Coordination and Decomposition

We’re at a turning point in our history. America has practically adopted an official state ideology: Critical Race Theory (CRT), which holds that white privilege and racism are embedded in all institutions and cause inequality. Thus, practically unlimited government intervention is justified to remove racism. In practical terms, this means attacking whites, the group that created and sustains the United States.

One of President Joe Biden’s first acts was to eliminate the patriotic education project of the “1776 Commission.” Instead, teachers will promote Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project” in public schools, and government bureaucrats will get official doses of CRT. SomeRepublicans are trying to keep Critical Race Theory out of schools, but I doubt they will succeed. Leftists are more aggressive than conservatives and are willing to hurt political opponents.

In wealthy Loudoun County, people who want Critical Race Theory in schools used antifa tactics to doxx and smear parents who oppose it. The Federalist reported on this, so the lefties have pulled in their horns a bit, but can conservatives endure? Are ordinary parents, most of whom don’t even like to think of themselves as “white,” willing to fight, when it means facing hostile media and maybe even physical danger? It’s far easier to move away, even though escape gets harder all the time.

President Biden has also reinstated diversity trainings for federal employees. All federal agencies must do an internal review to advance “equity.” This means equal outcomes, not equal opportunity, and will require discrimination against whites and Asians.

The military is not exempt. The Pentagon is doing its own internal review to “identify and combat white supremacy and other far-right extremism.” Black Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned Congress that “enemies [may] lie within our own ranks.” The military requires diversity training, and Ibram Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist is on the Navy’s Professional Reading Program. The Pentagon even attacked cable news host Tucker Carlson after he mocked diversity efforts. A memo on the “Extremism and Insider Threat in the DoD” published byPolitico shows that the brass think fairly common symbols such as the “OK” sign, the Punisher logo (used by legendary sniper Chris Kyle), and the “Come and Take It” slogan are potential “symbols of extremism.”

Governments at different levels openly discriminate against whites in ways that go beyond affirmative action. Joe Biden said that the federal government would prioritize reopening small businesses owned by blacks, Hispanics, Asians, “Native Americans,” and women — in other words, everyone except white men. Evanston, Illinois is paying reparations to blacks. Oakland will have a basic income program that excludes whites.

Reason asks whether this is even legal. That misses the point. How did this even happen? And what white person (and what lawyer) will sue to stop these programs and face media hostility and possible danger from antifa?

The foundation is already built for denying white advocates and even ordinary conservatives legal protection. One journalist suggests it is somewhat scandalous for public defenders to represent people who rioted at the Capitol on January 6. USA Today ran a story complaining that defendants were actually trying to raise money to hire lawyers. The federal government is working with the Anti-Defamation League (and probably other groups) to use the vast national security apparatus against “far right” groups, a label that could apply to millions of Americans.

Major corporations are joining the “antiracist” effort. Amazon donated $10 million to groups supporting “justice and equity,” highlighting its efforts with a web page with a huge black-nationalist flag. The largest asset-management company in the world is BlackRock; Chairman Larry Fink’s “Letter to CEOs” told companies to address “racial justice” and disclose “your long-term plans to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Goldman Sachs, the largest underwriter of Initial Public Offerings,refuses to take an American company public unless there is a woman or non-white on its board (foreign companies can do as they please). Health care company Cigna not only teaches employees about Critical Race Theory but even has Communist Angela Davis on its reading list.

“Woke Capital” is anti-white and preaches Critical Race Theory. This doesn’t just mean you might lose your social media account. A bank can cut you off from basic financial services.

Some conservatives might call this “fascism,” but I’m more interested in who those in power are targeting than how they are doing it. We shouldn’t retreat to stale conservative talking points such as “antifa are the real fascists.” Our rulers are punishing whites who defend their race, not because they are a government of “liberal fascists,” “radical socialists,” or Chinese stooges. Nations sometimes pursue different ends through the same means. The Soviet Union, the United States, and the Third Reich all controlled their economies in the 1930s and during World War II. All used propaganda. All limited individual liberties and regional autonomy in the name of a collective good. Of course, these systems weren’t the same, and the ends they pursued were different. That is what matters.

Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism badly damaged the American Right because it convinced countless conservatives that using state power, pursuing the common good, or encouraging collective efforts are degrees of “fascism.” Many race realists and white advocates roll their eyes at conservatives who make claims that liberals are really “fascists” when they pursue goals like mass vaccination, but conservatives and libertarians aren’t stupid. They believe fascism is about means and methods, not goals.

Ends are more important than means. Elites in different countries use similar techniques to govern their populations, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. For example, the United States uses a Social Credit System like China’s. China’s is run mostly through the state. America’s is run through the private sector. However, the problem with America’s Social Credit System isn’t just that it’s tyrannical. It hurts the country. China’s system boosts national pride, health, and productivity. Ours undermines these values.

There are other tactics used by past regimes that are like those we face today. After the National Socialists took power, the Reichstag fire was a justification for the Enabling Act that centralized power. Joseph Goebbels and other officials forced public and private into line with National Socialism. This was called Gleichschaltung, or “co-ordination.”

Again, the aims our rulers pursue are different. Dinesh D’Souza suggested in The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, that we are somehow governed by the ideological descendants of Nazis. Modern progressives’ obsession with seeing and fighting imaginary “Nazis” everywhere makes this a ridiculous claim. Calling the other side “the real Nazis” never works anyway.

Nonetheless, Mr. D’Souza is correct when he suggests that some of the tactics today’s progressives use are the same. “Progressives in America are using their dominance — actually their virtual monopoly — in the fields of academia, Hollywood, and the media to enforce their own Gleichschaltung,” he wrote in 2017. Now that we’ve seen practically every major institution in America reoriented to fighting “racism” as a central goal, it’s hard to disagree.

Here’s another example from German history. In East Germany, the Stasi (the Communist secret police) used a tactic called Zersetzung, or “decomposition.” Historian Hubertus Knabe said the Stasi tried to “destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships.” The goal was not to kill or imprison dissidents, but to make their lives worse and undermine their potential to oppose the regime.

However, it wasn’t just the Stasi’s power to spy on people that made it effective. There was also a vast network of informants that, according to some historians, may have included one out of every seven East Germans.

The 2006 film The Lives of Others is a vivid portrayal of the Stasi. I wonder whether such a film could be made today. We now see our own government trying to get new powers to spy on “domestic extremists.” Some Democrats want a “counter-insurgency” against white advocacy and demand that tech companies hide information and censor critics. We have ordinary citizens acting as informants, even ratting out family members. We have organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center that work with the government to try to make life more difficult for white advocates, even to the point of forcing them out of non-political jobs.

I wonder if journalists identify more with the Stasi agents than the dissidents in The Lives of Others. Perhaps they see their spiritual brothers in the Communist secret police as the heroes. The damning information about life in East Germany that the dissidents are trying to release is the socialist utopia’s high suicide rate. One can’t help but think about the soaring “deaths of despair” among whites in our democracy.

Mine is not a message of hopelessness. There are many ways to build the world you want from the bottom up. Strong people are banding together to work as groups to help our people physically, economically, and spiritually.

I also don’t want to preach victimization. We should not be like leftists and blame all our failings on “the System” or some other boogeyman. We must acknowledge our weaknesses, become stronger to overcome them, and work together.

But don’t ignore oppression. This system and those who run it hurt our people. Our struggle is for liberation. All the major institutions oppose us. Others in the past have faced the same thing. Whatever their motives, what our rulers are doing hurts our race.

As Sam Francis said, “At a time when the self-declared enemies of the white race define themselves in racial terms, only our own definition of ourselves in those terms can meet their challenge.” Even those who may not be our “self-declared” enemies act as if they were. We can’t deny what we face. There is no way out but through.

First published on American Renaissance on April 9, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. Social credit will be must have. Without smoking out enemies in our midst, they will keep taking over and destroying everything we have.

    Things must be either under our control or things will be under enemy control. Some sort of abstract liberty just does not exist.

    It is like free speech. Under liberal lies, Tsarist Russia collapsed and now entire West is collapsing. Neither Russians or people in the West could not defend their freedom against liberal lies and defamation protected by free speech.

