What Should We Make of the Tucker vs. ADL Controversy?

First off, lets be quite clear on what Tucker’s comments actually were. He essentially made an argument about how migration is leading to the GOP’s supposed demographic doom which will make it impossible for it to win an election. If you think the Republican Party is a party that represents White interests, then I guess this argument would make sense. But for people who understand that this is not the case, it’s clear that the GOP has trouble winning elections because their policy platform represents elitism (saying buzz words like “Big Tech” and “woke” doesn’t change this) and is therefore highly unpopular. But aside from that, Tucker didn’t even make the classic paleocon trope about racial voting patterns, as he explicitly counter-signaled the racial aspect of mass migration.

I think there are basically two possible scenarios that could be playing out in this situation. One theory is that Jonathan Greenblatt is getting way to aggressive. He’s making a huge mistake turning the ADL into another partisan leftwing group like the SPLC as he freaks out over a Fox News pundit using one edgy word in a completely harmless context. This would explicitly alienate Tucker’s audience against Jewish interests which could explain why Joel Pollak from Breitbart is concerned that Greenblatt is doing damage to the Jewish community.

On the other hand, one must ask themselves, could Greenblatt really be that clueless and unaware? This could have been a well-orchestrated ploy by both parties in order to legitimize Tucker (and more broadly speaking, conservatism) in the eyes of disaffected whites who are checking out of the fake dialectic between Red Zionism and Blue Zionism.

What do you think? Will this “redpill the normies” in massive numbers? Or will it just lead to more cheerleading for a Fox News figure who made a standard conservative argument. I genuinely don’t know. Maybe both.


  1. The ADL is a front for organized crime – they gave a Jewish Community award to Barry Krischer for helping to cover up the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking and blackmail ring. It was so blatant Ann Coulter had to cover it.

    They were caught in the 2000’s engaged in espionage for the foreign state of Israel, and in the 1990’s they were caught in Northern California illegally spying on law enforcement agencies and extorting civil rights activists.

    Their new spokesman is the comedian “Borat” whose entire career has been racist jokes, Islamophobic jokes, anti-Christian jokes, Russophobic jokes – homophobic and transphobic jokes – misogynist jokes. His famous song “Throw the Jew Down the Well” was a racist attack against Christian Texans. His film studio asked a local bar to provide the audience for a comedy act, they all laughed along with the jokes and songs, then “Borat” – Jew name Sacha Baron Cohen – did an interview and accused them all of being “anti-Semites” for singing along with the song “Throw the Jew Down the Well.”

    So, you see, the Zionist Jew Cohen was just teaching these White Christian Anti-Semite “goyims” what nazi racists they are, for playing along with a joke song done by a Jewish comedian.

    Really – THESE are the people who are going to lecture Americans on “hate?” The same ADL that support a racist apartheid regime in Palestine?

    Is anyone supposed to take that defamer Jonathan Greenblatt as some sort of “moral authority?” The people who gives awards to Jews that help cover up child sex trafficking, foreign espionage, and racial apartheid?

    These Jews need to take a lesson from Jesus: hypocrite, go take that beam out of your own eye before you start lecturing us.

    • (This is a response to Vladimir Walsh)

      My take on this is that it is a tit for tat. The Democrats are dropping nothing but rhetorical nukes now like “Jim Crow on steroids.” It appears that the orders came down from the higher ups to turn the Republican rhetoric up a notch in response. This seems like a partisan shot across the bow that the Republicans can crank up the racial resentment in their base.

      There is nothing we can do about any of this. We can only take what is happening between the two parties and try to use it to promote our own agenda. It is good that it is easier to talk about demographic replacement now regardless of whether it helps the Republicans. It is a play that they seem to be making for partisan reasons but it is in our interest to break the ice around these issues.

      I don’t care what happens to the Republicans. We’re not running for elected office. Instead of dwelling on the issue, I am just going to try to articulate my perspective on the issues and try to build support for my own views.

