The New Old East

There is something familiar about the rise of woke supremacy.

We’ve seen moral panics like this many times across American history erupting in the Eastern states which have produced generations of millenarian lunatics, utopian dreamers, fanatics, zealots and religious hypocrites bent on imposing conformity and trampling on the rights of everyone else who lives in this country who are the EVIL oppressors standing in the way of the perfection of the world. The great EVIL of the age changes across history. The perverse mentality that gives rise to it though is perennial.

Clyde Wilson:

“The highflying Yankee rhetoric of Emerson and Hillary Rodham Clinton has a nether side, which has its historical origins in the “Burnt Over District.” The “Burnt Over District” was well known to antebellum Americans. Emersonian notions bore strange fruit in the central regions of New York State settled by the overflow of poorer Yankees from New England. It was “Burnt Over” because it (along with a similar area in northern Ohio) was swept over time and again by post-millennial revivalism. Here preachers like Charles G. Finney began to confuse Emerson’s future state of perfection with Christianity, and God’s plan for humanity with American chosenness.

If this were true, then anything that stood in the way of American perfection must be eradicated. The threatening evil at various times was liquor, tobacco, the Catholic Church, the Masonic order, meat-eating, marriage. Within the small area of the Burnt Over District and within the space of a few decades was generated what historians have misnamed the “Jacksonian reform movement:” Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon from the Angel Moroni; William Miller began the Seventh Day Adventists by predicting, inaccurately, the end of the world; the free love colony of John Humphrey Noyes flourished at Oneida; the first feminist convention was held at Seneca Falls; and John Brown, who was born in Connecticut, collected accomplices and financial backers for his mass murder expeditions.

It was in this milieu that abolitionism, as opposed to the antislavery sentiment shared by many Americans, including Southerners, had its origins. Abolitionism, despite what has been said later, was not based on sympathy for the black people nor on an ideal of natural rights. It was based on the hysterical conviction that Southern slaveholders were evil sinners who stood in the way of fulfillment of America’s divine mission to establish Heaven on Earth. It was not the Union that our Southern forefathers seceded from, but the deadly combination of Yankee greed and righteousness. …

Since the Confederate surrender, the Yankee has always been a strong and often dominant force in American society, though occasionally tempered by Southerners and other representatives of Western civilization in America. In the 1960s the Yankee had one of his periodic eruptions of mania such as he had in the 1850s. Since then, he has managed to destroy a good part of the liberty and morals of the American peoples. It remains to be seen whether his conquest is permanent or whether in the future we may be, at least to some degree, emancipated from it.”

The great EVIL of the Great Awokening which has to be stamped out so that Heaven on Earth can be created by the Elect is the concept of two genders, patriarchy and masculinity, borders, law enforcement and whiteness. In particular, we are seeing the word “White” being transformed into a curse word. “Male” is also being hurled as an accusation and epithet now. It is a bannable offense to “misgender” or “deadname” someone on Twitter because the traditional view on gender is now considered hate speech.

American Thinker:

“Woke” is a religion.  That’s been affirmatively determined by dozens of smart observers, including New York magazine columnist Andrew Sullivan.  He recently described what he called “the cult of social justice, whose followers show the same zeal as any born-again Evangelical.  They are filling the void that Christianity once owned[.]” …

Love of others is not a tenet of Wokeism, which turns this law on its head.  In the world of woke, brutality is the name of the game.  Insults, canceling, doxxing — all are considered virtuous acts that somehow enhance one’s moral standing.  It’s preposterous, but the woke derive a perverse kind of spiritual satisfaction from pointing out the splinters in the eyes of others.

It is manifestly the case that enthusiastically calling out the flaws is others isn’t virtuous, but rather is an illness.  As often as not, condemning others as racist, sexist, or homophobic is nothing more than a symptom. …

Sullivan describes succinctly the third “commonality of the zealot then and now”: their utter lack of a sense of humor.  This aspect of woke has been witnessed many times, including the refusal of significant numbers of comedians to perform on college campuses. …”

They are awful and miserable people.

