The Atlantic: Return the National Parks to the Tribes

The gift which keeps on giving has struck gold again.

Progressive activists are full of excellent ideas lately like “Abolish ICE,” “Defund the Police” and “trans women are women.” Some of their most recent hits include systematic racism and reparations for slavery and purging Donald Trump from the internet and neutering Mr. Potato Head and canceling the Washington Redskins and toppling statues of George Washington and dragging them in the dirt and policing the racial etiquette of cishet White males the New York Times newsroom.

It was only a matter of time before wokeness spilled over into environmental policy like it has crept into every other aspect of American life. The brilliant idea that these people have come up with this time is canceling the memory of John Muir, the Father of the National Parks, and dismantling the National Park System itself and returning the land to so-called “Native Americans.” You see it would be “white supremacy” to preserve the National Parks for the enjoyment of all Americans.

The Atlantic:

“I wanted to begin my journey at Theodore Roosevelt because no one embodies the tensions of the park system as it is currently constituted like the 26th president. Contained in the person of Roosevelt was a wild love for natural vistas and a propensity for violent imperialism; an overwhelming desire for freedom and a readiness to take it away from other people. Much of the park named after him exists on top of Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara (MHA) land. The MHA lost that land in 1851, with the signing of the first Treaty of Fort Laramie. Executive orders in 1870 and 1880 seized still more of the tribes’ homeland.

Roosevelt went to hunt bison in Dakota Territory in 1883. In 1884, when he was back home in New York, his wife gave birth to their daughter, Alice, but unbeknownst to her doctors, his wife had a kidney ailment, and died on Valentine’s Day that year. Teddy’s mother died the same day in the same house. After drawing a large X in his diary, Roosevelt wrote, “The light has gone out of my life.” He returned to the West and built a ranch outside Medora, intent on letting nature soothe him. He didn’t last long out there, and the West never became his permanent home, but it left a mark on him—and he, in turn, left his mark on it.

Roosevelt was familiar with Native Americans, having interacted with them when he was in Dakota Territory. “The most vicious cowboy has more moral principle than the average Indian,” he would say in an 1886 speech, during which he also famously declared: “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are the dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every 10 are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth.”

Roosevelt’s attitude toward Indians is manifest in his treatment of the Apache leader Geronimo. Born in 1829, Geronimo lived the first three decades of his life in the peace and security of his Apache homelands, in what is now New Mexico and Arizona. In the second half of the 19th century, he rose to international fame for fighting the American and Mexican governments in an attempt to preserve his tribe’s piece of the Southwest. …

The American West began with war but concluded with parks. …

The personal failings of people like Roosevelt are still codified in American policy. A lack of access to land—and the lack of power that such access would confer—undergirds the social ills that affect many Native peoples. But, at least in some places, American attitudes are changing. And in the parks, policies are changing too, albeit slowly, and in piecemeal fashion. …

All 85 million acres of national-park sites should be turned over to a consortium of federally recognized tribes in the United States. (A few areas run by the National Park Service, such as the National Mall, would be excepted.) The total acreage would not quite make up for the General Allotment Act, which robbed us of 90 million acres, but it would ensure that we have unfettered access to our tribal homelands. And it would restore dignity that was rightfully ours. To be entrusted with the stewardship of America’s most precious landscapes would be a deeply meaningful form of restitution. Alongside the feelings of awe that Americans experience while contemplating the god-rock of Yosemite and other places like it, we could take inspiration in having done right by one another.

Placing these lands under collective Native control would be good not just for Natives, but for the parks as well. In addition to our deep and abiding reverence for wild spaces, tribes have a long history of administering to widely dispersed holdings and dealing with layers of bureaucracy. Many reservations are checkerboarded: Large parcels of reservation land are scattered and separated from one another. And much of the land within reservation boundaries is owned by a number of different interests—private, nontribal citizens; corporations; states; the federal government—that tribal leadership balances and accommodates. Through hard practice—and in the face of centuries of legal, political, and physical struggle—Indian communities have become adept at the art of governance. And tribes have a hard-earned understanding of the ways in which land empowers the people it sustains.

Transferring the parks to the tribes would protect them from partisan back-and-forth in Washington. And the transfer should be subject to binding covenants guaranteeing a standard of conservation that is at least as stringent as what the park system enforces today, so that the parks’ ecological health would be preserved—and improved—long into the future. The federal government should continue to offer some financial support for park maintenance, in order to keep fees low for visitors, and the tribes would continue to allow universal access to the parks in perpetuity. Bikers and toddlers, Instagram models and Tony Hawk—all would be welcome. We would govern these beautiful places for ourselves, but also for all Americans. …

More than just America’s “best idea,” the parks are the best of America, the jewels of its landscape. It’s time they were returned to America’s original peoples.”

