Der Movement: Boundless Opportunities

I’m going to make an argument that might at first sound ridiculous.

You might even bust your sides laughing because our previous efforts have been so unsuccessful. It might finally be time to be optimistic again. It might also be time to invest serious resources in the movement. After all of these years of spinning our wheels, we might actually get out of the ditch.

Now, I am not referring to Der Movement, which at the moment is poorly led, hopelessly disorganized and only dimly aware of what has recently changed. We need to talk about what has recently changed though in light of what I said yesterday about how we should move forward.

1. Antiracism – The first thing that has changed is the definitions of “racism” and “antiracism” have changed due to the work of folx like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo.

“Racism” is systematic now and we are all complicit in systemic, structural and institutional racism. We all benefit from our “white privilege” regardless of our intent or actions. Any policy that has an “inequitable” outcome is now “racist” by definition. In other words, it is “racist” for American Airlines to disproportionately employ White pilots. The political, cultural and corporate establishment has redefined the meaning of “racism” and has dropped equality for the fashionable new term “equity” which means explicitly discriminating against White people in employment opportunities. There is now no way for conservatives to escape or cushion themselves from the charge of “racism.”

2. White Supremacy – You’ve probably noticed that the political, cultural and corporate establishment has recently gone into overdrive and has been accusing literally everything in America of being “white supremacy.” The Atlanta shooting and the attacks by blacks on the AAPI community are “white supremacy.” It will suffice to say that Critical Race Theory has spilled out of academia into other institutions and has gone fully mainstream with hilarious and predictable results like the brats who are now terrorizing the New York Times newsroom. Tucker Carlson is “white supremacy.”

3. Democratic Strategy – The Democrats are openly saying now that they have jettisoned colorblindness in favor of woke supremacy as their political strategy because it attracts suburban Whites with modernist and cosmopolitan values to their party. The Democrats are becoming a party of virtue signaling woke professionals. If you turn on your television at any moment of the day, it is a chorus of PMCs virtue signaling and scolding other people about their “racism” or “xenophobia.” Everyone understands now that this is a conscious elite strategy to stoke racial division by skewing news coverage and saying that everything is “racist” or “white supremacy” even when there is really no racial angle to a story. Demos has modeled this and convinced Democrats that it will work.

4. Polarization – Does any of this actually work though? I’ve seen no evidence that this is the case. On the contrary, the only consistent pattern that I have seen is that wokeness narrows the appeal of everything it infects and ruins whether it is the Star Trek or Ghostbusters franchise or the corporate media or professional sports or Democratic Senate seats. Half of Americans changed their sports viewing habits because of progressive activists pushing social justice messaging last year.

5. Sports and Brands – We’ve exited the Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccer Mom era that old timers like William Pierce used to rail against in the 1990s and early 2000s. In this new era, even drinking a Coca Cola is becoming polarizing. Shopping is becoming intensely polarizing. Social media has become bitterly divisive because progressive activists are censoring over half the country.

6. Conformity – This tyrannical ideology is being shoved down the throats of the masses in literally all institutions now: Big Tech, Big Business, Big Entertainment, Big Education and even Big Military. Joe Biden’s Secretary of Defense has the entire U.S. military standing down to be subjected to struggle sessions. It has gotten so bad that comedians have become politically correct and no longer appeal to large swathes of the country. You can’t even escape from it now in video games.

7. Narratives – The previous two waves of antiracism were insidious and successful largely because they appealed to evangelical Christianity, humanitarianism and American liberalism. You have to give MLK credit for being a cunning strategist in the way that he manipulated Whites and disarmed White racial consciousness in the 1960s. MLK was playing to the kindhearted and utopian streak in Whites. We could all come together and create a “colorblind society” in which race would fade away and we would all be humans and judge each other on the basis of “content of character.” It was a clever move and it worked but these people are not nearly as sophisticated or effective at disarming their opposition. These people are just forcing their views onto others without bothering to even try to win the argument. In doing so, they are delegitimizing institutions like the corporate media, which are now hated by the public. What these people are really doing is undermining the antiracist narrative. No one will ever look at the likes of Ibram X. Kendi or Ta-Nehisi Coates as a moral authority figure in the same way that the “reverends” enjoyed so much prestige in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement.

8. Generational Turnover – The people who lived through World War II and the Civil Rights Movement and who were formed by that unique moment in American history are vanishing. Increasingly, the divide between Whites is those who bought into political correctness in their youth and those who rejected it completely. Younger generations grew up in a different media landscape and under a different racial regime. Jim Crow was long gone by the time many of us were born.

9. The George Floyd Riots – The George Floyd riots were the moment when all of this stuff which had been bubbling up hit a critical mass and played out in nationwide race riots. For millions of people, the George Floyd Riots like the race riots of the late 1960s defined the new antiracism. Even more importantly, the political, cultural and corporate establishment committed itself to systematic racism.