  2. Well anytime somebody names the Jew is a good day. However Fox News will forever be controlled by the Jews so I don’t see anything changing. The right wing as a whole is controlled by Jews and how Jews think…money money money. That’s why Whites on the right have never accomplished anything for the White Race. The White Nationalist Movement names the Jews, isn’t interested in Jew Money, and will not only Save but advance the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  3. Is it possible the ADL wants Tucker, and more people like him to speak out about the “replacement theory”? The more attention they draw to it, the more proof they can show that masses that there is a racism problem that requires government intervention (censorship, arrests, etc). They won’t cancel Tucker because they need a right-wing boogeyman.

    If you were really concerned about radicalizing people, you wouldn’t go on CNN telling everyone about the great replacement and that it doesn’t exist. For example, if you were concerned about rising numbers of pedophiles, you wouldn’t broadcast where to find child porn on national TV.

  4. South Africa present and yesterday’s wet dream of equality!!!!

    Fight fire with fire


    We all Came out off the African continent then why cants Whites can’t overtake the mineral rites over the jews/ chines sounds like infowars or Tru News

    Wake up shit heads

    Fight fire with fire

    • “We all Came out off the African continent…” Umm, NOT! Leave your N-word fairy tales at the schul door, Schlomo Sunburn.

      “Not Out of Africa”- Was Greek Culture Stolen from Africa?
      Modern Myth vs. Ancient History

      I learned of this women, and this book, from Dear Departed Rush.

      “We are all His (God’s) CREATION, but we are NOT all his OFFSPRING.” – Russian Orthodox Saint

  5. Why? Is Carlson going to tell us why the Jews are doing this? Is Tucker going to tell us this is being done as part of a greater Jew plan to prepare the world for the Moshiach? Nope. Not a chance.

    Everything the Jews are doing is for Moshiach. All the racial antagonism, the queer stuff, the Muslim stuff, it is all being done for Moshiach. And Moshiach is the Jew false messiah, the one who will deliver the Jews straight into the arms of hell. You see Christ is the one and only salvation for the Jew people. He is their only hope. And they killed him.

  6. Whites getting replaced in their own lands was eventually going to produce some kind of backlash. Tucker Carlson is just the Jews getting out in front of that backlash and controlling it. You don’t get to be on TV unless you are 100% on board with the Jewish agenda. It really is that simple. There is no nuance, television is in the hands of the enemy, end of story.

    I think we in the pro-white community are so desperate for hope that we are constantly imagining we have friends on the inside who are secretly working for us. That is not and never will be the case. Anyone who makes it to ANY position of influence has already been thoroughly vetted and certified kosher. You cannot be pro-White and pro-Jew, the two are diametrically opposed positions. Jewish nationalism (Zionism) thrives at the expense of White nationalism and vise versa. I thought the rise of Trumpism and its subsequent failure to produce any outcomes for Whites would’ve settled this debate once and for all. Apparently not.

    In my opinion an open enemy like Greenblatt is always preferable to a false friend like Carlson.

  7. Only a question: If Tucker is really that big of a threat to our Anti-White overlords why do they let him stay on the air?

  8. The ADL kinda screwed themselves with a overtly nativist, nationalist (which Zionism is), rambling about demography, in their article, that Tucker links to.

    But it’s red meat to redirect the energy, as always (even for the hardcore Anti-Semites). And as always, no one can see it. Gatekeepers are good at making people believe they’re gateways.

  9. “What do you think? Will this “redpill the normies” in massive numbers? Or will it just lead to more cheerleading for a Fox News figure who made a standard conservative argument. I genuinely don’t know. Maybe both.”

    It depends what you mean by “redpill.” “Redpill” to what? To understand this you need to see the dynamics at play.

    If you listen to him carefully, he talks about it in a very non-aggressive tone and presents the argument in an egalitarian way (although subliminally he’s saying to Greenblatt to back the fuck off. because he will go further. but very few will pick up on reading-between-the-lines here).

    If you’re hardcore anti-semite, then yes, it’s redirecting, because he’s implying that Jews can have their own homeland (and everyone has a right) and Tucker is implying that this is not something *all* Jews believe or work actively for (when hardline anti-semites believe it is).