This is the author David Treuer.

He is a transracial member of the Ojibwe tribe.

America’s National Parks should be turned over to Native Americans like him and Elizabeth Warren. David Treuer’s father was an Austrian Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, but we are squatting on 90 million acres of stolen land which rightfully belongs America’s original people like him, not to our country.

It goes without saying that The Atlantic is run by the Jews these days and has become a fountain of Jewish chutzpah like this. This is setting an all-time record though.

Earlier this year, the paleocons were pining for a new Bull Moose and for conservatives to have a message on the environment. Defending the National Parks from these people is the perfect message for the “populist conservatism” and “new nationalism” that they are trying to launch.

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  1. Those hasn’t a prayer of ever happening. The explosion in the public mood would be epic. Maybe some small park. But places like Grand Canyon ,Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc are part of the national gestalt. I do worry about places like civil war battlefields. As more and more of the population is from other parts of the world, and have no relationship, or connection to places that had terrible things happen, will they really care about Antietam, Gettysburg, and hundreds other such places. What does Pickett’s Charge mean to a somali refugee, or Chinese individual? And since the Elites spend all their time dinigrating the to these people. One wonder if they’ll even care about such places

  2. This is a nothing but a real estate scheme by Elizabeth Warren.

    National parks are “racist” because Black people can’t go there because they are full of hipster racists in hiking boots and overpriced parkas who might lynch them like the old days of the Klan.

  3. The injuns were genocided and frankly there are not enough of them left to maintain the parks! This is sheer madness!

    Here in Oregon we have tons of Reservations for them. But you know what? I have only met two actual full blooded Indians in this state before!

    This obsession with navel gazing about the past and being obsessed with Race is starting to tee me off. Most Injuns were killed off two centuries ago! That is a long time & people need to get over it.

    I have voted for Pat Buchanan & Donald Trump but am starting to think ‘Ya know David Duke was right.’

    • There are still a lot of them in the South West. Full reservations in some areas. In New Mexico or Arizona it’s nothing to see a full blooded Indian.

      I’ve found them to be very low IQ people with attitudes. Just a few hundred years ago the entirety of Native Americans were Stone Age for tens of thousands of years. Small minded and ignorant for the most part.

    • “There are still a lot of them in the South West.”

      Not to worry, alcohol and meth are doing what Custer and Sherman could never accomplish.

  4. The “Native Americans” took their lands from others that were here before them by using violence so – fuck ’em.

    • Indeed. They were called Solutreans.(Europeans) They were here 10,000 years before the Indians crossed the Bering Straits.

  5. Remember what Ocasio-Cortez said: The USA is native Latino clay, not clay for euro-whites.

    Her idea is that, given that Latinos are in general part native, a mix of native-european and sometimes african … all Americas are theirs. Latinos have free rights in ‘murica because they are just mixed mutt native americans, unlike the unmixed white boi.

    Maybe they will seek to expand the US border to include as far south as Latinos want it to go.

    AOC’s implicit idea is that euro-peon heritage people are still invading interlopers after generations … like european Jews in Palestine etc. So they don’t like Latino USA they should go back to the ancestral euro-lands.

    ‘Castizo futurism’ is whites accepting they are on Latino turf. In fact, white-Latino marriages are skyrocketing. 4channers say ‘take the Latina pill’. 37% of Latinos vote right wing.

    Maybe the upcoming deal is this … the ‘anti-whiteness’ gets crushed … but USA goes Latin more than white.

    • There was no Meso-American presence in most of the US prior to European contact. In fact, the Comanche were so effective at keeping others out of Texas that the Mexican government offered land to US citizens who would settle in Texas so that they would deal with the Comanche.The US settlers would have to learn Spanish and convert to Roman Catholicism. The deal might have worked except the Mexican Constitution was being “reinterpreted” which caused the US settlers to revolt.

  6. In the 2010s, the anti-white shitlibs and jews were writing constantly about how only whites visit national parks, while non-whites don’t. So they were asking how to get non-whites to visit the parks, so they could chase down the whites with diversity. Obviously they failed to get non-whites interested in the parks, so now they have moved on to demanding whites be banned from the parks, by making them exclusively for the use of racial Indians.

    Can you imagine the mentality of these freaks? They spend all of their time searching for areas that are “too white”. When they find an area that is “too white”, they start writing article after article demanding that it be less white. Then they raise money from their billionaire friends to make it so. They don’t do this to any other racial group.

