Rising: Sen. Tammy Duckworth Refuses To Vote To Confirm Any White Nominees

I wouldn’t vote to confirm any of these people either because I disagree with their politics. This is pretty racist though, right? This says a lot about where the Democratic Party is going, right?

Note: This is what Sen. Tim Scott meant when he said that the Democratic Party is being devoured by “woke supremacy” in his recent op-ed in The Washington Post.

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  1. * an ad that was on top of the youtube splash page was


    hahahahaha, Americans must really be a vast herd of morons

    For any of you so inclined
    My address is. 123 Hard Luck Lane, Suckersville, IL 71488

  2. Tammy Duckworth looks the end product of the mating between a bullfrog and a Thai “ladyboi.” Her mind is about are corroded as the other senator from Ill in Oys Prick Durbin who cannot wait to do the ADL’s bidding in turning ZOG’s national security apparatus against White gentiles that resist the new talmudic order.

  3. If you were to add the IQs of Duckworth (lol) and Hirono together the sum would still be two digits.

  4. The only race you can openly discriminate against is the White race in our OWN countries.

    But White Genocide is just a “conspiracy theory”.

  5. We can’t even tell what she is. She could be a Mexican married to some white guy with the surname Duckworth. She could be a mix of several races. It’s impossible to tell from looking at her, but she definitely is not all White. You can’t look at people like her and say they are definitely this or that.

    Because you can’t tell what she is, or how much of what she is…it’s all blended ambiguity, and she just represents an anti-white mindset. As long as it’s not all white, it’s good to her.

    Race-mixing will successfully destroy any link to White history or culture.

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