Poll: Woke Capitalism Is Deeply Unpopular

We love our polls.

We have the upper hand on a lot of key issues now.

Daily Wire:

“According to the poll results, MLB’s political activism is alienating fans. 64% of Americans — including a majority of MLB fans, Delta Air Line customers, and Coca-Cola consumers — told the researchers they are less likely to support companies and organizations that insert themselves into political issues and debates.

70% of all respondents agree with the statement: “Corporations and sports teams should generally stay out of politics.”  …

Another interesting finding of the poll is that, despite an avalanche of negative media coverage, key provisions of Georgia’s new election law are actually popular. 78% of respondents, including a majority of Democrats, MLB fans, non-white Americans, and all age groups, support the law’s ID requirement for absentee voting. 63% of respondents, including a majority of non-whites, and 48% of Democrats, support Georgia’s law restrictions on the handing out of gifts, including refreshments, to voters near polling stations and voting lines. Meanwhile, 67% of respondents, including a majority of Democrats and non-whites, support Georgia’s new policies regulating ballot drop boxes.  …”

I’ve yet to see a poll which shows that political correctness, wokeness or cancel culture is popular. Quite the opposite. It is the most potent of all the culture war issues.

We also have another immigration poll.

The Hill:

We have the upper hand now on immigration and political correctness. We also have the upper hand on crime, trans, censorship and civil liberties.

Note: If it were up to people like us instead of Conservatism, Inc., we would have the winning hand on foreign policy and economic issues as well.

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  1. To my thinking, ‘Woke Capitalism’ is the sustained purposeful attempt of The Left to turn every aspect of our lives a war, this in order to get their way.

    Who wants to live in a war zone for decades?

    The biggest thing I miss about the United States from the 20th century is the generally peaceable environment.

    Am I the only one who is sick to death of everything being politicized, and, to respond to that, having to have a political component to practically every single decision in my life?!?

    • @Ivan – Yes; absolutely sick to death. As noted recently, even paying my electric bill has become yet another (endless) opportunity to get kicked in the face with some program or statement that basically translates into, ”Take this Whitey; we HATE you. Now, suck on this frizzy-haired mullattess or Black male-White female couple on our sign-in page.”

      I absolutely do miss the peace of mind, however false it was.

  2. Woke Capitalism is reflects the sexual perversion of mega-billionaire White CEOs…..and the colonels and generals of the US Military.

    Corporate Woke America is literally a sexually perverted death cult at this point in time. Jeff Bezos jerks off to the demographic death of White America and the very real possibility of White Working Class chattel slavery in Amazon warehouses. Black Lives Matter and the Black Militias are Bezos’s personal death squad…

    Woke Capitalist Class=HOMOSEXUAL PEDERASTS=THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY…a creepy dark meaningless void in the UNIVERSE….

  3. I blame the 1960s counterculture and Woodstock Generation for the rise of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton who starting in 1992 paved the road and created the infrastructure and reward system for Global Homo Wars and Homo Pederast Rule in American…The 1960s Peace Sign Generation…they sure got one of there own in as POTUS….The White Boomers…the peace sign generation…..voted for nuclear war with CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN RUSSIA….If you see a peace sign on a car in East Hampton…South Hampton….Amagansett….think of it as a vote to mass murder of it Russian People….And this is considered GROOVY MAN!!!…by the White Boomers born in 1946…

  4. No matter how “woke” those big corporations appear to be it’s nothing more than a deeply cynical new marketing strategy.

  5. Biden is proposing raising the corporate income tax. If corporations want any support in fighting this, I suggest they find it at Pride rallies and BLM riots.

  6. Notice the float in the Pride parade sponsored by J.P. Morgan/Chase. Goldman-Sachs and the other financial firms are equally “woke”. I think they are the reason so many corporations are “woke”. They control IPOs, bond market issues, loans, funds fir mergers and acquisitions etc. So if you don’t play ball, good luck trying to raise money.

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