Brian Stelter Interviews Jonathan Greenblatt On The Need To Cancel Tucker Carlson

Where is the lie?

We’re now at war with Brian Stelter and Don Lemon.

Cancel culture and censorship has always been synonymous with Jewish activist organizations. They’re the ones who are pushing it here like in the Soviet Union. Now they have transplanted it to this country. Jonathan Greenblatt even brought up in the interview how the Jews cancelled Father Coughlin in the 1940s. He explicitly called for cable companies and advertisers to deplatform FOX News. It is not a “conspiracy theory.” He confirmed everything we are saying about them in the interview.

Note: In fairness, I should add here that there are some Jews who are against political correctness, wokeness, censorship, communism and cancel culture. We’ve given them credit. The ADL, however, is unquestionably the force that is behind the current censorship on social media.

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  1. “I should add here that there are some Jews who are against political correctness, wokeness, ”

    Yeah. a few who feign opposition, to conceal the overall unity in their cause.

    Play both sides of the table, so you know how the cards lay.

  2. > “Jonathan Greenblatt even brought up in the interview how the Jews cancelled Father Coughlin in the 1940s. He also called for cable companies and advertisers to deplatform FOX News.”

    Thus proving that Henry Ford was right.

    It is also a clear example of the “merger of state and corporate power” which they leftys think is “fascism.” But these leftys like this sort of corporate power, because it is in the interest of Jews, and leftys know that Jews are powerful, thus suck up to them.

  3. The entire MSM has a “racist” problem. They don’t cover violent black on white crimes and basically lie to the public as if they do not exist by ignoring them.

    Here is just one month’s worth of the violent black on white crimes. And if the races were reversed this would probably shut the entire MSM down who would go insane trying to get them all out before the public and they would probably call for the deportation of the entire white race.

    12/30/14 – Steven Horkovy, 29, was stabbed to death by his black roommate in Pheonix, AZ.

    12/28/14 – Angel Schroeder, 36, was beaten and choked to death by her black boyfriend in Souix Falls, SD.

    12/28/14 – Nicholas R. Preuitt, 28, was shot and killed by a black male in a parking garage in Kansas City, MO.

    12/28/14 – Miranda Schunk, 38, was stabbed to death by a black male in St. Paul, MN. The suspect is her black ex-boyfriend.

    12/26/14 – Amabel Calderon, 3, was beaten to death. Her mother’s black boyfriend has been charged with murder.

    12/24/14 – Amber Caudill, 19, was shot and killed by two black males that shot up her apartment complex in Winchester, KY. Two other people were seriously injured with gunshot wounds.

    12/24/14 – Belinda Belle, 26, was shot and killed in Blackshear, GA. The perp is the victim’s black ex-boyfriend.

    12/24/14 – Nicholas Mathew, 33, was stabbed to death by a black male in Evansville, IN. The suspect is also accusing of stabbing a gas station clerk and a taxi cab driver.

    12/20/14 – A mother and her two children were killed in Garland, ME. The suspect is the mother’s black boyfriend.

    Christina Ann Sargent, 36 Destiny Sargent, 8 Duwayne Coke, 10

    12/21/14 – Paige Stalker, 16, was killed execution style by a black gunman in Detroit, MI.

    12/21/14 – Julie Williams was killed in Thomson, GA. Her black husband was charged.

    12/20/14 – Richard Anders, 63, was shot and killed by a black male in front of a store he owned in Camden, AR.

    12/19/14 – The bodies of two white females were found strangled to death in Atlanta, GA. A black male has been charged. One of the victims went missing in August, the second had been missing for a week.

    Nicole Sartell, 31 Heather Renea Camp, 33

    12/19/14 – A mother and daughter were killed by a black male who invaded their home in Westfield, IN.

    Marylyn Erb, 52 Kelley Erb, 23

    12/19/14 – Misty Renea Lopez, 23, was killed execution style by a black male at a hotel in Oxford, AL. Lopez was with a black male at the time who was also murdered.

    12/18/14 – Cleate Davis, 50, was shot and killed by a black male and his body set on fire inside his car in Millington, TN. The suspect’s white girlfriend was also arrested as an accomplice.

    12/15/14 – Nicole Mathewson, 32, was beaten to death inside her Lancaster, PA home. A 16 year old black male has been charged.

    12/15/14 – Eric Kent Peterson, 32, was shot numerous times and killed by a black male while working as a store clerk in Fort Worth, TX.

    12/9/14 – Anita Walters, 57, was killed when a black male ran her over with his car while on drugs. Vancouver, WA. The suspect is a career criminal.

    12/7/14 – Paul Birdsall, 71, died of injuries sustained while being held captive by a black female, who was using his debit card. Oklahoma City, OK. The suspect has been charged with numerous crime.

    12/7/14 – William Kelley, 42, was shot and killed by a black male. Sperry, OK. A suspect has been charged with murder.

    12/6/14 – Karen Pearce, 44, was murdered walking to her car in Decatur, GA by a black male. A career criminal has been arrested.

