MSNBC: The Problem With Normalizing Stephen Miller

It is outrageous that Stephen Miller has been given a platform to harshly criticize the Biden administration’s immigration disaster on FOX News. Why is this odious White Nationalist hatemonger whose views are shared by 2/3rds of Americans even allowed to speak in public?

Raw Story:

“With the word “hatemonger” heading up the chyron MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan blasted what some are seeing as the disturbing “normalization,” or whitewashing of former Trump White House senior advisor Stephen Miller, who he called “probably the most repugnant individual to serve in the Trump White House.”

“Stephen Miller does not deserve to be normalized,” said Hasan, filling in for Chris Hayes on “All In” Monday evening. “Some say he deserves to be prosecuted. At the very minimum, he deserves to be shunned.”

Stephen Miller gradually patched up the border with some creative thinking in executive orders, diplomacy with Mexico and Central American nations and in overhauling how the agencies were being run. It was never a permanent legislative solution because Congress wouldn’t cooperate. The Biden administration, however, came in and instantly began tearing it all down and triggered the present crisis. Perhaps now that we can see what open borders looks like we can summon the will to solve the problem? ?

Note: The overwhelming majority of the public now opposes Joe Biden’s immigration policies. I would say Miller has been normalized by progressive activists.

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  1. It seemed to me that Mr. Miller was the most reliable agent in implementing and carrying out something that resembled the agenda that Candidate Trump put forth in 2016.

    To me, Miller was something of a Kelly/Kushner/Priebus/Tillerson/Barr/Pence antidote.

    My only regret was that there were not more Millers on President Trump’s staff, though, that said, I was right fond of Miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rick Grenell, General Kelly, and Rudolf Giuliani, Mark Meadows, and I learned to respect Mike Pompeo, the latter something I had not anticipated I would do.

    In the end, it seemed to me that President Trump had put more loyal and faithful people with him than the swamp monsters with which he surrounded himself early on.

    Still, I believe that the majority of positive effect of Trump’s reign was not in policy, although the way Miller managed the border certainly was a win.

    Nothing is more glaring to Southern Whites than how President Biden is insisting on mandatory Vaccine passports for citizens, while he allows untold millions of unvaccinated aliens into the country.

    I think this one thing will, more than anything else, show up in a Red Tide in the 2022 midterms.

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