Axios: Sen. Josh Hawley Reveals His Trust Busting Plan

It is great that Josh Hawley is at least talking like this.

Will this go anywhere in the current Congress? Will they go along with Josh Hawley on this? I seriously doubt it. It is much more likely that Republican senators will continue to prostrate themselves at the feet of corporations and the wealthy who are supporting the Democrats now. They’ve been doing it for so long now that they don’t know what else to do even though it is a massive electoral albatross.


“Details: Hawley’s “Trust-Busting for the Twenty-First Century Act” would …

Ban mergers and acquisitions by firms with a market cap over $100 billion …

What they’re saying: “This country and this government shouldn’t be run by a few mega-corporations,” Hawley told Axios. The Republican Party “has got to become the party of trust-busting once again. You know, that’s a part of our history.” …”

I haven’t ruled out the possibility though that Corporate America could tip the scales and destroy the old ideological consensus. It might happen sooner than I expected.

The Democrats are the party of Big Business, Silicon Valley and Wall Street now. They are the party of the woke professional class and plutocrats like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg. Andrew Ross Sorkin has said that Big Business is the best friend of the Democrats now because they are pushing “social equity” issues like “trans women” in women’s sports or pulling their business out of Georgia and saying it has become a Jim Eagle state because Georgia voted for Biden, Warnock and Ossoff.

Note: BTW, Teddy was only a pale echo of William Jennings Bryan.

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  1. It would make more sense to fight for legislation to enforce 1A; legislation with significant penalties for de platforming and defunding. Unabridged speech is the law of the land after all. Of course Republicans never do anything to help their White base or upset the Anti-White status quo.

  2. Mr. Sonnenfeld, of Yale, no less, organizes Corporations to thwart the attempts of states’ to secure the last little remaining element of State Sovereignty – election security.

    Well, Folks, for all those who have endlessly pined at my pinning of the usurpation of The American Way at the feet of the coalition of New England Yankeedom and Jewry Inc., what better illustration could we have than this?

    Yep, here it is : The Jew England Yankee United States’ Corporate/Globalist Government on full display, in broad daylight, on Government Channel #2 – MSNBC.

    Thank you, Dear Joe, Mika, and Dr. Jeffrey!

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