10. The Turning Point – In retrospect, we will look back at the George Floyd Riots, Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, Trump convincing millions of his followers that the election was stolen and the Biden administration as a major turning point. It is clear now that this radicalized millions of people. This was the moment when some huge number of people finally began to see the world the way that we do.

11. Complacency To Anxiety – There has been a huge shift in the mood of White America. Whereas before we were living through an era of complacency, apathy and mindless consumerism, the mood has suddenly shifted and now White people feel alarmed and besieged. This shift in mood has made White people far more receptive to our messaging than was the case before.

12. The Biden Administration – The Biden administration has embraced systematic racism and “racial equity” and “racial justice” and is officially pushing this stuff into public policy now. Joe Biden is going out and saying things like Georgia’s election integrity law is “Jim Crow on steroids.” This is a remarkable change from the Obama presidency. When Obama was elected president, there was talk about how Obama would be a “postracial” president. Joe Biden has completely abandoned that tact. Obama himself has also abandoned this faux posture.

13. The Border – In less than a month after being sworn in as president, Joe Biden’s new woke administration has unleashed an Angela Merkel-level crisis on the border that dwarfs the 2014 migrant crisis that set in motion the chain of events which led to the Trump presidency.

14. The Crime Wave – “Defund the Police” has set off one of the largest spikes in the homicide rate in American history as wokeness has been applied to policing like it has been applied to immigration. Law enforcement is now “white supremacy” by definition. Immigration enforcement is now “fascism” by definition. Election integrity laws are now “Jim Crow on steroids” by definition. Things which the Democrats supported in the 1990s or 2000s are now Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

15. The Polling – The polls are showing a remarkable transformation in public opinion in our swath of White America has taken place since the 2020 election.

  • Our traditional enemies – “journalists,” Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the SPLC and ADL, corporate oligarchs – are now perceived by the public as their enemies. Millions of people now agree with us that they are our enemies. Censorship is a problem that they are concerned about too.
  • While we don’t have nearly as much data we need on this subject, the polls which we do have suggest that there has been a huge spike in White racial consciousness and a hardening of White racial attitudes since the George Floyd riots. Something like 90% of Republican voters are concerned about anti-White discrimination now which is a welcome change.
  • The non-stop coverage of Joe Biden’s immigration crisis has 2014 vibes. This was the context and background of Trump’s rise in 2014. Joe has also been severely damaged on immigration.
  • The Capitol Siege was a sign of this transformation of normies. The polls which show a huge number of normies saying that violence might be necessary to save America is a flashing red siren of how radically things have changed over the last year or so. Millions of normies have “radicalized” beyond most White Nationalists although fortunately things have been quiet as of late.
  • Our traditional priorities – immigration, political correctness, protecting the jobs of American workers, staying out of stupid wars, sticking up for Whites, and so on – are what people are now saying that they want in the polls. There has been a convergence of views on a number of subjects like immigration where our position has won out.

The upshot of this is that we have much greater traction now.

16. Donald Trump – Did I mention that Donald Trump is no longer president? Trump is no longer around to divide us anymore. We don’t have to argue about that guy and his inept administration anymore.

17. The Voters – As I have explained at length, Donald Trump has changed the demographics of the Republican Party in a good way by swapping Republican voters for Democrat and Independent voters. This has made the party somewhat more working class and sympathetic to our values.

18. The GOP Establishment – As I have gone over at length, the old GOP establishment is now a disaffected rump. It is a pale shadow of its former self and these people are only around 15% of Republican voters now. We need to refresh our perceptions to take account of this change.

19. The New Progressivism – The new progressivism is explicitly anti-White. This is what it is about. The new populism and nationalism must be explicitly pro-White. Regardless of where conservatives might want to steer populism, the reality of the situation is that our job is now far easier because of this. The opposition has finally taken the mask off and gone full anti-White. Everyone can now see that they are anti-White and can no longer play these games and pretend this is not the case.

Overall, the political landscape has dramatically shifted since Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election and we are now seeing some favorable trends. It used to be that our views on all kinds of subjects were “fringe.” This is clearly no longer the case. In fact, our views on most subjects are becoming quite conventional. The idea that Whites are under relentless attack by the political, cultural and corporate establishment is obvious these days. We don’t need people autistically shouting in ALL CAPS that ANTI-RACIST IS ANTI-WHITE to get our point across because millions of people now embrace this message. They’re now sitting in their homes watching Don Lemon on CNN and thinking the same thing.

We have been proven right by all of these trends.

In light of all this, maybe we shouldn’t be so discouraged? Maybe we should keep pushing? If we push harder than last time, we might even face less resistance because of all this. Certainly, public sympathy for our brand and style of politics has gone way up over the last five years.

