Stephen Miller: Joe Biden Has Shut Down ICE

Joe’s border czar Roberta Jacobson is leaving at the end of this month. Meanwhile, the debacle on the border is normalizing Stephen Miller. Independent voters have always hated open borders. A critical mass of Democrats now believe that immigration enforcement is fascism.

Note: I don’t need to bring up the polls because all of them are saying the same thing. Immigration is Joe’s biggest weakness. Unlike COVID, this crisis is also getting worse.

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    • Everyone’s onto you and nobody takes you seriously, Judah Philip Benjamin wannabe LMAO

      Mel Blank
      July 23, 2020 at 6:34 pm

      This “Ivan Turgenev” makes a lot of mistakes. He recently claimed here that George Washington learned strategy from the French, who won the French and Indian War! (Note: They didn’t win that war.) He also uses that corny “sir” thing when addressing his critics, as if we’re all members of the Charleston Dueling Society as shown on The Simpsons. Whenever I read someone pretending to be Southern or an old-fashioned gentleman by using “sir,” I’m reminded of the Warner Brothers cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn that was shown on TV when I was a kid, which makes me laugh, so Ivan’s not all bad. He’s a fake. If he’s really living in NC and doing the things he says he is, I’ll eat my Dueling Society card.

      • @ you have a dueling society card? Do they have t shirts, ball caps? Do they have a.symbol? Might make a great tattoo.

  1. I know it is said there are no good Jews, but on the other hand, we do have some, like Benjamin Freedman. Stephen Miller was behind the most hard core of the anti-immigration stuff coming out of the Trump White House. His own family has disowned him. There are some signs on his wiki page that there is Jewish behavior and thinking going on in the background, true. But I’d rather have him doing the work he is doing rather than denouncing him and have his talents and drive work for the other side.

    • @metrosucks

      No, that is all bullshit. Miller wrote speeches and crafted some talking points. He was good at propaganda. His job was to sell Trump to white male suckers, and he did an excellent job.

      At no time did Trump, Miller, or anyone else in their entire thing ever mean a word of it. Why would they? They were running a political campaign so they told the voters what they wanted to hear.

      His family didn’t “disown” him gimme a break.

      I denounce Stephen Miller gladly. He IS the “other side” whether we like it or not.

      • Well, I suspect he is part of the Jewish movement that seeks to temper the “kill all white people!” mania because they recognize it will cause a backlash. Sort of like Bill Maher. The reason I suspect this is the associations with other Jews like David Horowitz.

  2. @ i like formality in language and conversation, not with everybody though, it is, or used to be a part of southern culture, also.comes from thee king james influence, thee south much more frontier oriented, the north always had more reliable goverment and law enforcement, in our history and culture particularly in the mountain south, people tended to settle things among themselves, more of a honor culture as opposed to the mercantile north, this also led to. Fueding and dueling, but i am sure uou’ve heard it said” an armed society, is a polite society”, now you know why, you run your mouth down home, you can expect to meet mr.fist quickly.

    • @Terry Smith – My father was Appalachian hillbilly, raised dirt poor and fiercely moral and proud. He made much of his life after migrating north. He always said “thee” as you do

  3. @ old enough to be your mother, thank you ma’m for sharing that with me, i appreciate that, , just like yours, something i’ve come to appreciate about our parents and grand parents that came north, they knew who they were and what they were about, they didnt let everything sway them or rattle them like people today do, they were humble and kind, thee common sense they were taught growing up, they never lost, they were not men to trifle with, they would not suffer fools gladly, as thee sayin goes, but if you act right, talked to them right, they would give you thee shirt off their backs and nothing they loved more than a house full of company, i love them and miss them.

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