    He doesn’t state, for example, that “This is a common thing Jews [collectively] do. They will argue how it’s bad for white people to talk about demography, etc, but here we see that Jews have different standards for Israel that the ADL puts out.” This is far more aggressive and accusatory in tone and sets in the underline belief that all or most Jews are in on this double standard. Thus people who are more hardline in their opposition to Jews, like Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn (above), are going to see this as red meat and attempt to redirect with superficial criticisms, even if it looks superficially as an opposition to people in your sphere.

    “We,” as Tucker states, is intentionally vague and NOT racially explicit for a reason (which gives him enough leeway to attempt to deflect accusations of racism). He in fact states “of all races,” “Blacks and whites” in minor tidbits in his monologue (these things are carefully crafted). “Culture” and “sovereignty” is again, vague, to both hit the notes between Conservatives and more Nationalist minded people to watch his show. Again, I cannot overestimate how much these monologues are crafted in specific ways and probably go through a multitude of iterations. Tucker problem has “scouts,” across “the right” at different clicks to get a read of the going-ons (which is why he found out about Huey Long to begin with and then mentioned his name once and started to talk about other things with Huey Long).

    If you’re a more centrist anti-semite, your only contempt/resentment/grievance is for *certain* Jews and their double standard, then this is considered more acceptable (from that position) what Tucker is saying. Because you believe that it’s fine for all groups to have Nations and discuss demographics and “preserving the ‘character/soul’ of the Nation. Tucker is implicitly stating there is no collective concerted effort and that certain Jews like Greenblatt, Tucker implies, are misguided (or in on it alone with his organization). It’s a softer, milder, criticism. This has turned Conservatives on who have envy of what Israel has and no one pillors them. Charlie Kirk echoes this and many more nativist Conservatives follows suit with the same light grievance of hypocrisy.

    I hope this makes more sense.

  10. I think this is significant. Tucker is the number one conservative media personality now and has more credibility than anyone else to the conservatives base. Many people here don’t appreciate how much boomer type conservatives have turned on most of their leaders and pundits since Trump. They don’t listen to anyone but Tucker now. He just violated the central taboos of the system, noticing Jewish anti-white hostility, Jewish ethnocentrism and Jewish double standards against whites. That is the first time a leading conservative has done this since the before WWII.

    Now, if you argue with a boomer that Jews are working to destroy us, you can cite Tucker and they will be forced to agree with you. Stop being whiners and go out and talk to your relatives and friends about what Tucker said.

  11. https://vdare.com/articles/did-the-adl-think-it-could-get-away-with-hypocrisy-on-great-replacement-in-us-vs-israel-answer-it-probably-didn-t-think-at-all

    This article from VDare is a more accurate take than the overly conspiratorial view pushed by many in our movement. This seething paranoia, where ever single event is seen as a carefully planned element of massive conspiracy is not truthful and makes our movement repellent to normal people. We have to learn to discuss events with more sophistication. De facto leaders should be the ones dialing back extreme paranoid rhetoric, not promoting it as too many are doing now.

    • Ditto.

      I’ve started reading OD again now that Trump is out of office and the COVID hysteria has lightened up somewhat. HW is one of my favorite dissident bloggers, but he deserves constructive criticism just as much as anyone else.

      Accusing others of conspiratorial thinking and mocking them while always questioning the motives of people with intersecting but not perfectly aligned views (ie CIV-Nat conservatives) and accusing them of being active gatekeepers (when they have broached the taboo of the JQ on television for the first time in half a century) …well thats conspiratorial thinking and it has the effect of keeping nationalist and genuine populist views in the margins. Sometimes I feel like it is the naysayers in the movement who do the most to “gatekeep” by maintaining a comfortable marginalized position.

      I’m certainly not accusing HW of being a shill who wants the “far right” to be marginalized. It’s a very difficult needle to thread. But at some point you have to trust your own eyes. Tucker Carlson effectively named the Jew on national TV. He called out the ADL. This should be celebrated, not criticized.

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