Poll: Americans Support Raising Taxes On The Wealthy and Corporations To Fund Infrastructure Spending

I’m shocked to learn this.

Independents are strongly opposed to Joe Biden’s immigration policies, but support him on how he is handling COVID, the American Rescue Plan and on raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to build infrastructure. It is almost like Trump would have been reelected if 1.) he hadn’t made a fool out of himself on COVID and 2.) he had succeeded in moving his MAGA agenda.

Morning Consult:

So, what are we looking at fellas?

Aside from losing the White House, House and Senate and possibly a shot at another Supreme Court seat, what was the total cost of obstructing Trump? How much did a $600 stimulus check cost?

$1.9 trillion dollars for the American Rescue Plan? $2 trillion dollars for Joe’s infrastructure package? Probably another $2 trillion on the second infrastructure package that is being proposed? That’s a lot of trillions for the True Cons or performance art deficit hawks who voted for Joe Biden in order to send a big virtue signal about “racism” and “nativism.”

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  1. So fake and gay. These tax increases are only going to screw the middle class over while hedge fund managers pay nothing.

    • Exactly. Joe’s tax increases, by design, won’t lay a glove on the truly wealthy. The corporate tax increases will be paid by the middle class in the form of higher prices and lower wages. The increased taxes on ordinary income will hit the upper middle class, helping to ensure they never accumulate any real wealth and crash the party. By increasing taxes on evil corporations and on their local doctors and business owners, the rubes will be fleeced yet again, thinking they are making the “rich” pay their fair share. Meanwhile, the gap between the wealthy and everyone else will continue to grow.

      The only thing that will touch these people is a wealth tax, and that is not going to happen. Ever.

    • @KT-88…

      I would not be surprised if President Biden’s tax plan was toothless at the top end, yet, not having read through it, I will reserve judgement.

    • Takes a certain IQ level to realize this, KT-88. More and more of the American population is not reaching that level.

  2. If the govt used the money they get from tax payers instead of illegally sending it overseas to Israel and other countries, they could fix the infrastructure and even lower taxes.

  3. I generally agree with President Biden on his tax policies, and, as well, his environmental policies.

    I do not agree with those on The Right who think it a good thing to keep oligarch taxes lower than that of their secretaries, or not regulate trade.

    • Since the vegetable-in-chief was installed by the oligarchs, the entire congress and all branches of the lawless regime in Sodom-on-Potomac are merely paid step-n-fetchits of the same oligarchs, the one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that there will be no serious taxation of oligarch wealth. The same rule applies for environmental policy. If Llord Soros wants to saw down all the Redwoods in CA and sell the wood off the the Chinese, he will be allowed to – just as the Mexican cartels who presently occupy swaths of National Parks in the west are unopposed by either the D-jerseys or the R-jerseys of the one political party which pretends to be two.

      • KIGY, Honourable Cyclops…

        I agree with you that, though I agree with President Biden’s tax policy in principle, he does not.

        I totally agree with you that the United States’ Government exists, and functions principally, as a conduit for alien Corporate/Globalist oligarch power.

        Just in case you are new here, and do not know me, Honourable Cyclops, I am a Southern Nationalist who believes that The White Southern Race will NEVER find justice in a New England Yankee Empire run by, and for the principle benefit of Jew oligarchs.

        I am for secession, come what may, and will be for secession, come what may, yet, because my fellow Southerners have not, as a group, found their balls, I must wait as patiently as I can.

        My greatest fear is that President Trump will get back into office in 2024, the White Southern Race will considered the very nation that spits on them as ‘saved’, and another 4 years shall go down the toilet.


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