Tucker Carlson Grills Gov. Kristi Noem For Vetoing Transgender Sports Bill

In a nutshell, this episode illustrates why I am not a Republican.

In theory, the Republican Party is supposed to represent social conservatives, but in practice it is often a different story. We have seen it time and again when issues like this come up in states like Indiana, Arkansas, North Carolina and Georgia to name a few where voters want one thing and powerful business interests are opposed and Republicans end up siding with the business interests, not their own voters. See also the Mississippi State Flag or the Confederate flag outside the South Carolina Statehouse.

In the 2016 election, social conservatives voted for Donald Trump in order to save Anthony Scalia’s seat and preserve the 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch who was the darling of the conservative legal movement. Last summer, Gorsuch screwed social conservatives in the Bostock decision and ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covered transgenderism. Nothing changed after Anthony Kennedy left the court who wrote the Obergefell v. Hodges decision that legalized gay marriage. Even with a 6-3 Supreme Court, social conservatives still lose.

Republican state legislatures like to play a game where they will do things like pass bills which throw red meat to their base like outlawing “trans women” in women’s sports. These laws are inevitably challenged in federal court. Then Republican appointed libertarian judges rule in favor of liberals on everything from sodomy to gay marriage to transgenderism to affirmative action. In this case though, the “trans women” in women’s sports bill didn’t get past … Gov. Kristi Noem in South Dakota.

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  1. What a clown – she was the darling of the Trumpkins with her anti-Covid-lockdown and mask policies but she chose to let her future political career die on the hill of the jewish PTB’s latest cause célèbre – trangenderism. Oh, well – that’s another few million people that are waking up to the fact that White Conservatives in the US have no representation at any level of government and never will in the current system.

  2. Governor Noem is a lovely and bright-Paper Tiger, someone who will say all the right things, yet, when push comes to shove will not attempt anything of consequence.

    How do I know this?

    Because, just a few days ago she was all gangbusters to sign the anti-transgender bill.

    Then, after doing a 180, when asked why she did abandoned ship, her reply was that she had been advised that, on this issue, she could not win.

    For me, as a Southerner, anyone who puts their finger in the wind to decide what course they ought take is someone you do not support – no time, no how, and no way.

  3. Lvl 2 observation. Notice how the comments are turned off on Tucker Fox video when it comes to contentious social issues.

    Fox is false opposition.

    • @Aspire…

      I think ‘false opposition’ is not the precise word to describe Fox News, because that would imply some sort of heinous machinations on their part.

      No, what Fox is is a genuine opposition within a system that needs far more than that – it needs profound reform.

      Hannity and Carlson are the two on that channel that stand for that and recommend that.

      The rest you can keep.

        • @c d…

          How right you are – Hannity is a Zionist, which means that every other position he has must, by implication, be wrong.

          In fact, he must be a bad person.

          After all, according to you, anyone who holds a bad idea, just one, is a person who must be entirely discounted.

          Okay, have I completed your graduate study in how to approach the complexities of evaluating people.

          • You miss the point. Someone who is pro-zionism is going to promote things through that filter. Hannity has never pushed for anything for the American worker or taxpayer. It’s just pro-Republican. A lot of these guys are just entertainers, nothing more.

          • “ Hannity is a Zionist, which means that every other position he has must, by implication, be wrong.”

            It means most of the stated positions are wrong and the ones that are not wrong will be reversed when it counts.

            I refuse to vote for anyone that proclaims themself a zionist or puts on the stupid hat and tucks his stupid note into the wall. They WILL sell you out.

          • @Pilot…

            Thank you for your reply.

            No, I do not miss the point, but, rather understand that there are plenty of people here, and in the world, who seem to think that, just because you do not share every value with a person, that you must be, by implication, ‘a bad person.

            Of course I understand that Sean Hannity is an entertainer.

            He is not just that, however, but, a great patriot.

            There it is – a Southern Nationalist and secessionist telling you that a New York Yankee is a great patriot.

            Just Mr. Hannity’s relentless investigation and exposure of The United States’ Government’s plot to destroy The Trump Administration, via the ridiculously concocted, yet sinister, notion of ‘Russian Collusion.’

            Mr. Hannity not only tried to resurrect a convention of the states, has been a relentless advocate of your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, as well.

            The price of this for Mr. Hannity has been that he has had to be on a 24 hour a day watch, for eternity, over whether someone might try to assassinate him.

            I tell you this – though I totally disagree with Mr. Hannity on things like, ‘Free Trade’, Zionism’, and Interventionism’, I would stand in the trenches with him any day.

            Yankee or not, Mr. Hannity is just like our Mr. Griffin here – absolutely reliable and very very brave…

      • @ Ivan

        “would imply some sort of heinous machinations on their part.”

        ( ?° ?? ?°) Me? Imply that? Never….

  4. The Republicans talk a good game until the time comes to follow thru with action. Then they backpedal or drag their feet. This has been going on for years and will continue to.

  5. Now she needs to create a “coalition” before she can do anything against the mighty NCAA. After all – she’s just the poor l’il governor of “a small state” struggling to carry out the expressed will of the vast majority…

    These connedservantive hos ALWAYS have some lame-ass excuse for caving to the jewed shitlibs.

  6. This is why women shouldn’t be in charge. They can’t make the difficult decisions. Of course, we live in a so-called “society” where essentially, women and children (or the infantile) rule over us:

    Isiah 3:12:

    “As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, And destroy the way of your paths.”

    I suspect many people don’t know this verse. And most evangelical (and otherwise) pastors ignore it while they’re on their knees in front of Israel’s groin.

    • A Republican man would have done the same thing, metrosucks. Have you forgotten Mike Pence caving in Indiana?

      • That’s true, but with a woman, it’s automatic. They’re always going to go for the society & man destroying option. There’s a very small chance that the man won’t do that.

    • I thought that too. The armless dress is too casual for any business affairs. Imagine if a guy showed up in an armless shirt. Also, the long hair, flat on the top, and the ends curled into sausage curls, is such a dated look. It’s the current equivalent of “mall hair”.

      • @Pilot – Valid observation. So many women in the public eye, who demand to be taken seriously, dress like a seductress. Then claim #metoo

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