They are the most intolerant, rude, humorless, unfriendly, hypocritical, self-righteous SOBs in the country. These people will spend countless hours of their time monitoring and surveilling you, combing through your entire life history on the internet (and often even those of your relatives) in order to catch you saying the wrong word or “liking” the wrong post. Then you will notice how they will announce their discovery of your breach of etiquette in triumph to their friends who will all swarm you and try to “get” you. They used to hound people out of New England this way which is why Rhode Island exists.

Ibram X. Kendi who is a woke black based in Boston, which is hardly a coincidence, and who is backed by the political establishment and whose ideas about systematic racism and “racial equity” is such a powerful influence on the Biden administration wants to liberate America from whiteness now.

New York Times:

“BOSTON — Ibram X. Kendi and Bina Venkataraman met last summer when their big Boston institutions, Boston University and The Boston Globe, were grappling with protests over racial justice.

Ms. Venkataraman, the editor of The Globe’s editorial page, asked Dr. Kendi, the author of a book called “How to Be an Antiracist,” why he decided to found the Center for Antiracist Research in a city known for the backlash to busing and “where sports fans boo athletes of color,” she recalled in an interview. They started talking about their shared obsession with a different Boston history, 19th-century abolitionist newspapers. Then they wondered what it would mean to found, in 2021, a newspaper in the spirit of William Lloyd Garrison’s legendary The Liberator.

In particular, they wondered, what would it mean to bring to American racism the sense of urgency with which Garrison, in 1831, started the newspaper, abandoning a more gradualist approach to slavery. “On this subject, I do not wish to think, or speak, or write with moderation. No! no!” he famously began, saying that would be like telling “a man whose house is on fire, to give a moderate alarm.” …”

The following excerpts on Eastern perfectionism and its social base among White upper middle class professionals who come from evangelical backgrounds comes from Elizabeth R. Varon’s book Disunion: The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859:

“It was through these early influences that Garrison beheld and tried to make sense of the major trends of his day – the concomitant rise, in the North, of economic modernization and of religious revivalism. Everywhere that the hallmarks of modernization were to be found – in proliferating cities and towns, with their “new” middle class of urban professionals and capitalists; in stunningly efficient factories, staffed by working-class wage earners, churning out goods such as textiles; along the networks of canals and railroads that transported such mass-produced goods to distant markets – so too did one find eager audiences for a new kind of evangelicalism. Popularized by itinerants like the charismatic Charles Finney, this religion was calculated to comfort and guide Northerners caught in a whirlwind of change.

Finney’s message was “perfectionism”: Individuals could and should seek to be as perfect as God, and thus seize control of their own destinies and fortunes. Perfectionism found expression in a wide array of charitable (or “benevolent”) causes embraced by antebellum Northerners, including campaigns to eradicate drunkenness and prostitution, to extend aid to impoverished orphans and widows, and to distribute religious tracts to the poor. Garrison and his circle of immediatists he gathered around him were caught up in this spirit of reform and drew out its most radical and egalitarian implications. They sought “moral revolution” not “moral renovation,” James Brewer Stewart explains, and “shattered religious orthodoxies time and again by improvising still more expansive ways of enacting God’s will in everyday life.” If the new “free labor” economy produced such wealth and opportunity, they asked, why shouldn’t its benefits extend to blacks and to the South itself? If reformers could promote moral perfection, why shouldn’t they seek to eradicate America’s worst sin, that of slaveholding? These questions formed the backdrop for the Liberator. …”

“Perfectionism” is the heretical theological core of the entire Eastern based leftwing enterprise known as “progressivism.” It started out as the idea that Yankees could become godlike saints. It should be stressed here that like Mormonism, which hatched out of the same culture at the same time, that this IS NOT synonymous with Christianity. In fact, it is a modern day revival of the old Pelagian heresy and is a repudiation of both traditional Catholicism and Protestantism which were grounded in St. Augustine’s theology who buried Pelagianism until it was revived in the 17th century.