    • Liberty is real and has existed in fuller flower for a time, but I think the real point is, it is never stable

      Aristotle saw this 2370 years ago in ancient Greece … every system in time degenerates
      monarchy becomes tyranny
      aristocracy becomes oligarchy
      democracy becomes manipulated mob rule

      Another way to see it is the ‘Iron Law of Oligarchy’ … there is always some influential group that winds up gaming the system, exploiting weaknesses, selling services to the local power base

      As it goes in the famous meme

      Hard times make strong men
      Strong men make good times
      Good times make weak men
      Weak men make hard times

  2. I think it is a good thing that they are teaching critical race theory. That colorblind MAGA shit was so stale, at least this stuff teaches White kids to view the world in terms of race and also to notice those of their own race. Most MAGA and suburbanites are so opposed to this stuff not because they are secretly based race realists who do not want anti-White influence on their kids, but because they are content to remain deracinated atomized individuals in an endless pursuit for capital and status. Critical race theory forces them to pick a side and they certainly do not like it and I think it was one of the greatest things to happen for us since forever. Let them squirm. Also, the Stasi are not “spiritual brothers” to the people who currently run America. Honecker rightly would not allow the rich to have such a say in political affairs and would not let millions of Whites wilt and die without access to proper healthcare, community, or decent jobs. If the people who ran East Germany were to run America we’d be in a much better situation.

  3. The elite leftists pushing this crap are crazy and stupid beyond any reasonable point, in my mind they are a bunch of self loathing assholes who are trying to destroy the society that produced them.. They remind me of a group of 25 year old dilatants trying to burn through their inheritance as fast as possible. And, they are going to cause permanent lasting damage to western civilization if they go on.

    If there was ever a point in human history where equating money with competence and intelligence, was this insane and harmful, I don’t know when it was.

  4. I believe CRT is at least better than the MLK “content of character” racial orthodoxy of the past. It was almost impossible to break people out of that, which is why so many boomers were unreachable. It was difficult to break because the MLK vision at least pretended to come from an ethical basis. CRT doesn’t really pretend to have any ethical theory behind it. It’s just undisguised hatred of Whites. So CRT actually increases White racial consciousness while also putting Whites in a siege mindset, which is a move in the right direction from the boomer racial obliviousness of the past 50 years.

  5. “Nonetheless, Mr. D’Souza is correct when he suggests that some of the tactics today’s progressives use are the same. “Progressives in America are using their dominance — actually their virtual monopoly — in the fields of academia, Hollywood, and the media to enforce their own Gleichschaltung,” he wrote in 2017. Now that we’ve seen practically every major institution in America reoriented to fighting “racism” as a central goal, it’s hard to disagree.”

    Stupid fucking Conservatives and Nationalists. This is how all societies work. Some are more overt than others; others are more subtle. Some have more wider boundaries than others; others will be much more narrow as to what is transgressive. Some use camps to kill you, others will destroy you ending your job, end services to you, conduct public shaming, or maybe just expel you entirely. That’s how it always had worked. Will always work.

    All societies eventually adhere to a governing Order. Different ideological groups war for society. One ideological group eventually spreads throughout every organ of society and enforces the ideology. And if those don’t adhere, they will be punished, bullied, by others within the institutions, or other institutions as a whole will bully them into submission. The ideologues will be commissars by another name- people who see it as their role to enforce the ideas and punish those, by either themselves, or alarming institutions that are controlled by their ideological group, to punish those who go against the ideology. There always becomes a consolidation of power by one group as they gain power and spread with ideological purpose. The various organs of society become ideologically unified. This is the inevitable trajectory of all societies.

    This continues until there is a new group that comes about after the Order decays after a long period of time with new visions and ideas of what a society should be. Or the Order becomes challenged directly, and as more and more oppose it, as resentment grows and is channeled properly, the ability to punish dissidents weakens, as their mechanism of control over the organs cracks, and the new group starts to take over the institutions themselves to establish itself in all areas of society and to enforce its will.

    This is the cycle.

    Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Only the thing that has changed is the veneer and lie that people either tell themselves, or the fantasies that they’re given.

    It is liberty for those who are ideologically aligned to the Order. Tyranny for those who are not.

    Well some Conservatives and Nationalists evolve. Some never do, I guess.

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