Der Movement: Solving Lingering Issues

This will probably be our final article on Der Movement.

  • In Der Movement: Violence, I identified the violent fanatics as the biggest problem of the 1.0 and 2.0 movements and critiqued their strategy and tactics and suggested we come up with new tactics and strategies in light of recent trends in White racial consciousness
  • In Der Movement: Intellectuals, I identified the strengths and weaknesses of the 1.0 and 2.0 movements and their failure to translate their “five truths” into a winning political message and strategy
  • In Der Movement: Cliques and Cults of Personality, I identified the “five truths” of the 1.0 and 2.0 movements, the disintegration of the Alt-Right into cliques and cults of personality and suggested that the way out of that was to create a common language and political agenda that incorporates our values, beliefs and interests. We should also focus less on other online personalities than on outsiders
  • In Der Movement: A New and Improved Far Right, I said we should stay engaged and talk about culture, economics and foreign policy in the Biden era and came up with a list of potential topics to focus on that ordinary people on the Right and Center care about
  • In Der Movement: Moving Forward, I boiled the 1.0 and 2.0 movements down to their essentials, shared my thoughts on what should be preserved and what should be jettisoned, identified what was missing in the previous two efforts and said that we should unleash at least a twelve pronged culture war against the Biden administration
  • In Der Movement: Boundless Opportunities, I laid out all of the recent changes and explained why we should seize on these opportunities

There are a few important subjects which I didn’t get to in these articles but which I have tried to answer to the best of my ability:

The 2.0 movement was ripped apart over the strategy and optics question. This site is going to focus on education and producing political propaganda which is our greatest strength as well as local networking. As for the optics question, we have adopted an American populist aesthetic.

The 2.0 movement lacked a strong philosophical foundation. Instead of importing one from Europe like “fascism” or “identitarianism” or Nazbol, we are going to focus on America’s own radical tradition in which we are already fluent, which is populism and which is grounded in the Jeffersonian tradition.

The 2.0 movement relied on memeing and trolling as their preferred tactics. We enjoyed the memes and plan to keep and incorporate those where possible. The primary tactic that we are going to use though is critique or destructive criticism of woke progressivism from a populist, nationalist and reactionary perspective. After all, this is what Hillary Clinton and the political establishment was so worried about. The hammer came down because we were so successful at ridiculing the political establishment.

The 2.0 movement fractured over its relationship to the Republican Party. We are just going to ignore the question for now and focus on producing content and movement building. We’re not running for political office. We’re simply trying to rebuild our own social movement and refine, develop and promote our own cause. If there is a real realignment and the Republican Party actually changes its policy agenda, then great. If it doesn’t, then that is their problem. We will continue to monitor the situation.

The 1.0 and 2.0 movements focused virtually exclusively on Jews and non-Whites and only got so far with that message. We’re still going to talk about race realism and the Jewish Question, but in the larger context of elites who have the money, power and influence in this country and how they are using it to damage our people. Specifically, we are going to focus on attacking leftwing White upper middle class, college-educated professionals, i.e., the Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) who are the establishment wing of the Democratic Party and critiquing and attacking the institutions in which they are dominant. We’re going to revive interest in Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth platform from the 1930s and work towards the goal of redistributing the wealth of these people and destroying the progressive oligarchy. The source of their power is their enormous wealth and their embedded networks which have captured institutions whether it is Big Media, Big Business, Big Tech, Big Education or the Pentagon. These institutions must be knocked down to size and the networks that have infested them must be disrupted. This is far more important than the IQ of some powerless and irrelevant black.

Note: I get asked a lot “what is your vision.” My vision is removing these people from their current perches of political, economic and cultural power. This is probably the necessary precondition of your vision as well. It is in your interest that we get rid of these people which will expand the realm of the possible. Ask yourself whether you want to remove these people from power.

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  1. It won’t work, all here in america are zionist’s and for the global messianic usury communist monarchy … and it’s too late as the America’s are now total miscegenation and communist IngSoc Oceania … Soon Meghan, Duchess of Sussex will be your Queen….

    • It’s gonna be Brazil North for the U.S. Mongrels, mongrels everywhere. Abomination. I hope Europe can save itself somehow.

    • “…grounded in the Jeffersonian tradition.”

      Oh, goody. A red-headed Scots-Irish pseudo-intellectual that couldn’t understand enough basic English (If all ‘men’ are created equal,’ then why EVER apply it to chattel slaves?) to point out the White, English, Christian nature of ‘these colonies,’ back when he had the chance…. oh, yes, and someone who cut and pasted the Bible merely to appear noble, but was a god-damned heretic.

      The Orthodox are correct. Which means the Russians are correct- as much as it galls me to say so.
      America doesn’t even know what she doesn’t know, and will therefore perish, just like every other filioquist offshoot of the Second Europe’s false historiography.

      HW, seriously… read Farrell’s books.

      As a former student of Dr. Farrell’s (DiGriz) wrote in the second edition forward, “After all this time, I am still able to commend this multi-volume work to you as the single best portable “university course” to be had in the English language. And to back up that assertion, one only need make reference to the importance of its topics. This is one of those life-changing experiences, packaged in textual form, that will in all likelihood (if you make it through?) leave you unable to think in quite the same fashion again.”