Are we willing to look at all of these recent changes and refresh our views? The idea that millions of people would never “wake up” and could never possibly be persuaded by our arguments has been disproven. In fact, those people are looking for champions now who will go out there and fight their enemies … who as it happens are the same people who are our old enemies. It took normies decades to figure this out. Ibram X. Kendi, Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden have finally helped them figure it out though.

We need new people who are competent to step forward and help us take advantage of this opportunity. We need our best people to continue doing what they are doing too because it is working. Finally, we need the rodeo clowns to get out of the way because it is time to rise to our full potential.

Note: If you support the work that are doing here, you can support us through the P.O. Box. We’re going to do the work anyway out of ideological zeal. I’ve already invested two decades in this. I’m currently pretty much alone in drawing attention to these encouraging changes but what I am seeing will soon dawn on others. We’re definitely not going to quit now that things are finally beginning to break our way.

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  1. It seems Anti-Whites have been moving in leaps and bounds since Biden’s election but the path they trod on was already there. “Racist” always meant White person. “Anti-racist” always meant Anti-White. That said, they’re moving too fast and that may well be their undoing.

    • Whites should go the nig route with this word and embrace being called racist or make up a slang version and refer to other Whites as racists as like an inside joke, just like da nigs referring to each other as nigga and watch heads explode. When the shitheads say you “raciss” expolde on them like the proto white studies major and yell “THATS OUR WORD!” Appropriate that shit. And finally, there should be consequences when a jew or POS er POC just uses the word at all at the street level, use their clown world horseshit against them.

    • “Anti-racist” always meant Anti-White.

      Ten years ago I did not believe this was a good way to frame the term. Now, it is crystal clear. Anywhere you see the word “racist”, just replace it with “white” and you have their meaning.

  2. When millions of White Folks fully comprehend that WHITE GENOCIDE is very real….then things will change…

    White Folks are only required to do what is in their collective RACIAL INTERESTS…

  3. Imagine multibillion dollar corporations suddenly committing themselves to left-wing social causes out of the goodness of their hearts. No one believes that. It’s just another marketing/PR strategy they are using to maximize profits and power.

    As far as Der Movement goes we cannot wait for the next Hitler or Mosley to come along and save us because ZOG will immediately kill or imprison any potential Leader. We have to make ourselves ungovernable. We have to always be resisting both passively and actively. Exasperate the bastards! And no more waiting for the next election to miraculously turn everything around, because that’s NOT going to happen. There is no longer any political solution because the System won’t allow it.

  4. My question is why do you stay in Der movement? Why not acknowledge that it’s wrong on so many levels? Why not just become a genuine Christian and leave racism behind? The movement has failed and will always failed because it’s wrong. It’s not genuinely Christian, and it’s focus is on the flesh not the spirit. Wake up

    • Why not just become a genuine Christian and leave racism behind?

      Answer: Because false and failing Christianity leaves “racism” behind – but a living Christianity, true Christianity, requires leaving leftist-liberal-utopian fable behind, and standing up for God’s boundaries and standards.

      What is called “racism” in modern mainline Churches (i.e. liberal dominated “Christian” circles) is simply a dislike of accepting boundaries and limitations, which are part of Man’s finiteness. The Satanic temptation has always been rebellion against this – that Man could be like God, without limitation or boundaries.

      A genuine Christian would never leave “racism” (i.e. God-ordained racial boundaries) behind. The idea that racism is wrong because – as used by leftists – it means you are a bully must be repudiated, not by abandoning it, but by exposing the lie of the leftist use of it. If Whites do not do this, they will never regain the healthy group solidarity, which is essential to their survival. How can any Christian possibly believe that White genocide is God’s will? No genocide is God’s will – and also not that of White nations.

    • Dear Martin,
      While I certainly appreciate your call for us to center ourselves on Chryst, telling us to concentrate exclusively on the spirit, instead of the flesh, is like telling a hungry child to go pray his stomach pains away.

      We have a fleshly aspect that constantly is affecting our souls, Sir, and, for the life of me, I cannot see why you would willingly hand that over to the devil, when the mortal future of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren is on the line.

      Hell, if our Founding Fathers had taken your attitude, this would still be Indian lands, and where would you be with your monogamous religious idealism ? : in a church with gates around it in Britain???

      No, Sir, if you get your way, our children will soon never hear the Gospel, this because not only will it be crowded out by Satan’s Secularism, it will be banned outright, this under the pretext that it was the justification for oppressive White Supremacist colonialism!

      No, Sir – we will fight, and many of us will pray that our fight is right in our Lord’s eyes.

    • Did you see how American churches lined up to fawn over George Floyd and Black Lives Matter last year? Despite the fact that BLM is an avowedly anti-Christian organization?

