Poll: Republican Support For Gun Control Plummets After Atlanta and Boulder

I’m shocked.

USA Today:

In the poll, taken in the wake of two mass shootings in the span of a week, 65% overall say gun laws should be stricter – a sizable majority but one that has fallen by 7 percentage points from a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll taken in August 2019.

The 54% support among Republicans two years ago has plummeted to 35%. Democratic support has stayed about the same, now at 90%.  …

The findings show some notable shifts since a similar USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll in August 2019, after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. 

Now 57% overall say loose gun laws bear at least some responsibility for mass shootings in the United States. That’s down 10 points from 2019. Among Republicans, the 51% majority who blamed loose gun laws in 2019 has now been cut almost in half, to 27%. The views of Democrats, at 85%, haven’t significantly changed. …”

After everything that has happened since Dayton and El Paso, more Republicans are hesitant to embrace new gun control measures. Can you believe it? I can’t even …

Are you saying that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots moved the dial in the opposite direction with Republican voters? Are you saying that the FBI allowing that to happen decreased social trust? Are you saying that Republican voters haven’t been reassured by the collapse of the Mexican border, Big Tech wiping Trump and all of his followers off the internet, Joe Biden’s DHS labeling them “domestic extremists,” Joe Biden’s Pentagon imposing a political litmus test on the U.S. military, the crime wave sweeping our big cities and the political establishment redefining the term “racism” so that now it means systematic racism by evil cishet White male oppressors? Are you saying that the mobs of politically correct brats chanting stupid slogans in the street and who are out to “get” you are alienating people?

Note: Charlie Sykes and David French recently discussed the True Cons position on gun control. After El Paso, David French called for a “declaration of war” on White Nationalism. He also wanted the government to hunt down the violent Christian “insurrectionists” after the Capitol Siege.

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  1. The Republicans folded on everything else that matters. If they folded on guns and supported the dems in banning guns, they know the party is done.

  2. The Conservatives and Republicans have always been for the 2nd Amendment and have pretty much stuck with it. I’m surprised as well. We already know how many issues they’ve Cucked on over and over again. The 2nd Amendment has a ton of money and lobby / grassroots organizations behind it which is good. I’ve always said the Pro South Movement could have the same support and success on the right wing if we organized like that. The SCV could have done it but they stay non political which is very bad for the South and our Southern Heritage & Culture. We should never surrender any of our rights or heritage & culture. Stick with it and never compromise. We must save the South and White Civilization. Deo Vindice !

    • not 100% true. Plenty of Republicans cuck on gun control.
      That being said, it’s the only issue conservatives are stronger on now than 20 years ago.

  3. Shitlibs like the extremely unfunny Colbert will never blame the criminal, unless he’s a “white supremacist”. No, it’s always somebody else’s fault – the gun lobby, gun fetishists, gun manufacturers. How about instead of “common sense” gun laws…..just hear me out…..we had common sense immigration laws?

  4. It’s not some far off politician in Washington, or even in your State Capitol who is screwing you. It’s your local friendly politician that’s screwing you. He will lie to your face, but, he supports & contributes money to those who are screwing you in Washington and your State Capitol.

  5. If a few more muslims or other non-whites murder 10 White people simply shopping for groceries, watch the polls rise. I’m sliding a little on stricter background checks myself, TBH.

    These people seem to have nothing to lose and/or are insane, and they own guns too.

    • Just remember that whenever a nonwhite goes on a killing spree it’s because he’s mentally ill. And we can’t judge all members of his race based on his actions. But if a white guy does the same thing he’s a racist and a terrorist, like most other white people are.

    • “I’m sliding a little on stricter background checks myself, TBH”

      Waste of time. Just buy them on the black market.

      3d printing, make some really powerful weapons.

      • HW, you can deny all you want the alt-right and far right don’t exist, but most political scientists and the public disagree and you’re delusional to think most of Generations Y, Z and Alpha will ever agree with your crowd on green issues, LGBT, feminism, premarital sex, pornography, religion, marijuana or even something as basic as gaming and movies. Then again, you finally had the guts to admit you’re so furious at the modern world you’d rather revert to a time when electricity and running water didn’t exist and most of your followers here would agree so I’m probably the most “normal” one here lmao

        Hunter Wallace
        March 22, 2021 at 8:32 pm


        I also disagree. It is pretty clear to me that higher education and higher incomes has led primarily to narcissism, mediocrity, incompetence and technocracy. This country was better governed when it was less educated in the early 20th century.

