The 6 Converging Crises Of The Biden Administration

The Biden administration came into office and framed a volley of executive orders around the theme of “four converging crises” that were facing the country: COVID, the economy, racial justice and climate change. These were the four themes that they wanted to hit to unite their coalition.

It occurred to me last night that there were six other converging crises that are being caused by the Biden administration. Specifically, these converging crises which are “intersectional” are caused by a peculiar type of progressive: the White upper middle class, college-educated professionals who typically live in a big city or a wealthy suburb in the Acela Corridor or in one of their metropolitan outposts across the country. I’m thinking about the sort of people under the age of 45 who often have Ivy League degrees who live in places like Brooklyn or Chevy Chase, MD or Loudoun County, VA who I observe on television and on social media. They are the people who still unironically read the New York Times and take it seriously.

What are these converging crises?

1. Political Correctness/Woke Supremacy – These people speak their own language and have their own alien values and worldview which separate them from the rest of the country. They are cosmopolitan, modernist, antiracist, politically correct or woke and see the world through this prism. This is why they are always scolding and antagonizing the rest of us over any number of issues like the hilarious notion that “white supremacy” is the cause of the recent upsurge in anti-Asian violence. These people have the Eastern phenotype and effeminate accent or more accurately and narrowly the “Acela look” about them:

2. Immigration – The disaster that is currently unfolding on our border with Mexico has been caused by these people and their ridiculous worldview. They don’t live along the border or in the Southwest. They live on the opposite side of the country in rich enclaves in the Acela Corridor.

3. Crime – The big cities are currently being swept by the worst surge in violent crime in decades and that is a direct result of the rampaging hordes of over educated, middle class brats who rioted through all of last summer and who in addition to “Abolish ICE” came up with the slogan “Defund the Police.” The police actually were demonized and defunded all around the country too. As with the catastrophe on the border, the root cause of the present crime wave is the systematic racism nonsense these people believe.

4. Trans – Those of us who are backward in the sense that we believe that there is a natural order and that there is something called reality and that we have to accept the limits of reality and try to live our lives in harmony with reality look at “trans” as being a classic example of a social contagion. In contrast, these people believe it is the other way around. They can wish upon a star and both reality and society should conform to their delusions. This is why 20,000 new genders have been discovered since around 2010 and you can get banished from social media or lose your career for questioning them. A man can “transition” into a woman as easily as he can go to a shopping mall and try on a new pair of pants.

5. Censorship – Part of being a snob and knowing that you are so right and better than everyone else because you have the correct progressive opinions and they do not is not having to listen to other people or respect their rights anymore. They don’t engage in debate with people who they disagree with these days. They simply demonize, punish them and censor all of those people and make fun of their concerns about their “Freeze Peach.” When you do that, they tend to go away. That’s how you win the argument.

6. Civil Liberties – What do you call someone who harshly criticizes your point of view on the internet or who is known for posting mean tweets which are various -isms and -phobias? You label those people “domestic extremists” or “insurrectionists” and weaponize the FBI, DOJ and DHS to harass them based on their political views. You create a situation where it is permissible for one group with politically correct views to attack a federal courthouse for six months and NOT be declared an “extremist” and prosecuted while other groups with the wrong opinions are subjected to draconian state crackdowns. None of this really matters though because those people lost their rights for having the wrong opinions.

Note: Focusing on these issues will result in Joe’s shellacking in the 2022 midterms. Obviously, we have a suite of other issues and there is plenty to work with there as well.

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  1. In the end, I think that The Biden Administration (President Obama’s new globalist shadow government) cannot succeed, because they are trying to reestablish policies that, in the eyes of a majority of voters, and growing, have been discredited.

    It won’t work, and the harder they try the more they sign the death warrant of their longterm policy hopes.

    For that reason, I do not get upset when I see such blatantly tyrannical and unconstitutional measures they propose, such as gun control, vaccine passports, wide open borders, forcing gay and transgender relationships on churches, and a whole host of other things that, if I believed they would succeed, would bother me greatly, indeed.

    President Biden cannot succeed because the support is not there – only the chimera of support is there – as propped up by Dominion voting machines, a Chinese bio-weapon, corrupt elections’ officials, the media, and, yes, of course- a waning group of tens of millions of Left wing voters who opted for a presidency like this.

      • #4. Trans. YOU GUYS MUST GET AND READ ‘The Transgender Industrial Complex.’
        Just heard about it over at FTN. Sounds perfect to undermine the godless antichrist bastards, and their Jewish idiotology.

      • @John…

        It was all predicted in The Bible – a time would come when true was false and false would be true.

  2. There are at least two foreign policy crises that are evolving also, both because of U.S. Government neglect and incompetence originating well before Dementia Joe and his Ugly girlfriend became president.

    The first is Taiwan where a modus vivendi with Peking provided stability for decades since 1972. This was a delicate balance that managed to recognize reality: the government in Peking rules China while Taiwan is independent in a pro forma sense yet not legally recognized as such. This arrangement allowed for peace and prosperity but is now failing because of the rise of China as a military/economic power, the decline of the U.S. in every sense and the U.S. Government deliberately antagonizing China over many issues including Taiwan.

    This will not end well. The U.S. Government acts as though it were still 1960 when the U.S. was at its peak of power and China was inconsequential. The decision makers in Washington are grossly incompetent, arrogant and out of touch and are going to spark a crisis with China over Taiwan and they don’t even know it.

    Iran is less pressing (for now) but it’s still there being threatened by the U.S. and “Our Greatest Ally”, the tail that wags the dog. There is low level, indirect war smoldering away in Syria and other places that could flare up into a hot war with Iran at any time. Probably the only good thing BHO did was sign the Iran deal that lessened tensions with Iran.

    Trump was foolish to withdraw from the Iran deal but what’s done is done. If Dementia Joe and his ugly girlfriend were smart (hint: they aren’t) they would rejoin the Iran deal and get at least a few years of peace even though it’s not a permanent solution. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    There is a third about-to-be crisis also, N. Korea. Dementia Joe and his ugly girlfriend are antagonizing Rocket Man for no reason, apparently they like to play with fire. They can’t handle one crisis at a time yet they are going to be swamped by events and run over. Unfortunately, the rest of us may be along for the ride.

  3. Stock market and financial system in general is one fat time bomb what can go off at any time. Europe is also as close to Weimar Republic as one financial system can be.

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