Jimmy Dore: “Bounties On U.S. Troops” Story Exposed As Hoax

We’ve seen this before.

Do you remember all the misinformation spread by “journalists” based on garbage intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMD that was used to justify the Iraq War?

Amazingly, Big Tech doesn’t appear to be concerned about all the fake news and misinformation being spread by blue check “journalists” about Russia even when that misinformation was being used to incite a potentially dangerous conflict with Russia which is a major global power.

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  1. Russia under Putin is standing in the way of ZOG’s plans to absorb Syria and Ukraine into its evil globohomo empire.

  2. Say, why is the United States at war against Afghanistan anyway?

    Why are these Jews so racist against Russian Christians anyway? These Neo-Cons are constantly hate-mongering against Russians, Latvians, Arabs, Muslims, Turks, Syrians, Lebanese, and these Zionist fanatics are constantly trying to goad America into bombing Iran – they definitely hate the Persians.

    Really, Jews are the most racist and hateful people on earth – they hate EVERYBODY.

    We really need the Moderate Jews to stand up against their fanatic cousins and Stop The Hate. Are there any moderate Jews? The ones in the Biden administration are trying to start a war against Iran, Russia and China all at the same time – yeah, that is a great idea.

    That jag-off Tony Blinken is going to get us all nuked and then he’ll probably escape back to Israel and hang out on the beach with Jeffrey Epstein.

  3. Every single thing one swill hear from The Mainstream Media on the subject of Russia is either a crass distortion, or an out and out lie, contrived to manufacture widespread consent for criminality in the international sphere.

    That said, this systemic misinformation is hardly a recent development.

    The problem is that there still is a large minority of Americans, or perhaps a slim majority, that are unaware of this.

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