Joe Biden Calls For Assault Weapons Ban After Mass Shooting In Boulder

As you might remember, I said that Joe was going to peak after signing the COVID relief bill. After using budget reconciliation to push that through a 50/50 Senate, it would be all downhill from there. Joe would spend the next year and a half giving back whatever goodwill he earned from the COVID bill by taking on polarizing culture war issues. He is proving me right on gun control and immigration.

After the Atlanta shooting, the media didn’t hesitate to racialize the issue and blame “white supremacy.” Joe went to Atlanta and said that we were all “complicit” in what happened there even though it was clear the shooter targeted prostitutes and was tormented by his own sexuality. Now in Boulder, it has come out since last night that the shooter was an anti-Trump Muslim who ranted about Islamophobia. Obviously, Joe can’t say that all Muslims are “complicit” in this particular shooting because that would be “racism” and “xenophobia” and perpetuating Islamophobic stereotypes. Democrats are only on safe ground when they use language like that to target and demonize White men.

In Atlanta, “white supremacy” was to blame for the shooting. In Boulder, Democrats have already settled on blaming gun owners. They don’t want to wait to find more about the shooter’s motive because it is already clear that that they aren’t going to be able to use that to blame the Right.

Note: Joe promised us that he would restore normalcy. It does seem like we are back in Obama’s second term now that mass shootings have returned, illegal aliens are pouring across the border again and crime is up. Washington is also hopelessly polarized and nothing else is getting done.

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  1. I was banned from Twitter and reddit for reporting this crime as being committed by a racist brown turd who doesn’t even belong in our country and NOT a white man.

    “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”

    -Edward Snowden

  2. Re the murders of the Asian women in Atlanta, from 4chan:

    “Did Bible ‘Death to Prostitutes’ Fuel Atlanta Spa Killings?

    Did the Jewish-Christian Bible fuel the Atlanta spa killing of 8 people, mostly female massage staff understood as sometimes doing sex work?

    Two Bible passages list death by burning alive as the penalty for prostitutes, pronounced by Judah, great-grandson of patriarch Abraham

    Judah “was informed that his ‘daughter-in-law has played the harlot’ … Judah said, ‘Let her be burned!'” – Genesis 38:24

    “if she profanes herself by harlotry … she shall be burned with fire!” – Leviticus 21:9

    Baptist church-goer Robert Aaron Long often spoke of & quoted the Bible … did these Bible passages help make him a killer of sex-work-associated women?

    Alleged shooter Robert Aaron Long, age 21, was a Bible-citing member of Milton Georgia Crabapple First Baptist Church, preaching hard fundamentalism on Bible ‘morality’ – Long likely considered ‘God’s will’ to ‘kill harlots’ as in Genesis & Leviticus

    Long was also tormented by joining the neo-Christian ’12 step’ cult, demanding severe ‘total abstinence’ as the only way out of sex, drug & alcohol addictions, a cult with a huge failure rate, and at times accused of mind-control manipulation … When in fact many ex-alcoholics learn to drink moderately & happily

    Long lived at ‘Maverick Recovery’ 12-step halfway-house in Roswell Georgia between August 2019 and January or February 2020, struggling with his ‘sex addiction’ he indulged at Asian ‘massage’ centres”

    • Don’t worry, they blamed “white racism” initially and when it came out they guy was of Syrian decent they said it’s still white racism because of his light complexion “he benefited from whiteness.”

      The idea that a 21 year old guy who should normally be in the prime of their potency is a “sex addict” is ludicrous. Clearly that dude had some other mental disorder that should have been treated, not a bunch of “12 step” hocus pocus. They say these $20,000 rehab programs just spend the day bussing them around to all the local 12 step meetings they could attend for free. The efficacy comes not from the “12 steps” but the social support of removing themselves from a circle of addicts and replacing their social circle to those abstaining. Although unlike dope or booze, “sex addiction” doesn’t really fit in very well.

  3. Amazing isn’t it? Truculent White Supremacist actually did suppress Muslim Jihad. Lol.

  4. Biden really is a sinister character. This mass shooting business is straight out of the psyop playbook. Fuckin Hell. Trump, maybe not so bad, he did appear to stop this GlowOp stuff.

  5. Gee – a mere 2 months into Sleepy Joe’s term and already 2 “mass shootings” after all was quiet on that front for 4 years when Trump was in. It’s all so tiresome.

