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  1. The only thing Fox News has done is be the Propaganda Machine for the Republican Party. Just look at Masks and the Vaccines as a perfect example. Have done nothing but talk negative about both because the Republicans like the idea of millions dropping dead in a World Health Pandemic because that means less and less people are drawing Social Security now. Same goes for other countries. We can look at Tucker and see that’s he’s probably a nice guy and a Patriot. However anything Fox News touches is turned into a Propaganda Machine and that’s bad for everybody. As for Comedy….it should be Comedy. Sports should be Sports. Singing. Movies. So on. Business as well. Call me crazy but this country was better off when Politics was about Politics and everything stayed simple….aka not got involved in the Political discussion. It’s when all those groups I mentioned got “Political” in 2020 that things have got bad off in America. Deo Vindice !

  2. The left has definitely become too puritanical to be funny but Adam carolla makes your average bull dyke at an open mic seem like Louis ck. There’s genuinely right wing guys like norm MacDonald and Colin Quinn who are two of the funniest people alive but that’s because they don’t saturate their act with politics. For me corolla is just a vaguely conservative/libertarian version of Jamie kilstein – and equally cringey.

    (Anti corolla rant over. Apologies but that guy has always bugged me.)

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