    • There is an organization that seeks to bring diversity to the Adirondack Park in NY State (not a National Park, but bigger than several NPs combined). While parts of the Adirondack Park are suffering from overuse and rangers are run ragged rescuing lost and injured hikers, the state environmental protection fund spends a quarter of a million dollars each year so this Diversity Initiative can run hate whitey seminars.

  7. ALWAYS a god damned kike or semi-kike formulating & leading the anti-White attacks. Some new poisonous jewshit tactic every day, doesn’t matter how stupid, impractical & unjust: all that matters is constant aggresion to keep befuddled Whites on the back foot, defending when they should be counterattacking.

    They must be destroyed.

  8. I wish I could find the article, but maybe ten years ago I read about a program that either the NPS or the BLM (Bureau of Land Management, not the other one) lavishly funded, where Plains Indians were paid to erect fences on their reservations to protect endangered black-footed ferrets, I think it was. It was thought the labor would be done by the Indians themselves, providing much needed work experience for unemployed Indian youth, who up to that point were apparently spending their days drinking Sterno. There was a solemn ceremony where, no doubt, the grave-faced elder chieftains were worshiped by genuflecting earnest white representatives, who might have even presented them with eagle feathers and wanpum. The whites were chagrined the next day to learn that the elders had pocketed the funds and hired Mexicans to put up the fences for next to nothing.

  9. When William Clark and Meriwether Lewis’ famous expedition reached the Great Plains in 1806, the crew couldn’t believe their eyes. There, ranging across the prairies in groups that moved up to 30 miles per hour, were gigantic herds of buffalo so large they waylaid the travelers for hours on end. “The moving multitude…darkened the whole plains,” theywrote.

    Seventy years later, buffalo—and the Native American tribes the explorers encountered—would be almost eliminated on the Great Plains thanks to another revered American, William Tecumseh Sherman.

    The general is best known for his for his bloody march across Georgia, stealing livestock and intimidating civilians in one of the most famous campaigns of the Civil War. But after the war, he didn’t retire. Instead, he took his scorched-earth tactics to another war—one against Native Americans. Sherman’s leadership led not just to the extermination and relocation of thousands of indigenous people, but the annihilation of nearly all of the United States’ wild buffalo…

    — Native Americans Have General Sherman to Thank for Their Exile to Reservations
    The Civil War hero brought his scorched-earth policy to the Plains—and wiped out Native Americans’ food supply.

    The American Indians helped the South during the South’s Second War for Independence in 1861-1865. Sherman and the Yankees were our common enemies. Sherman even wanted to exterminate Southerners as he would later attempt to do to the Indians.

    “The more Indians we can kill this year the fewer we will need to kill the next, because the more I see of the Indians the more convinced I become that they must either all be killed or be maintained as a species of pauper. Their attempts at civilization is ridiculous…”
    — Union General William Tecumseh Sherman

    Allatoona 7:30 p.m.

    Oct. 9th 1864

    Lt. Gen. Grant

    City Point

    It will be a physical impossibility to protect this road now that Hood, Forrest, Wheeler and the whole batch of Devils are turned loose without home or habitation. I think Hoods movements indicate a direction to the end of the Selma and Talladega road to Blue Mountain about sixty miles south west of Rome from which he will threaten Kingston, Bridgeport and Decatur and I propose we break up the road from Chattanooga and strike out with wagons for Milledgeville Millen and Savannah.

    UNTIL WE CAN REPOPULATE GEORGIA it is useless to occupy it, but utter destruction of its roads, houses, and PEOPLE will cripple their military resources. By attempting to hold the roads we will lose a thousand men monthly and will gain no result. I can make the march and make Georgia howl. We have over 8,000 cattle and 3,000,000 pounds of bread but no corn, but we can forage the interior of the state.

    W.T. Sherman

    M. Genl.

    Though the South had intentions of peace and not war with the North, what a blessed opportunity was missed. If the South had of won the war and had of become as aggressive as Sherman was towards the South and towards the American Indians we together could have deported/slaughtered the entire North as Sherman wanted to do to both of us and we could have then given the Indians their native lands in the North back for their support in the war. What a true blessing that would have been to destroy the Yankee Empire in its tracks before it rose to power to spew out all of this godless wickedness for the past 150 years on this Earth and it gets worse with each passing day.

    May God Save the South!

    • Keep daydreaming. It is regrettable what happened between the states and should have been avoided. But your bloody little dream is no better and is a child’s fantasy. The North was fighting with one hand behind its back. Sherman’s attitude toward fellow Whites is reprehensible, as is your little fantasy.