“Garrison’s view was even more complicated, for he drew a distinction between the false Union – the “hollow mockery” created by the Constitution – and the true Union, a “glorious reality” that had never yet been achieved.The false Union, he repeated again and again, was not divinely ordained but rather “the work of men’s hands”: quoting the Bible, he declared that “it is only those things which are made, that can be shaken down.” As Garrison saw it, slavery depended on the false Union for its survival – Northerners furnished Southern slaveholders with the markets for their slaves’ produce, with the laws and slave-catching mobs that policed the boundaries of the system, with the votes to give slaveholders control of the federal government, and with the moral approbation to embolden slaveholders to spread their pernicious labor system. If this Northern support were withdrawn, slavery would be doomed. The spirit of the true Union, by contrast, was present in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence – it was the spirit of equality. A binding and valid compact between freedom and slavery was, for Garrison, a moral impossibility, and thus, in a sense, disunion already prevailed. With slaveholders campaigning aggressively to extend their domain and to curtail the rights of Northern citizens, it was inevitable and fitting that political disunion would flow from moral disunion. An 1842 antislavery meeting in Boston, presided over by Garrison, resolved that “the time is rapidly approaching when the American Union will be dissolved in form, as it is now in fact.” In this formulation, disunion connoted not failure, shame, and anarchy but the necessary prelude to a national rebirth: the demise of the false, corrupt Union would prepare the way for the establishment of the true, righteous one. From the early 1840s on, then, disunion for Garrison connoted not only a threat and an accusation, but also a process by which Northerners were coming to see that only a total repudiation of the South could purge the nation of sin.”

The ultimate “sin” now in 2021 is whiteness.

This is the theological lens through which all current events like the Atlanta and Boulder shootings or the “insurrection” on January 6th are interpreted now.

Slavery doesn’t exist anymore. In spite of what Chris Hayes said last night on MSNBC, Jim Crow doesn’t exist anymore. The need to scratch the old perfectionist itch is very much still there. The culture that gave us the Salem Witch Trials and The Scarlet Letter and the fanatic Captain Ahab chasing after the white whale Moby Dick and the wild-eyed zealot and terrorist John Brown which Jefferson Davis claimed were “the disturbers of the peace of the world” are disturbing us again today.

Note: Yes, it is ridiculous, but consider this: the U.S. military is now standing down in order to berate soldiers about “liking” the wrong tweets.

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  1. Some are predicting another “Great Revival”, or “Great Awakening” which in my mind is a long overdue White Protestant event that stresses Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ, and only through Faith in Jesus Christ. Not by the acts or works of man!

    • That sounds too easy, Olde Dutch. If you want to get into Heaven you should have to work your ass off for it.

      • I like what Jesus told his disciples, it will be worse for those who reject me, than it was for people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

        Btw, we are not personally acquainted, and, I am very skeptical of your moniker as you know. I doubt that the younger crowd here even knows what you are alluding to with your moniker.

  2. The only good thing about it, is that these things do tend to burn themselves out of although, they can do considerable damage. Whole ideology is just too stupid and hateful to run a society on.

  3. @ something i noticed about that bad element, from thee.northern climes, they didnt really have much to say about slavery till thee english people, outlawed it in their land, then that bad element from thee northern climes, knocked themselves out, trying to out do thee english, with their revulsion of chattel servitude, thee bad element people , have deep seated, deep rooted phycological issues , that bad element people, executed their own lawful king, they were the ones who started thee plantation system, thee english people, when they finally came to their senses, were ecstatic , when this wackjob faction, were finally gone, have these wack jobs ever said they were sorry, for killing their king, starting thee plantation system, how bout their sterling treatment of thee indentured class, that bad element from thee northern climes, whose stench is now national, have falsely thought that invading our southlands wrecking beautiful civilazation, absolves them of their sin, it sure in thee hell didn’t, that bad element from thee northern climes, with their national stench, are a twisted , warped people, ran out of england and holland, hating their new world exile, that bad element from thee northern climes, with their national stench, have looked down their nose at us, thee same way thee english , look down on them, there it is, the ” truth”, england rejects thee bad element, from thee northern climes, with their sea to shining sea, national stench, because they are big time a ho’s, so they in their dystopian rejection are subconsciously trying to out do thee english, ha! Ha! Ha!, bad element people, thee english still dont like you or care about you, matter of fact, nobody does, you bad element people, with your pride your vanity, you better repent and say. Your sorry for all thee evil you have wrought, while you still have time to do it, then thee. Proper and decent thing for you bad element people to do is, leave our republic, you dont like here anyway and you dont fit in, so bye .

    • Once I drove into Virginia from the North I really felt like I was entering another country, namely the Confederate States of America. I am now more committed to supporting Southern independence than ever!

