Rising: CNN Has Lost Nearly Half Its Primetime Audience

The old timers were proven right again.

Whenever a Democrat is president, Republicans start mobilizing and the Right becomes more radical and open to our ideas. We saw this during the Obama presidency. Those who are older saw it happen under the Clinton presidency. Nothing moves the needle for the Right like having a Democrat president who is doing stupid polarizing shit because that is what actually wakes new people up.

Correspondingly, the Right goes to sleep whenever a Republican is president. Those who had seen it happen several times in the past predicted that it would happen with Trump. That’s exactly what happened too. The Left was radicalized while Republican voters checked out, went to sleep for four years and assumed Trump was Making America Great Again. It is only radicals who never tune out of politics. The typical radical knows far more about the current state of politics than the typical voter.

Now that Joe Biden is president, the Left is demobilizing. The Left is going to sleep now that a Democrat is president. CNN and MSNBC’s ratings are collapsing without the Orange Lightning Rod.

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  1. “CNN Has Lost Nearly Half Its Primetime Audience”

    I know, I know – BUT … given that I have been reading ‘CNN is going under’ articles for nigh on several years now, I have begun to wonder it it is a boat that simply cannot sink.

    30 years ago CNN was the place.


    Who still watches it?

      • @AspiretotheStars Haven’t had cable TV for about a decade now, and I don’t miss it. I can’t believe anyone pays for the fake news, the home flipping shows, the reality shows, and the sports. It’s so toxic. But remember, most boomers think everything’s just fine, and bring on the beer, golf clubs, and lease a motorboat.

    • CNN recently ended its airport presence. I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to wait for a flight and not have to see or hear the “Did you see what Trump just did/said?” network. If I still travelled frequently, I would have bought one of those universal TV remotes that’s small enough to attach to a keychain.

  2. CNN is a contracted and funded propaganda organ for the ((establishment)), just like hollywood, ad agencies etc. They don’t care about ratings or box office per se, They know the rewards will come later.

  3. ^Precisely. Bear in mind that CNN is owned by a Jew-run conglomerate, and it is part of a huge portfolio of media properties, each with various aims and tasks for causing social degeneracy. They won’t let it go under even if they have to run it at a loss. It’s being kept around to blast the elite narratives, not make a huge profit for its Jew owners.

    • FOX, just like CNN always supports U.S. imperial policies, FOX just glorifies the military more. Both were worried about the U.S. leaving Afghanistan, Iraq and something called “the Iranian threat”, whatever that is.

      Both stations are run by war mongers and both are controlled by ‘The Usual Suspects’. FOX and CNN just represent different factions of ‘The Usual Suspects’. On fundamentals there isn’t a millionth of an inch of daylight between them, they are both waiting around for the next war “to protect our freedoms” and have plenty of colored people on their shows.

  4. In other news

    They found the missing Teamsters Union boss Jimmy Hoffa …

    He s been co – hosting CNN for the last 30 years…

    Nobody watches so nobody noticed



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