Narrative Collapse: Many Capitol Rioters Unlikely To Serve Jail Time

Let me get this straight.

Are you saying that there wasn’t an “insurrection”?

Are you saying that “insurrectionists” aren’t waging a guerilla war?

Are you saying that this assault by the Biden DHS on our civil liberties including people who weren’t even there is based on nothing more than overwrought nonsense? Are you saying that YOBA isn’t a domestic terrorist and that he just ran into the Capitol like a fool to chase content for his livestream?

Are you saying that the National Guard is occupying Washington and the razor wire fence that was built around the U.S. Capitol was based on nothing more than ginned up media hysteria and panic?

Are you saying that Trump was literally impeached for this and banished from the internet and all of this division was stoked for nothing because the whole thing was baseless fearmongering?

Chris Hayes has been covering the “insurrection” almost every night on MSNBC for the past two months! We’ve been told that democracy itself was nearly killed by “white supremacists”!


“Americans outraged by the storming of Capitol Hill are in for a jarring reality check: Many of those who invaded the halls of Congress on Jan. 6 are likely to get little or no jail time.

While public and media attention in recent weeks has been focused on high-profile conspiracy cases against right-wing, paramilitary groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, the most urgent decisions for prosecutors involve resolving scores of lower-level cases that have clogged D.C.’s federal district court. …

There are two main reasons: Although prosecutors have loaded up their charging documents with language about the existential threat of the insurrection to the republic, the actions of many of the individual rioters often boiled down to trespassing. And judges have wrestled with how aggressively to lump those cases in with those of the more sinister suspects. …

The prospect of dozens of Jan. 6 rioters cutting deals for minor sentences could be hard to explain for the Biden administration, which has characterized the Capitol Hill mob as a uniquely dangerous threat. …

Adding to the political awkwardness: The expected wave of plea offers comes as former President Donald Trump seems intent on falsely rewriting the history of the Jan. 6 assault. In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Thursday night, Trump suggested that prosecutors and the FBI are making too much of the Capitol takeover, which left five people dead and dozens of police officers injured.

“It was zero threat. Right from the start, it was zero threat,” Trump declared. “Look, they went in — they shouldn’t have done it — some of them went in, and they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards, you know? They had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in, and then they walked in, and they walked out.”

Why would the cases embarrass the Biden administration?

The real “journalists” have established on CNN and MSNBC that all of these people are “insurrectionists.” They were all involved in an “Attack on America.”

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  1. “Many…” – not – “No Capitol Rioters Will…” – ZOG is still going to get their Pound Of Flesh from many MAGApedes.

  2. Well, that was predictable. The Swamp now feeling the heat from brats and tries to walk back. The only thing what can stop brats is the MAGA Army and jailing them before fight pisses MAGA army off.

    Basically well done. Before war, increase your allies and decrease your enemies.

    Now the question. Will the MAGA Army going into trap and start fighting for The Swamp, so the brats and MAGA beating each other, The Swamp standing by, laughing and later taking power from war weakened enemies.

    Or MAGA ignores the olive branch, standing by and let brats rip the corrupt and useless institutions and Swamp Things apart.

    • @Juri…

      I do not think it matters what Swamp, MAGA-ites, or Antifa/BLM-brats are going to do or not, Dear Juri.

      No, Sir – the country has been so sacked and pillaged, culturally, racially, politically, legally, and, yes, economically, that it is falling in on itself

      To prevent that, the Sackers and Pillagers would have to reverse course and attempt to use some of what they’ve stolen to bolster the listing ship.

      Of course, such a thing is not going to happen, so the ship will keep listing in the water until, suddenly, there is a sound, the bow breaks, and then the whole thing quickly capsizes and disappears beneath the waves into the deep.

      You cannot imagine how far we have gone down, Dear Juri.

      What a great country this was when I was a little kid. Most Americans were so very proud and grateful for it.

      Now, it’s become a dark and discouraging place, which is as nicely as I can put it.

      • It certainly seemed like a great country in my own childhood, although the seeds of its destruction were already starting to sprout. And in hindsight, the lies and propaganda of WW2 chill me to the bone.

        The thing I miss most is the sense of optimism (mistaken as it was and rooted in ignorance) that the future wasn’t this dark void of rabid hate-filled anti-Whites. Optimism certainly made daily life easier.

      • “Now, it’s become a dark and discouraging place, which is as nicely as I can put it.”

        And, as always, JEWS are the REAL Enemy.

      • “””….You cannot imagine how far we have gone down, Dear Juri….”””

        I can imagine. My grandparents were killed by Soviets, my mother was put in the Stalin orphan house and I was born rised and schooled in the Soviet Union.

        You have communism like we had back in the 1917 but now it seems that thanks to wise leader Donald, you are winning.

    • “No jail time but many will go broke when they have to pay their lawyers.”

      It’s like a smirking prosecutor said:

      “Oh, he may beat the rap – but he won’t survive the ride.”

      The jew-whore scum know that the process itself is sufficient to cripple any Zog target.

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