alienating and antagonizing White working class voters, they don’t have to do anything for working class voters and can dominate them. The polls above show that White working class voters support wealth redistribution that benefits them too.

Every Republican in Congress voted against the COVID relief bill which hilariously exposes the staggering disconnect between the True Cons policy agenda which is still suited to suburban upper class voters who are now Democrats and the White working class base of the party. The typical struggling White working class woman with two kids who is a Republican is saying in the polls: “I, too, support this bill.”

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    • Just remember someone else is paying for it. A lot of people are tired of working their asses off, paying high taxes to subsidize other people’s choices.

      • Not “someone else”, but the government is paying for it, as the government of any modern, developed country should be doing anyway.

  1. In this package, there’s something like a $4billion giveaway for debt relief of non-white farmers, who are by far the least indebted demographic of farmers, for obvious reasons. Whites need not apply.

    • Yes, conservatives are using that to distract from the fact that they don’t want to do anything for anyone. They are also screaming about illegal aliens or prisoners getting checks. The whole point is to distract attention away from their own platform which is to always help billionaires and millionaires like with the Trump tax cuts and never to do anything to help workers.

  2. You get a lousy 1,400 dollars if you make less than 80 grand while corps get tax cuts the the super rich get tax breaks.

    • In 2017, Trump and the GOP used budget reconciliation to slash the corporate tax rate and cut taxes on the super rich. No one else got anything out of that and certainly not a $1,400 check or the child tax credit that is in this bill.

      • You supported Trump in 2016 when I told you on Twitter at the time that he was a conman and a liar and he was only telling you and others that supported him what they wanted to hear. You fought me than and said he was going to do this and that. When you finally realized you were conned, you came to realize I was right. You are buying the same con and lie again, this time from the other side of the aisle.

    • There are many taxpayers with both spouses working who PAY taxes, no refund, and are getting ZERO from any of this. They are mostly White.

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