Bill Maher: Private Schools: Education or Indoctrination?

There was another good discussion last night on Real Time with Bill Maher about the elite private schools which have been transformed into brat factories. They are pumping out the brats who are taking over America’s elite institutions. Eventually, we all know that they are going to deepen the polarization and create so much division and resentment that it will hobble the “superpower.”

Note: It is getting pretty serious now that this crap has infected the Pentagon. The Chinese recently told Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to his face that it has made us weak.

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  1. Public schools in my city are pretty much useless. The wealthy that have their kids in private schools are put in them so they could avoid the public school system. Parents I’ve spoken to are concerned some of that stink of the regular people will rub off on them.

    And it’s true. Like many cities we have an entire police force dedicated to our public schools. They have their own cars and departments spread throughout the city. A unified police force that polices kids. My kids all went through the public school system. One is graduating this year and has definitely seen a fair share of crazy. Prior to the COVID lockdowns they had drills of an active shooter on campus. Police would train going through the classrooms with the kids and teachers taking cover.

    The wealthy insulate themselves and their children.

  2. Let’s face it – there never has been a country that has not had a ruling class, and, part of that are the preparatory schools for the elite.

    They certainly had all of this in The Soviet Union – a country which, at least on the surface, was totally opposed to this.

    I, too, am the benefit of such a system, as while my wife (a much better student than what I was) was being forced in 1960s Union Springs’ Alabama was one of a few students too poor to escape forced integration, and, thus, wound up in a substandard public school with hundreds and hundreds of Negroes, I went to an all-White private Christian schools, where I was given every opportunity to develop my mind in a stable and very polite atmosphere.

    There I discovered classical music, chess, literature, sports, and the Debate Club, while my wife battled on the bus to keep dark hands off her ass.

  3. Public schools.
    No private schools.
    No teacher’s unions.
    No billionaires anywhere near.
    Parents defend teachers not whiny kids.
    Reading, writing, arithmetic, vocational educ.

    Uniforms, no tattoos, no body piercings, no profanity.

    Student repeats two grades escorted into the Army.

    • Haha haha
      Just try that , With integrated schools.

      “Student repeats two grades escorted into the Army.”

      Just try that, with POC.
      They did, during Vietnam.
      You want to know about the riots, stabbings, murders.
      Aircraft carriers out of control, base riots etc.
      USS enterprise was out of control for a week, because of race riots.

      White boys don’t like being force to ‘cooperate’, lot of equipment stops working, loose bolts in jet engines and the like.

  4. @ 5 dancing shlomos , what you suggest sir, is quite draconian, too say the least, but extreme times, require extreme measures, I endorse what you propose, liberty in reality, is for thee morally responsible.

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