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Frank DiStefano has the best take in American politics.

What is the new grand issue of our times? I would say it is radically changing demographics, the relentless pace of deracination and cultural degeneration, the rise of woke supremacy, a hated technocratic elite that has lost its legitimacy, a legacy media that censors and stifles debate which was built for the print and television era, a globalized economy that has impoverished the working class while enriching an affluent and privileged minority, a corrupt political system in the pocket of oligarchs and the looming challenge of the obsolescence of work caused by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The political establishment does not want to hear this. It wants to preserve the status quo and keep things the way that they have always been. The angry people who object to the status quo and who insist on raising the real issues are branded “the rise of far-right domestic extremism.” In reality, this is just the normal churn of American politics. It is the beginning of the third great populist movement in American history after the Jacksonians and the supporters of Bryan around the turn of the 20th century.

Note: Go ahead and buy his book The Next Realignment: Why America’s Parties Are Crumbling And What Happens Next.

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  1. Mr. DiStefano is very interesting, HW. So was the unfriendly rivalry between Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal!

  2. The reality is that neither Liberalism or Conservatism, as practiced or preached over at least the last 60+ years. preserved this nation.


    Because they both removed themselves from the core – that of a race, or a tribe, of people who have their own interests.

    Any set of values that purports to promote a people, yet cannot overtly attach itself to that people, cannot succeed.

    In seeing this phenomenon on both The Left and The Right, you see the rise of Jewry, and their Globalist World, and you see how it has benefitted them, at the expence of everyone else, most especially White Gentiles.

    In order to make this country more comfortable for them, Jewry worked tirelessly to separate Whites from their sense of being White, to make them more pliable and acquiescent.

    From where I sit this is all very clear to me, though, in fairness, before The Internet it was not.

    Sad to say, it’s still not clear to most people, not even many ordinary Jews, sad to say.

    People don’t get it, because nobody presents the package to them with a bow and a card on top…

  3. That photo of William F Buckley is very appropriate, he is probably as good a place as any to say that this is where conservative stopped being conservative and started being big government/police state.

    Buckley and people like him, seemed to think that fighting communism required building a huge unaccountable federal burocracy that was as meddlesome and dangerous as the Soviet Union that were supposed to be trying to stop.

    Both political factions were involved in building this, a whole slew of so called intelligence agencies were created in the cold war, congress doesn’t even know what they’re even doing much of the time, let alone have oversight.

    Five major wars have been started since 1950, Congress hasn’t declared war for any of them, but has been basically reduced to being the accounting department, and is expected to fund whatever the military wants. and for as long as it wants it.

    So called conservatives seem to think that we’re supposed to worship the military, they’re protecting us and fighting for freedom. Except the military is supposed to protect the United States not give other people freedom at gunpoint.

    • Buckley was a CIA man, so it’s unsurprising that he would have supported the national security state apparatus.

    • @Copperhead…

      When we cut through the titles used in Modernity, the deceased Mr. Buckley was The Eternal New England Yankee – federalist to the core, and always sublimely reassured as to the infinite wisdom of his views, and the need for everyone to conform to them.

      That said, he was a brilliantly articulate man and, a serious harpsichordist, very cultural.

  4. The liberals of old used to have an open mind even though they called themselves liberals. They didn’t attack you for your beliefs like the “liberals” today do.

    • @John…

      Absolutely, John – the real Liberals died, on The Left, and were replaced by Communist Totalitarians.

  5. I often watch old episodes of Firing Line, which featured extraordinary guests like Governor Reagan, CIA Director Bush, Norman Mailer, Henry Kissinger and Malcolm Muggeridge.

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