Daunte Wright Insurrection (Night 4)

Why aren’t CNN and MSNBC covering the insurrection in Minnesota?

“Domestic extremists” set up embattlements last night outside the Brooklyn Heights police station. This is a nationwide violent insurrection that is currently going on in at least four states – Minnesota, Ohio, Washington and Oregon – where the Antifa and Black Lives Matter insurrectionists are storming and shooting up police stations or laying siege to them and setting them on fire. Isn’t it “domestic extremism” and an “insurrection” when you go out and repeatedly attack law enforcement like this?

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  1. In 2021, America is ruled by and terrorized by homosexual pederasts known as the ANTIFA …

    And the US MILITARY is on board with this….

    I’d rather be speaking German…WW2 wasn’t worth it to save the (((ADL geneline)))…

    • “America is ruled by and terrorized by homosexual pederasts known as the ANTIFA.”

      HAH !
      ANTIFA are just the petty street thugs.
      The ppl running the game never soil ((( their ))) hands.

    • The military and police would not hesitate to attack white right-leaning normies, but they’re very hesitant to fight back against protected groups like antifa (jews) and BLM (blacks led by jews). I blame the GOP who are worse than useless since their priorities are tax cuts and Israel.

  2. Serves those Northern racists right.
    All those years of Jim Crow, segregation and lynchings. Those Northern bigots have got to change their ways.

  3. @ It is just a matter of time, before this activity comes into our living area’s, if thee fed’s have finally decided to do something about protecting thee downtown area’s, it leaves thee” spring breakers one of two options,their area’s or our’s.

  4. The more you give them, the more they will want and take. They’re spoiled children that need a beaten but the govt and politicians do the opposite, They enable them hoping they will behave or go away.

  5. Every crime has three components, means, motive and opportunity. Without these three no crime has been committed. What was Potters motive for shooting the guy? She had no motive. It was an accident. And civilized human beings to not punish others for honest accidental mistakes.

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