Rising: Jeff Bezos Backs Corporate Tax Hike

This is a good discussion.

Amazon isn’t even paying the official 21% corporate tax rate because of all the tax loopholes. Raising the corporate tax rate to 25% which is what the Corporate Democrats want to do isn’t going to change anything. Progressives are happy to spend trillions of dollars to build infrastructure. They are unwilling to seriously tax Wall Street, Corporate America and the wealthy in order to pay for it.

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  1. Yeah, as long as he doesn’t have to pay his share. Amazon pays little to no taxes on the multi billion dollar monopoly.

  2. Most likely, he wants it increased to cripple any of his competition, since he is already secure in his tax abatements.

  3. Raise the taxes on the rich and close the loopholes.

    Gonna be fun to see him squeal when he’s forced to pay taxes.

  4. Remember when retard blumpf said Maga is a anagram of Microsoft Apple Google and Amazon? Praising these woke tech giants previously giving them huge tax cuts.

    I still get a good laugh from that one Blumpf had 4 years to tax these billionaires like Bezos but he folded like a bitch just like he said in the grab them by the pussy tape lol

  5. It’s just a way to run your competition and smaller companies out of business. When you have unlimited capital the threat of paying higher taxes dosen’t mean squat.

  6. The unholy alliance between Big Business and the erstwhile anti-Big business Progressive Left has not only severely compromised much of The Left, it has badly hurt this country.

    The Left, whether you agreed with them or not, once had integrity, as still do guys like Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald.

    Not many of those kinds of Leftists left, in The Left.

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