  4. “The New Old East”

    He-he! Yep, I see it now : what you really mean is The Northeast, more specifically the Puritan-Ana-Baptist-Congregationalist-Unitarian-Abolitionist-Feminist-dæmons that are embedded in NOT every New Englander, but, without a doubt – the entire region of New England!

    And … having been through this skit with these folks more than a few times, we do not have to trouble us much to wonder who will get assigned to wear The Scarlet Letter.

    Why, The White Southerner, of course…

  5. >Pelagian heresy

    Hunter, that’s a powerful insight; thanks for pointing me in that direction. It is an interesting fact that Morgan, aka Pelagius, was British.

  6. I’m so glad I got the hell out of the Northeast. Those miserable PRICKS. But the “Awokened” are nothing more than the results of a society that has lost its mind.

  7. Tell a lie long enough and idiots will come to believe it’s true, especially the lie about “White” supremacy.

    Anyone with a lick of common scene knows it’s the opposite.

  8. These people, meaning the Yankee/jew, jew/Yankee, woke asshats, whatever they’re being called, are a pack of lunatics, their insanity is exceeded only by their arrogance ,lack of self awareness, and childishness.

    John Brown was a perfect example of these types at work, a complete maniac who was willing to get thousands of Americans killed in a race war, he was apprehended later and hanged, deservedly so.

    • Needless to say the coloreds don’t appreciate what John Brown did on their behalf. Assuming they even heard of him, which is doubtful.

    • @Copperhead…

      Excellent, truly excellent comment! It’s like uncut White Lightning, so powerful that it could never find a home in this culture, being that it is entirely devoted to lies.

      Thank you!

      P.S. Move your whole family down here. You’ll fit right in!

    • And yet John Brown came to be regarded by the deranged Yankees as essentially the second coming of Jesus Christ. The song we know today as “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” originated as a blasphemous hymn to John Brown:

      John Brown’s body lies a-moldering in the grave
      John Brown’s body lies a-moldering in the grave
      John Brown’s body lies a-moldering in the grave
      But his soul goes marching on
      The stars above in Heaven are looking kindly down
      The stars above in Heaven are looking kindly down
      The stars above in Heaven are looking kindly down
      On the grave of old John Brown
      Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
      Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
      Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
      His soul goes marching on
      He captured Harper’s Ferry with his nineteen men so true
      He frightened old Virginia till she trembled through and through
      They hung him for a traitor, they themselves the traitor crew
      But his soul goes marching on
      Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
      Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
      Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
      His soul goes marching on

      Racial masochism and negro worship are hardly new phenomena in this country. The US is a fundamentally noxious entity. It cannot be saved because the madness lies at its very core. In order for a sane White ethnostate to ever emerge on its territory, there would have to be a cataclysm of sufficient magnitude to wipe out down to its last root. Even if that were to happen, I would rather not be around for it because life is just too short to spend it amid strife and misery. I wish the best of luck to any who wish to stay and tough it out, but I’m going to cut and run. I intend to leave and and sever all ties, including citizenship. I suppose that’s easier for me to do because I’m “ethnic”, but if any White American were to ask my advice, I would recommend he or she do the same.

      By the way, anyone who’s interested in expatriation, should watch Andrew Henderson’s YouTube channel. It’s primarily geared toward high-net worth individuals, but there’s a lot of useful information for others as well:

  9. lol Brad’s throwing red meat to the Trump and Neo-Confederate crowd. Donations must be down.

      • Riiight. It would’ve helped if you posted the link to that segment so people can better visualize your analogy. What’s the difference between the woke crowd and Covid is the flu/Trump really won mob that you associate with besides both being rejected by the mainstream? Both you guys think “look at all these brothers and sisters in arms protesting with me! Most people agree with us!” when you assemble to protest and clash with each other. What you guys fail to notice is the much much larger crowds of bystanders and apathetic pedestrians going about their day to day lives and not giving a bird poop about what you chant or how you bash each other’s heads in at these protests.
        It’s both amusing and sad that both camps don’t realize how out of place they are in today’s world but you’ll finally realize it when post-boomers take over and reject both sides even more soundly. I’d rather watch Smackdown with my buddies or walk our dogs than go to some lame ass protest over your Neo-Confederate or anti-Covid restriction lost causes lol

        • 1.) I did post the video of the segment. Apparently, you didn’t watch it.