      2 Corinthians 6:14: “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”

    • Some of us don’t want to see this world turned into a complete hellhole, Kerr. Worse than what it already is. Did God tell you to be okay with ethnic cleansing and the destruction of the best civilization men ever created?

  5. “10. The Turning Point – In retrospect, we will look back at the George Floyd Riots, Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, Trump convincing millions of his followers that the election was stolen and the Biden administration as a major turning point. It is clear now that this radicalized millions of people. This was the moment when some huge number of people finally began to see the world the way that we do.”

    Yes, at this point even the old Southern ladies in the Baptist choirs breath in and breath out Alt-Right, even though they don’t know that expression.

    And, yes, 2021, as hard and unpleasant as it was, was the Rubicon whence we shall never go back. What is, has actually already become what was, this meaning that, though it may take governance and political structure a decade or two to reflect the now Collective Publick Psyche, it is coming, no matter how hard the Government, under the guise of Corporatism/Activism, tries to stymie it.

    Thank you, Mr. Griffin, for one of your trademark gems – a wholesale analytical dismantling of the scene before us!

    Yes, opportunities are rife, and, if I may, I would add this – we are currently entering The Age of Aquarius, which, if you have ever studied history from an astrological standpoint, is always a time of great upheaval and change.

  6. @ martin kerr, valid points made good sir, if you were on this site everyday, you would know there are christians speaking up for the lord, are all thee people in the world christian? No, why would you expect all the voices on this site, to be christian, one step at a time good sir, you know patience is a virtue, were dropping seeds everyday, our people are under threat of extermination, we are trying to save their backsides as well as their souls, we need soldiers and i hope we hear from you again..

  7. Bob Whitaker, PBUH, always said that as soon as normies start saying “anti-white” it means we’re winning. The normies weren’t listening to “the movement” – they started using the term “anti-white” on their own because it was obvious.

    The “movement” should fire all of its activists and find some normies who are obviously far smarter than movement people.

  8. Hunter, have we learned the lesson of not elevating “Champions”, “Führers” or “Great Leaders”?

    • @James…

      No, Sir, we haven’t ‘learned the lesson of not elevating champions’, because that is not human nature.

      All peoples must have leaders and chieftains, whether that seems wise or expedient.

      • The (((Left))) use frontmen, not Great Leaders. And the Gilets Jaunes were effective precisely because they had no clear “Leader” who could be singled out…like self-appoint “Alt-Right Faggot-Fuhrer” Richard Spencer.

  9. The person posting under the name “Martin Kerr” on this thread is a troll. I am the real Martin Kerr and I disavow the comments falsely and dishonestly made in my name.

  10. @Hunter Wallace:

    “In light of all this, maybe we shouldn’t be so discouraged? Maybe we should keep pushing? If we push harder than last time, we might even face less resistance because of all this. Certainly, public sympathy for our brand and style of politics has gone way up over the last five years.”

    No we should NOT be discouraged, but we should NOT push harder, i.e. arranging demonstrations, marching, Charlottesville, Patriot Prayer, and Proud Boy antics. WHY? If experience hasn’t taught us any lessons, we’re too stupid for words.

    Look at history. Real revolution and change has never been driven by poor, marginalized movements. It has always been the educated, upper middle class. Even the Black Civil Rights Movement was organized by Jews who even at that time met the educated, upper middle class criteria.

    IMO, we do nothing, because the people we need have not been as adversely affected enough by Cancel Culture and Wokeness … YET. I can’t say it won’t happen. It is happening, it is only beginning and not enough of these people have been scalded … YET.

    Don’t fall silent. But keep it to the boards. Document every instance of The Usual Suspects’ implementation of systemic racism against White People. Document EVERY instance of police brutality and outright murder against unarmed Whites and how there is no group like BLM to riot about it. How the media ignores it, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Document every instance where some pretext is used to drive a White out of a job.

    Study carefully Sun Tzu’s Art of War. He always says to make sure the enemy is never sure of your numbers. Appear strong when you are weak. Most importantly, appear weak when you are strong so the enemy gets complacent and starts making mistakes.

    Charlottesville was a mistake, because it was at the time when the media was promoting the idea that there were GoodWhites and BadWhites. Therefore the GoodWhites had to show up and disrupt your Charlottesville rally to stop your BadWhites. Now, it’s gotten to the point where that division is being eroded, because the Usual Suspects with their Critical Race Theory is positing the them that there are NO GoodWhites. Even well-meaning White “allies” are fundamentally BadWhites and must be corrected.

    Don’t get in the way of The Enemy when he is making a mistake. Just document everything and encourage Whites who already see what we have seen for many years to protect themselves as much as possible until Woke Culture, like Robspierre, starts eating its own so much that its own have to take off its head.

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