Secular Talk: YouTube Is Obliterating Independent Media’s Reach

It is the Populist Left’s turn now to be censored.

The political and corporate establishment wants to shut these guys down. They’ve pretty much finished off the Populist Right on YouTube. You’re not allowed to say things on the internet that contradict the precious narrative. We can’t have independent content creators amassing a larger audience than CNN and MSNBC. These guys are adjacent to us and criticize neoliberalism too harshly.

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  1. Add to the list the feminist YouTuber Lacy Green. She’s got about 1.4 million subscribers, and is lucky to get 50k views per video these days. About a year ago, she started being open to the “red pill” and questioning mainstream gender ideology somewhat. Guess that didn’t pay off.

    Anyone remember that tranny Leftie Counter Points? He pretty much just did response videos to Populist Right and Right wingers from a Marxist perspective (best description I can give). I guess giving the Right a platform thru critique didn’t pay off either.

    They still have that German Marxist Three Arrows guy on there for some reason, who also does critiques of populists and Right-wingers (he must be bored now that our guys are mostly purged), but I’m sure his time on JewTube is limited.

    Remember the hitlist they made for Right-wing YouTubers years ago?

    Now it’s their turn. At this point, the Populist Left might as well red-pill their base on Jewish power and international finance capitalism while they still have a platform to do it with… but not holding my breath on that one. See ya’ll on Gab.TV and Bitchute!

    • I don’t have a lot of faith in the future of either GabTV or Bitchute. But maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Cry me a river. Communism/Marxism eventually does their own in. Watch how fast the hypocrites cry “free speech” when it’s their own that’s being silenced.

  3. I just laugh at them the success rate of trying to control a message in the modern world, is basically zilch. All that they are going to get happen, is to drive off all the interesting people discussion. Youtube will become the place for pet videos. The My space of the near future. I’m other words. They are pissing off both sides, and everybody.

    • Didn’t JewTube start off by playing lots of pet videos? It would appear they are about come full circle.

  4. I don’t feel sorry for these guys. They spent how many years getting us removed from the public square? Live and die by the same sword.

  5. If only any of these leftist reprobates cared when we got banned. Even in this video, Kulinski leaves out an exception for banning the real “over the line” content, which he views as more or less any right-wing content period. He basically grants the tech companies their entire premise. If they can ban any content they can consider “over the line” because it’s “white supremacist” or something, then presumably they can use the same justification to ban him.

  6. There’s no statistically valid coonection to levels of violence connected to any ideological position. ALISSA was basically just a Liberal.

    There’s no predicting mass shooting by looking at ideological affiation.

    At this point it’s just as likely to be a center left gunman as anytgung else. Nazis crash cars though.

    • Should have re read that. There’s no statistical connection between violence and the right and left. Gunmen are turning out to be center left liberals half the time now.

  7. Political content creators too often assume their audience only wants to hear single set of ideas. A good chunk of anyone’s audience includes those who are politically adjacent. I’d always cringe when alt-right and alt-light personalities tried to marginalize each other because they were only hurting their own reach. Conversely, promoting others is always a reliable way of promoting yourself.

    Many now use Odysee and BoomerChute for political content. When was the last time I watched Kyle Kulinski on TheirTube, or any political content there, or even the Amazing Atheist? Kulinski cheers that “white supremacists” have been banned from en bloc from TheirTube without understanding that the populist right probably was a big part of his audience.

    • The Internet was created for and by the rightwing. Any asshole can curate center left shit on TV.

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