          2.) Wokeness is now the official policy of the Biden administration. They look at every issue through the lens of “systemic racism” and racial equity. The idea that this is going away is fanciful.

          3.) Racial attitudes have changed more over the past year in response to this than in the previous 20 years that I have been active in these circles.

  10. H. L. Menken once described the Puritan as living in fear that somewhere, somehow, someone is happy. The soiled Puritans of today have changed that to fearing that somewhere, somehow, some white is happy,

  11. The religion of “Woke” could also be described as global capitalism married together with gay/tranny brown/mixed-race communism to take down the remaining goyim nations with a non-stop “progressive” revolution (Leon Trotsky would be proud). The old communist symbol may have been the hammer & sickle, but today It’s the rainbow flag, which in recent years has added the tranny flag, as well as black and brown stripes… because butt-sex and diversity is our greatest strength.

  12. The mania about equality, BLM, concern over protests in Burma, global warming bullshit and all the other bad causes that constitute “woke” will come to a screeching halt when the country flops over into failure mode. These failures are going to be across the board in foreign affairs, economics and social cohesion. This will totally discredit the Left because they have won the cultural war, have imposed their agenda and the result will be total failure, even by their standards.

    The wheels have to come off the country before there can be any progress in sending the Left and their “woke” agenda on to the dustbin of history. Dementia Joe and his ugly girlfriend, President Kuntmala Harris are tailor made for this job.

    Their arrogance is exceeded only by their gross incompetence with the result being disaster. It’s too late to avoid the logical result of about a century of “liberal” progress, President Kuntmala Harris is its end result and she and her colored friends have no idea what they are doing beyond hating Whitey.

    • @12AX7…

      “The mania about equality, BLM, concern over protests in Burma, global warming bullshit and all the other bad causes that constitute “woke” will come to a screeching halt when the country flops over into failure mode.”

      That was, more or less, what I told my wife last night, when I said to her that, the moment this country starts to sxeriously teeter-totter economically is the moment that this huge bonfire of every kind of dischord goes up and the reorganization period begins.

      All the best to you and y’all, up Vermont way.

      P.S. Wish Vermont was a Southern State, for it is so very very beautiful!

    • I hope you are correct. The Enemy owns the System, and System failure is the only way anything can be saved at this point. It will fail, it’s just a question of time, and if enough good remains at that time to be saved.

  13. The white population of New England today is predominately of Catholic and other non-WASP descent. The Descendants of the Puritans spread out across the country and live everywhere, including the South. The remaining white Protestants in Massachusetts vote Republican at higher rates than white Americans over all. It’s silly to talk about this as if there wasn’t population replacement levels of immigration and emigration affecting NE since the Civil War era. The typical white liberal in suburban Boston is part Irish, part German and knows the Puritans only as bad racist conservatives who killed Indians and oppressed women.

    • @ATBOTL…

      God knows how many people I have known across Dixie and never once have I met a descendent of Puritans.

      Have met a few Quakers, though.

      Anyway, you’re missing the point, and that is : many individual New Englanders may be anti-Puritan, but, the Spirit of New England is not, or, rather, it IS Puritan.

      The spirit of a land and culture is a mysterious thing, but, it is, nonetheless.

      Jung was absolutely right in his dissertations on these sorts of things.

  14. “I unsettle all things. No facts are to me sacred; none are profane; I simply experiment, an endless seeker, with no Past at my back.” — Circles (1841), Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “It was the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled me.” — Moby-Dick (1851), Herman Melville

  15. I just loved this post.

    It does a Southern heart good.

    Watching things like this is some small compensation for all the pain we, Southerners, have gone through in 6 decades +

    As The Olde South more and more resurfaces, I look forward to a regular diet of watchin’ Non-Southerners and Scalawags carryin’ on in between therapy sessions!


    “They are awful and miserable people.

    They are the most intolerant, rude, humorless, unfriendly, hypocritical, self-righteous SOBs in the country. ”

    Never a truer word has been said, and there need not be any reason other than this to establish a new and independent Dixie – just to find a sanctuary from these people, they who will self-deport the more prominent the soul of The Olde South resurfaces.

    I’d do The Rebel Yell, but I just ate…

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