Podcast: A Top GOP Pollster On Trump 2024, QAnon and What Republicans Really Want

I covered that poll earlier this month when it was released.


New York Times:

“In the aftermath of the Capitol attack, the polling firm Echelon Insights decided to ask voters a simple question: Do they think the goal of politics is more about “enacting good public policy” or “ensuring the country’s survival as we know it?”

Only 25 percent of Republicans said politics is about policy; nearly half said it’s about survival. That’s today’s Republican Party in a nutshell. …”

Of the two sides, the poll found that Republicans were more concerned with policy issues than the Democrats. The Democrats were focused on Trump voters and White Nationalism. Specifically, the dividing line and the thing that really drives the intense cultural polarization in this country is immigration and political correctness and the underlying issues of cosmopolitanism and modernism although most voters wouldn’t recognize those last two terms. This is what the Right dislikes about America’s elites. It is also what pits Republican establishment voters against populist voters.

By cosmopolitanism, I mean the reflexive tendency of elites to identify with minority groups and foreigners and their deep sense of alienation from natives, especially White Christians out in the Heartland. Cosmopolitanism became hegemonic in the 1940s and 1950s. By modernism, I mean an aesthetic or sensibility that is deeply elitist, anti-populist and anti-traditional, which prizes cultural liberation and cultural egalitarianism, which romanticizes the interior self and extreme individual self-expression and which is obsessed with the transformation of consciousness and novelty seeking.

We can trace the genealogy of the culture war back to the early 20th century and the years between 1920 and 1950 when American elites began to adopt these views. Cosmopolitanism, modernism, antiracism and political correctness have all emerged since World War I.

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  1. Burgerland conservatives have the right sentiments but the wrong concepts. They want national prosperity but are fixated on fighting Marxists and socialism.

    Correcting this is our job.

    Look at the progress of high speed rail during the last several decades. If you watch until the end, one government has the winning formula:

    The High Speed Rail development by country (1976-present)

    We need to replace laissez-faire with mercantilism. Free-trade is false for the same reason Marxism is false — it is an ahistorical, context-free way of thinking about commerce. Economic development is path dependent; existing tech is always required to develop more tech. The Hamiltonian protectionist recipe was the historical basis of American economic success, not freedumb. Offshoring everything so Wall Street can collect the profits is a self-defeating longterm growth strategy and lowers the living standards of millions of people.

    • The US gov does not want high speed rail !
      It wants a gigantic commercial air fleet , rail would compete with that goal.

      America’s airlines are one of the nation’s biggest military assets. In time of crisis the airlines are requisitioned by the military. The US is the only nation in the world that can put a million troops anywhere in the world, in a month. This assures global hegemony.

      The airlines, not rail, are a military resource.

  2. “Offshoring everything so Wall Street can collect the profits is a self-defeating longterm growth strategy and lowers the living standards of millions of people.”

    Gospel !

    Harmful to us,
    But a great benefit to (( them )).

    (Also, Short term it really hurts lots of our folks.)

  3. “We need to replace laissez-faire with mercantilism. ”

    Nothing will work, till we’re free from ((())).

  4. The two are asymmetric. The Trumpers don’t view the other side as much as a threat ad the Democrats do.

  5. The divides are so pronounced, multi-fascited, and deep that only a return to what this nation was in the beginning – Confederacies, will bring a stop to it.

    To be clear, if the US Government actually allowed each state to be as it saw fit, this union would continue along happily, and probably strong, for centuries, but, this relentless New England Yankee busybody meddling, accentuated and tweaked by megalomaniacal Jewry for it’s own benefit, has succeeded in making many of us so uncomfortable in our own country, (many, even, in our own skin) that e cannot live here further, except by conceptualizing how this nation might start again.

    Sadly, the very constituencies that have created this whole mess, and the government they have hijacked, can only think to blame us, the aggrieved, for it, and this poverty of human understanding is, in the end, what will be the undoing of that which they say they wish to preserve and protect – The Union.

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