      I would agree as well.

  2. Sounds like good policy. Putting our resources where it matters. I too, could care less what the IQ of some group is. I don’t think blacks are as stupid as some on our side think. (Although, some seem to be) or Jews being as smart and omnipotent as some seem to think. Most of the people we have trouble with are college educated white, progressive, people who believe stupid things. Put the effort into attacking THEM. They are not 500′ high either.

  3. We shouldn’t call the white nationalist movement in America “Der Movement.” That’s the kind of idiotic Nazi reference we must stop doing.


    What’s in it for White Folks?

    Is it good for White Folks?

    Are they in the interest of White Folks?

    It starts with the POTUS ELECTION TIME with the complete nullification of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority Vote VOTE…

    The LEGAL ONES that fat fuck Alex Jones likes…



  6. A good vision may be a radical decentralization of the USA. Heartland States presenting some kind of “Magna Carta” to the Feds in DC, affirming their rights and cutting the Fed-parasite budget by 95%. Silver and gold as money only, etc.

  7. Here’s a slogan for the Der Movement: Doing nothing has consequences too. You have to fight for what you believe in.

  8. Good read. I’ve had some criticism of this series but I agree that shitlib Whites are Enemy 1B. Without the huge numbers of collaborationist/sellout White Wokies, strivers & greedheads, the anti-White project is not viable.

    Blaming Whitey for his own ills is a fashionable evasion of the fact we do have enemies dedicated to our misery and destruction, but Fifth Column Whites make their job far too easy. Both of these things are true.

  9. If only we had White men around today who were of the same caliber as Col. Lindbergh, Henry Ford and Commander Rockwell. These are hard times but contrary to the internet meme they have yet to produce any strong men.

  10. Kikes, billionaires & “white” shitlib bitches must be hammered equally & relentlessly. But some serious, incorruptible leadership must emerge, or it will all come to nothing politically: the fucking scum ruling us don’t care how many millions are awoken as long as they aren’t organized & capable of ousting them: shit, they know half the country hates their greasy guts already – but still they rule all because of lack of.leadership.

  11. The United States is isn’t united anymore. The answer to how this beast in DC gets toppled, along with its enablers in the rent seeking class, is the same as it always has been in the context of the life cycle of empires.

    Regional Balkanization.

    States are already setting themselves at odds with DC on a plethora of issues.

  12. “-which is populism and which is grounded in the Jeffersonian tradition.”

    Southern Nationalism, after a fashion.

  13. I support the vision presented in this article. Decades of talk about the Jewish Question and the intelligence + criminal behavior of non-whites has not made the Movement any less marginal than it was 50 years ago. We lost the moral narrative there. White Americans are not interested in hearing us drone on about the behavior of non-whites, whom they see as helpless victims, and their brains instantly go to “kook crack pot conspiracy zone” when we talk about Jews. I think we need to keep both those issues to ourselves.

    In the back of our minds, we should always remember when we read articles in the media of how vicious and hostile Jews are, and when we’re out in public, we should have the “around X, never relax” mentality, but for purposes of building public support, we need to steer clear of those issues and let White Normies decide for themselves whether non-whites tend to be more violent and whether Jews are a hostile tribe controlling our institutions. We gain nothing and lose too much good will by “explaining” it to them.

    On the other hand, Whites relish a good fight against other Whites. We are a race that, in the last 160 years, started a bloody Civil War in the United States and two World Wars fought on a global scale. Tens of millions died between those three wars, none more so than WW2. Going after College Educated White Professionals and isolating them from the rest of the White Race – and indeed, from the American population in general – is not just a wise strategy, its a morally necessary strategy. This is a war of values, much like the Civil War and WW2, and the other side must never triumph.

    College Educated White Professionals, regardless of their income level, are the single biggest road block to the White Race securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.* On every single issue – immigration, environmentalism, economics, foreign policy, cultural stuff – their positions are awful for regular Whites. They want open borders, a Stalinist-style “Green Economy,” the continuation of neoliberal economics, throwing money down the blackhole of foreign aid so that Africa can breed prolifically, the normalization of children having their genitals removed, and of course, shutting down the expression of viewpoints that goes against their agenda. They are Totalitarians, and honestly, they are worse about it than Jews are. Jonathan Greenblat is no worse of a person than Chris Hayes.

    Imagine asking a College Educated White Professional whether Whites can have their own homeland or not. You might as well tell a Catholic Inquisitor that you are a witch and a Satanist. There is no bigger enemy of the cause of White Nationalism than College Educated White Professionals. Hunter is absolutely right that for all factions of Der Movement, these vile creatures must be removed from cultural power and discredited for us to advance our agenda, whatever that agenda may be.

    *Many of these College Educated White Professionals fall in the $50,000 to $100,000 income ranges, not just over $100,000. I say we allow the government to stick it to the $50,000-$100,000 crowd. Tax them to death, flood their neighborhoods with Section 8 housing, break their will to NIMBY themselves. Shame them, humiliate them, demonize them. Again, they are our Enemies, not our Allies.

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