Jacobin: Time For A Labor Party?

If there was an ACTUAL Labor Party in the United States that was solely focused on the interest of the working class and lower middle class and was “class reductionist” and did not focus on exotic and extremely polarizing culture war issues that appeal solely to White college-educated middle class libs who live in large metropolitan areas, then I would happily support it.

Note: The Labour Party in the UK was wrecked by people like Owen Jones and Ash Sakar. Their counterparts in the United States have wrecked the Democrats in much the same way. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are responsible for setting this process in motion.

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  1. Yes, that populist ball is ready to be picked up and run with. If politicians could just get their head out of their progressive rear end. Youed think SOMEBODY would get it..

    • There hasn t been a very successful populist political leader in the South since George Wallace in the early 1970s.

      Populism is all about fighting for local little guys and sticking pit to extremely wealthy elitists who don t do honest work.

      There are so many easy populist causes that would immediately make some local guy beloved by local little people. Trump did some but not enough if it.

      Here s a sure fire winning populist cause.

      Make Harvard and Yale degrees not honored in your/our Southern Western, midwestern states.

      Tell the ambush Families, the Romney Families, all those vid damn Jews from New Yawk and New Jersey :

      “ fine, you want to take all the admission spots at Harvard and Yale, OK, then you better stay in Cambridge Ma and New Haven CT the rest of your life, because your degrees are worthless in our North Carolina, Tennessee , Texas.

      Never could understand how solid tough Texans embraces the Bush family from Connecticut and Yale.

      “ Good ‘ol boys from Yale”.

      Too many Texans just suck up to anyone with $ money.

  2. The UK Labour party was wrecked by a cabal of Jews who didn’t like Corbyn because he was anti-zionist. They split the party and burned the remains to the ground with an “antisemitism” witch hunt.

  3. Cuck Island is too cucked to do anything what may look even remotely similar to National Socialist Worker Party.

    And any half woke thing is useless. Their own taboos and dogmas dooming them. Also there is heavy pressure from abroad. Lot of foreign countries want to send Cuck Empire into dustbin of history.

  4. Bill Clinton is a tricky case. For me he’s the last good president. I always felt it was odd that the GOP attacked him on his lothario routine. What’s the point in being king of you don’t have a few women for pleasure in your court? Bish seemed like a fool. Obama a fag and Trump just promised shit that got his own followers killed.

    I fondly recall the 1990s as the greatest postwar ww2 decade.

  5. They have a labor party in Australia called the Australian Labor Party. It was hijacked by the yuppie upper middle classes. There was a famous comment about it by a prominent Labor politican in the 1970s.

    Kim Beazley Sr said, “When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now, all I see are the dregs of the middle class.”

    Perhaps asset tests for party membership should be tried to keep these people out. Are you rich? Well then, you aren’t working class. Go join the Republicans.

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