    • Banned for Life,

      In the extraordinarily long odds that “God” saves the South, you can bet your bottom Judah Benjamin Confederate piece of folding money that one of his jewish descendants will finance said resurrection of Dixie.

      • With Yankees running loose in the world who needs any Jews? I would prefer to have the top most vicious Indian tribes in US history along the South’s northern border than the uncivilized anti-South Yankees with Sherman, Sheridan, etc ready to destroy us in a cowardly manner of not being able to whip on the battlefield Southern armies with half the number of men and resources so that the low-down Yankees can finally muster enough courage to attack the South’s women and old people on their farms and in their homes and have lots of fun doing it.

        And did the Yankees have a deal worked out for the South, have you ever known of any Jews to do a more crooked deal than what the Yankees did with the South?

        How about making the South pay 85% of the taxes and then taking that tax money and spending 75% of it up in the North? Can the Jews beat that deal? The Yankees have the Jews beat for sure.

        Southerners seceded to govern themselves. They expected to live in peace, but Lincoln could not allow that and the reason was 100% economic.

        If it wasn’t, Northerners like The Chicago Times would not have said things like:

        In one single blow our foreign commerce must be reduced to less than one-half what it now is. Our coastwise trade would pass into other hands. One-half of our shipping would lie idle at our wharves. We should lose our trade with the South, with all its immense profits. Our manufactories would be in utter ruins. Let the South adopt the free-trade system, or that of a tariff for revenue, and these results would likely follow. If protection be wholly withdrawn from our labor, it could not compete, with all the prejudices against it, with the labor of Europe. We should be driven from the market, and millions of our people would be compelled to go out of employment

        The Northern economy was largely based on manufacturing for the South and shipping Southern cotton…

        Without the South, the North was dead economically.

        Without the North, the South, with 100% control of King Cotton, would ascend to dominance in North America, and Lincoln knew it.

        Southerners were already paying 85% of the taxes yet 75% of the tax money was being spent in the North. Secession meant turning all that money inward, back on the South.

        Southerners wanted desperately to manufacture for themselves to get out from under the North’s inferior goods that were greatly overpriced because of tariffs. In the meantime Southerners could buy from Europe at much lower prices than they had been paying.

        The Morrill Tariff, passed by greedy, economically ignorant Northerners in the U.S. Congress after the Cotton States seceded, raised the rate for entry into the North to as high as 60%, as compared to the South’s low 10% tariff for the operation of a small federal government in a States Rights nation. This threatened to shift the entire Northern shipping industry into the South overnight as Northern ship captains beat a path to the South where free trade reigned and protective tariffs were unconstitutional.

        The loss to the North of their captive Southern manufacturing market, together with the damage to their shipping industry by the Morrill Tariff, was a one-two punch they would not be able to recover from. That’s before even considering the loss of the 85% of tax revenue the South had been paying…

        With everything Southerners had to gain economically by independence, it is absurd to say they seceded to protect slavery.
        — Kizer, Jr.,Gene, “Robert E. Lee and Me”, Abbeville Institute, 04/06/2021

        Jews making you look bad? Who could beat the Yankees at doing that? Those lovable hypocrites who condemned the South over slavery yet they allowed slavery for those who remained in the Union (and would even guarantee slavery be allowed for ever if the states that seceded would just come back) during the war, even allowed a slave state (WV) to enter the Union during the war, collected money to give to radical abolitionists to attack and kill Southerners (John Brown) over slavery, demanded that new territories to be slave-free when their real motive was they wanted the territories to be Black-free. Are the Jews worse than the Yankees? I can’t see any comparison, the Yankees have the Jews beat. And a good number of Jews actually fought FOR the South against the Yankees.

        “It was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a war waged against states fighting for their independence into a war waged against states fighting for the maintenance and extension of slavery…and the world, it might be hoped, would see it as a moral war, not a political; and the sympathy of nations would begin to run for the North, not for the South.”
        — President Woodrow Wilson, “A History of The American People”, page 231

        Of the seven Cotton States that first seceded and formed the Confederacy, only four issued declarations of causes for their secession. In fact, those four declarations of causes were the only four issued by any of the 13 states represented in the Confederate Government…

        The four declarations of causes do mention slavery along with numerous other grievances including economic, constitutional, and the hatred used by the North to rally its votes in the election of 1860.

        That hatred was the primary reason for Southern secession. Northerners had supported murder and terrorism against the South. They had financed John Brown and sent him into the South to murder Southerners. He had hacked pro-South settlers to death in front of their families in Kansas.

        Lincoln’s party also used Hinton Helper’s The Impending Crisis as a campaign document. They had hundreds of thousands of them printed and distributed coast to coast. It called for slave insurrection and the throats of Southerners to be cut in the night.