  6. Seems like more anti-gun laws the more mass shootings. Of course we’re told the carnage has nothing to do with the US being a multiracial country & everything to do with the evil White majority, albeit dwindling.

      • Mass shootings were rare during my growing up years in the 50’s and 60’s, when America was still a White country and the gun grabbers hadn’t come out of the woodwork yet. The only mass shooting I remember during that period was the U of Tx tower shooter in 1966.

      • This really didn’t happen.
        It couldn’t happen.

        King Soopers has a no gun policy. ( a gun free zone )

  7. “They don’t want to wait to find more about the shooter’s motive because it is already clear that that they aren’t going to be able to use that to blame the Right.”

    Like the Las Vegas massacre and the Nashville bombing, the Colorado shooting happened in the wrong place, to the wrong people.

    • I’ve read that the Las Vegas massacre was the result of a Mossad assassination plot gone wrong. Always wondered why it went down the memory hole so fast apart from the fact that most of the victims were White.

  8. Gun laws aren’t particularly oppressive in Colorado, and while the government couldn’t predict that this exact event would occur, they can predict that what they’ve done over the last year will cause more shootings and terrorist acts, in general:

    I think the real problem with these events is that one, these lockdowns are causing people to flip out even more than they would anyway, and two, telling all these brown/black people, 24/7, that their grievances are real and legitimate is encouraging this sort of stuff. The reality is that most mass shooter events, by far, have ALWAYS been caused by browns and blacks, not white people. The judenpresse just talks up the occasional white shooter, and ignores the endless non-white ones.

    Government doesn’t care that a bunch of white, brown, or black people died in some shooting (or because of the lockdown, for that matter). These are all things they can use to increase their power. Only Jewish lives matter, in the end. The rest of us are worth 1/10,000 of a Jewish fingernail, as that rabbi openly stated.

  9. WE don’t have a gun problem, wee have treasonous govt problem that is more concerned about importing non-White immigrants. I knew he wasn’t White when his name was not released. All the victims were White but the media won’t tell you that.

  10. Weird how Islamic terrorist attacks almost disappeared during Trump’s term, but now we get one immediately with Biden. How many undercover FBI agents was this guy in contact with pushing him into killing civilians?

    • I’ve never liked the conspiracy theory about that but after Joe brings back the normal I’m all ears.

  11. It is always good and law abiding White citizens who are stripped of their right to bear arms as opposed to Black and Brown criminals who actually are causing almost all the crime in this country.

    • “White citizens who are stripped of their right to bear arms as opposed to Black and Brown criminals ”

      You pay for the sins of others!

      That’s why the purity of your society matters, so much.

    • They run this “First 48” reruns from a decade back on one of the UHF channels every evening. Pretty much the same deal, one black after another getting arrested usually for losing their temper and pulling out a gun they shouldn’t have been packing. “Concealed Carry” is not going to really protect the victims (also usually black) because the outburst occurs so fast it would probably be impossible to draw before they do and defend yourself. Stuff like this is what probably makes cosmopolitan whites living in urban areas want gun control, taking the guns out of the black community really would be a good thing, lots of them are simply too impulsive to be responsible gun owners. Of course there are more nefarious characters who want to disarm rural whites who they see as “the cossacks” their great grand parents told them about who terrorized their village back in Russia a century back.

  12. The open borders policy is allowing more terrorists into the country. That and more MS-13 members described by the Lügenpresse as “children” will lead to more terrorism, more violence. Hmmm, it almost seems that maybe that’s the Government’s plan, maybe?

  13. All of the open borders fuck faces and multi culturealists, are to some extent morally responsible, when a Muslim religious maniac attacks people in the United States. The U.S. is not a jobs program for non white jerks, it is a sovereign nation of laws and traditions.. People don’t have some perfect right to come here just because they feel like it.

    • It’s the repository of Western Civilizatipn. A synthesis of European and colonial triumphs and tragedies. Its not for Muslims, Bleks and Mexicans.

  14. I can’t wait for my company to hold a session for us White Americans to talk about how we are feeling after 10 members of the White American Community were murdered by an extremist.

    I want to hear from my Allies!

  15. So a born Syrian national goes on a shooting spree less than three weeks after Biden bombs Syria?

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