        Unquestionably, I think the worst stretch in the history of this country has been the last 50 years or so. Contrast the average American politician in 2021 with the average American politician in 1830 or 1790. There has been an absolute decline in quality. Is there anyone in the U.S. Senate who strikes you as being in the same league as John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster or Henry Clay?

        • You named all the accomplishments of the last 50 years right there during which the standard of living for most people in this country has either stagnated or declined

  6. So what difference did your gun ownership make in the last year, the time of the BLM monkeys riots, stolen election and Covid restrictions! None!! A pussy is a pussy even with a gun. An apparently you the American white men are pussies. So you’ll give up your guns without so much as a whimper and that’s gonna be it. End of story!

      • No I can’t buy guns freely here thank God! And I don’t need them. Nobody shot up schools or markets up here and if the government wants to use force on its people guns will do very little to help them if they don’t have the will to resist. Just like they are not helping you. That being said I don’t mind you keeping and buying as many guns as you want since that is part of your culture but my point is that they are not helping you in any way, shape or form to resist the onslaught on your freedoms and the demonization of the White people in America. In other words the gun ownership is useless except maybe as a last self-defense measure for when the blacks and other coloreds finally start knocking on your doors to rob you with the official permission from your president Biden whose policies if I remember correctly you supported before the election. Still enjoying your 1400$ or they are distant memory already?

    • @ mr.kolvenson

      It sure worked in Idaho.
      ANTIFA threatened to riot,
      okies wi guns in the streets,
      No ANTIFA, surprise!

      This has also happened in many rural and suburban areas.

      Why do you think the riots didn’t spread to the suburbs ?
      Because they are armed to the teeth.

  7. If it makes you feel better I happen to think that pretty much all White men have become effeminate pussies. Our predecessors would be ashamed of us.

  8. The only reason Americans still have guns is because the NRA is a serious, grassroots, membership organization. Only the AARP is bigger than the NRA.

    Notice how the Boomers in AARP get whatever they want? That is because there are a lot of them and they are organized.

    The NRA and the gun crowd are one of the very few civic organizations left in America. There are many reasons for that and anyone on the Right that was interested in political organizing should figure out how the NRA did it.

  9. White people with guns are atomized, while our enemies (the jewS gummint, organized kikery, billionaires & their commie race traitor/mud weapons) are united in opposition against us, which means the first 3 can apply mass violence via their latter 2 proxies, and get away with it; meanwhile, when any serious White group – infested with fed rats, as they always are – tries it, they get dungeoned before the jump.

    What do these facts tell you about the pointlessness of militias & other such dead-ends? And what more effective tactics & strategies do they point to?

    As for open White advocacy groups modeled on the NRA: it’s a nice idea, but Kike Inc. would order their political whores to denounce them at once and refuse to accept their campaign cash, or else the kikes & all their rich corporate ally scum will cut them off & use their total (((media))) control to shitcan them.

  10. @ thee sons of adam, with his blood, glowing in our faces, when properly led, we our unstopable. Thee antichrist soldiers hide their fear, behind their lies.

  11. Guns are damn near the only issue conservatives haven’t completely cucked on over the last couple decades. It’s the only place we’ve made progress on because of the no compromise approach grass roots gun rights groups take.

  12. There could be a mass shooting on my street every day and I wouldn’t budge on my pro-gun ownership stance. I want less restrictions on guns and more restrictions on the media, law enforcement, the federal and state governments, etc. Bad actors are to be feared no matter their weapons and good people are no threat no matter what weapons they have. Colorado already has fairly strict gun laws and Kroger is already a ‘gun-free zone.’ These laws and any laws won’t stop criminals, but honest people being afraid that the regime will sic the PIGS on them for protecting themselves or their families or property or community keeps those honest people afraid and willing to compromise on their rights as citizens and in many cases their traditions and patrimony as Europeans. Every nonwhite friend I ever made I met at a fighting gym or a shooting range. When men respect each other because of their competence when it comes to administering just and measured applications of violence is when society will be peaceful – or as peaceful as it can be in this multicultural doldrum.

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