    12/6/14 – Brian Whitfield, 45, was murdered in his home by a black male in Auburn, GA.

    12/6/14 – A mother and daughter were found beaten to death in their Charlottesville, VA home. A black male, who is a career criminal, has been charged.
    Robin Aldridge Mani Aldridge, 17

    12/6/14 – Michael Devin Dempsey-Howell, 19, was shot while sitting in his car with his mother. Bessemer, AL. A black male has been charged with his murder and the attempted murder of his mother.

    12/3/14 – Ashley Marie Scott, 17, was shot and killed while sitting in a vehicle in Gary, IN. A black male has been charged with the murder.

    12/2/14 – Rip Alan Swartz, 46, was a homeless in Las Vegas, NV that was stabbed to death by a black male perp.

    12/2/14 – Diana Lawrence, 63, was shot execution style by three black males in a bar. St. Louis, MO. They also wounded three other white victims. Suspects have been charged.

    12/2/14 – Robert Caudill, 26, was shot and killed, by a black male, while delivery pizzas in Lorain, Ohio.

    12/2/14 – David Ruenzel, was shot and killed while hiking at a park in Oakland, CA. Police are seeking two black males. Ruenzel is a professional “Anti-Racist” author who wrote article for the SPLC.

    — CofCC website “Memorial Wall 2014”

    You two anti-while clowns need to get a life. You despise white people unless they are sexual perverts who are pronoun or gender freaks.

    May God Save the South!

  4. Nothing changes until it suddenly does. So determined are they to replay the 1930s that they might just get it again.

  5. Bill Maher rejects Christ and his teachings. Just like Brian Stelter. Just like Jonathan Greenblatt. What was fair about the murder of Christ?

    Hey, Brian is an Irish name. Is Stelter Irish?

    Brian Patrick Stelter (born September 3, 1985) is an American television anchor …..

    There is that Patrick name again.

    And don’t tell me Stelter is not a Jew. He married his Jew wife in a Jewish ceremony which means he had to have converted.

  6. The ADL got Buchannan fired from CNN and Glenn Beck fired from FOX. Tucker is more powerful though and conservatives are more militant now.

  7. Who cares? Tucker Carlson is not our guy. He is part of the Zionist grift-right. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a deliberately halfhearted cancellation attempt just to give him a spurious aura of authenticity. Never take Jews at face value, they are the masters of manipulation. If Tucker ever did anything to advance the cause of white self-determination he would be gone immediately without any debate.

    • Maybe so.

      Thr controversy has drawn out the ADL into the middle of the cancel culture debate. We should use anything that happens to promote our point of view and raise awareness about our issues

    • Tucker Carlson a part of the Zionist-Grift Right?

      No, Dear Ricky – when you say that you pass over from being a Cautious White Patriot to a Reductionist.

      Reductionist, you say. How do you mean that?

      Reductionist, Sir, because you seemed to have reduced the whole political spectrum in this land to White-Patriots, White Enemies, and White Traitors.

      I’m sorry, Sir, but, there are a whole of of people in this country the majority, in fact, who fit into neither 3 of these categories.

      Yes, Tucker Carlson has a family to feed, and, no, he is not going to declare war on Jewry Inc., as you would wish him to do, but, he has done some incredibly courageous and persistently revalatory reporting, particularly over the last several years!

      If you have not been watching his work, then you are not qualified to opine on him, and, if you have, then you ought be more fair-minded and acknowledge all the trailblazing work he has done on our enemies, and, in particular, their favourite medium – The United States’ Government.

      On Mainstream Media there never has been such a courageous journalist as Mr. Carlson, and, proof of that is how hard our enemies have tried to destroy him, including attacking his family at their personal residence.

      Does it not cross your noodle how much courage it takes to keep on keeping on, as Mr. Carlson does, when there are people who could be around any corner who would take your life or that of your wife and children?

    • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn

      You touched a nerve, the Usual Suspects don’t want you to lose faith in your assigned TV actor, Tucker Carlson, who sometimes doesn’t insult you like the rest of them, so you are supposed to believe he is your friend.

      If you don’t buy Tucker Carlson’s act, the Usual Suspects will accuse you of “infighting” or some other bullshit.

      If that doesn’t work, Ron will show up and call you a fag for not trying to Stop the Steal. If that still doesn’t work, the trolls will show up and try to start a fake argument about Catholics vs. Protestants vs. Pagans.

      I mean, it’s rather hysterical – “Ivan Turgenev” wants us to believe that Tucker Carlson is “brave” for … I dunno, having the top rated talk show and occasionally saying something not insane?

      So now we’re all supposed to be part of “Tucker Carlson’s movement.”

      God they are so transparent.

    • Could be! It’s interesting to see the shape of the object Tucker is sailing around though. It’s like an invisible island he’s carefully sailing around.

  8. The adl and its members should be arrested and charged with sedition. They are an enemy organization which has ties to a foreign country.

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