House Passes Amnesties For DREAMers and Farmworkers

Why are you so focused on the culture war?

The Democrats are focused on economic populism now. That’s why House Democrats have passed HR 1, the Equality Act, the Violence Against Women Act, gun control legislation and now two amnesties. In addition, Joe has signed executive orders on woke, trans, climate change and open borders issues, which has led to the biggest wave of illegal immigration to hit the border in 20 years.


“The House voted 247-174 on Thursday to pass a bipartisan bill that would allow an estimated 1 million undocumented farmworkers and their children to gain legal status through continued employment.

Why it matters: Farmworkers and crop hands were designated essential workers during the pandemic. The bill would allow them to apply for legal status after working in agriculture for at least 180 days over two years. …”

COVID is why we need this amnesty.


“The House on Thursday voted 228-197 to pass the American Dream and Promise Act as part of Democrats’ first effort at immigration reform under the Biden administration.

Why it matters: Nine Republicans joined Democrats to support the bill that creates a pathway to citizenship for about 2.5 million immigrants living in the U.S. …”

How many more of these unaccompanied minors will arrive at the border this year “through no fault of their own” and be released into the interior by the Biden administration? Are they coming to the United States because Joe invited them to come and the Democrats are passing an amnesty for them?

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  1. We can just kiss our asses goodbye. Can’t even afford homes anymore but we give noncitizens free college educations.

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