Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker: My City Rapes You And Keeps Secrets

Is she finally admitting the truth?

Charlottesville elected this lunatic as its mayor in 2017.

We’re the ones who got screwed back then. We all naively assumed that Charlottesville was capable of upholding the law and protecting the rights of everyone to peacefully assemble. This is America which means in theory that everyone has a First Amendment right to do that. We had the misfortune of learning first hand that Charlottesville and other leftwing cities like Portland are now unwilling to do this and allow people with the correct political ideology to come in and engage in violence.

Note: The rest of the country learned what Charlottesville was like during the nationwide Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots last summer. The brats were given a free hand to do whatever they pleased. They rioted all over the country and got away with it because the political class turned a blind eye to it.

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  1. Charlotte, NC is known as “Queen City of the South.”

    Charlottesville, VA is known as “Drama-Queen City of the Known Universe.”

    • Mo’neesha has no real power, she’s just a token schvartze who fronts for her jew Marxist masters.

  2. This is what Edgar Allan Poe and David Allen Coe collaborating together for a country music song would sound like.

  3. Kike-trained & incited Cultural Marxist niggers like this gibberin’ ho can never and will never be appeased by anything less than all Whites with their faces in the dirt with the heels of triumpant coons on their necks.

  4. @ if i may take thee liberty, which i do, i think for thee symbolism of it, i suggest charlotsville va, as our first objective, in our american reconquista, followed by thee recall and deportation, of madam senator ugly duckling.

  5. There’s a deeper psychology at play here. The socio-sexual racial dynamic is an incredibly uneven playing field. All the current “data” tell “us” that white males literally never rape “black” females and “black” males rape a lot of white females. What the sickNarrative is attempting to do is cover up this current reality for a subversive “historical reality” where white males raped “black” females with impunity and “black” males who even thought of romancing a white female were brutally lynched.

    The demonic reality is that there is a devious racial pact amongst “black” male and “black” female TO SEXUALLY SOIL white females as a strategy of surmounting “white supremacy.” In the “struggle,” this kind of sexually-charged racial warfare is given a “blessing” by “black” female. Now, the “struggle” is fake and ghey… White males have no discernible desire for “black females” and certainly wouldn’t rape them. And the white females are brainwashed from birth to throw themselves away to a racially ruthless nigger who will rape them with a giggle and a pimp slap. Ergo, “angry black female” doesn’t like being left out in the cold in this Jerry Springer drama.

  6. Damn We wuz poets an shit before these honky ass devils forced us to go to scool and gave us edumacation That was a real insightful poem there moesha

    She’s actually f*cking mayor? god help us…

  7. @ our enemies are trying too break our racial pride, they defile our women, our enemies war on our youth, turning our boys into fags, our girls into self hating racial traitors, satan attacked our father adam in thee garden, how? Making a move on his woman, our enemies demon strate, their jealousy. Loudly and proudlym

  8. Please stop referring to the vile anti-White subhumans who are violently attacking White people, destroying property and tearing down Western civilization, as “brats” in these articles. They are terrorists!

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