        Would you allow people who hated your guts and were already at war with you to rule over you? What kind of stupid, cowardly people would do that? Certainly not Southerners.

        — Kizer article referred to above

        Isn’t the old South fortunate that they never tried to secede from the Jews. It would have been a holocaust I’m quite sure…NOT!

        • This is fiction — not too many Yankees were shot, killed and robbed by Southern women while the thieves were looting their homes.

          • Union General William T. Sherman, who was responsible for a great deal of the pillage, wrote of the women he encountered. He witnessed a land left to women and children who had been “bred in luxury, beautiful and accomplished, begging in one breath for the soldier’s ration and in another praying that the Almighty… [would] come and kill us, the despoilers of their homes and all that is sacred.”

            Oh, you poor soul! Those Southern women actually hurt the big bad general’s feelings — what a wimp — you filthy scum.


            The Southern women whose homes were being burned, looted and family members killed may not have been able to successfully fight off Sherman and his ruthless band of cowards but there were some exceptions and the women of the South deserve all the credit that can be given to them for resisting this subhuman Yankee trash as if slavery gave them some right to destroy Southern homes/farms/etc as BLM/Antifa/etc justifies the burning, looting vandalizing buildings/etc today.

            Women of the South, who took an active part in the Civil War as nurses, soldiers, spies, and teachers, did so out of choice, but other women of prominence were forced to fight back. As the war stretched out in time, it also stretched its destructive hand across the boundary of the woman’s sphere. Violence found a new battlefield when it reached out to the women who tried to protect their homes, families, and their lives. Union troops invaded the South and were met by hostile women. Union General William T. Sherman, who was responsible for a great deal of the pillage, wrote of the women he encountered. He witnessed a land left to women and children who had been “bred in luxury, beautiful and accomplished, begging in one breath for the soldier’s ration and in another praying that the Almighty… [would] come and kill us, the despoilers of their homes and all that is sacred.” Many diary entries recorded the decimation inflicted by Sherman’s wrath. He and other Union men were responsible for the burning, looting, and depredation that drove many Southern white women from their homes; their safe sphere. Accounts were written of plantations burned and of food and valuables stolen or ruined. Sarah Morgan disclosed an instance of Yankees who shelled her home. Everything was gone and the Morgans were left with nothing. She called it “deviltry” on the part of the Yankees who tended to treat the ruination of their homes and goods as “sport” as they wasted the land. Confederate ladies were not usually granted the “armor of gender.” Although upper-class women were rarely raped, seldom beaten or harmed, their children were not as fortunate. Union guerrillas terrorized Mary Hall and her family on their plantation. After setting fire to the room where her three younger children slept, Union soldiers shot and killed her eighteen year-old son in his bed. Another plantation mistress in Virginia was forced to shelter Union officers in her home only to have them burn it in the morning as they left. She managed to save her small children, but all else was lost. Plantations were not the only buildings burned. Sherman not only torched a cotton factory in Rosswell, Georgia, but he also took the four hundred women who worked there as prisoners of war and sent them to the North. Sherman’s “march to the sea” plagued the South and its women. The Confederate Congress formally complained about the acts of “cruelty and pain” that Union troops inflicted upon women and children. They characterized the ransacking, burning, theft and degradation as acts of “dishonor worse than death.”
            — Matherne, Erin “Crossing the Threshold: The Roles of Elite Southern White Women in the American Civil War”

            Judges 4
            16 But Barak pursued after the chariots, and after the host, unto Harosheth of the Gentiles: and all the host of Sisera fell upon the edge of the sword; and there was not a man left.

            17 Howbeit Sisera fled away on his feet to the tent of Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite: for there was peace between Jabin the king of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite.

            18 And Jael went out to meet Sisera, and said unto him, Turn in, my lord, turn in to me; fear not. And when he had turned in unto her into the tent, she covered him with a mantle.

            19 And he said unto her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water to drink; for I am thirsty. And she opened a bottle of milk, and gave him drink, and covered him.

            20 Again he said unto her, Stand in the door of the tent, and it shall be, when any man doth come and enquire of thee, and say, Is there any man here? that thou shalt say, No.

            21 Then Jael Heber’s wife took a nail of the tent, and took an hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him, and smote the nail into his temples, and fastened it into the ground: for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.

            22 And, behold, as Barak pursued Sisera, Jael came out to meet him, and said unto him, Come, and I will shew thee the man whom thou seekest. And when he came into her tent, behold, Sisera lay dead, and the nail was in his temples.

            23 So God subdued on that day Jabin the king of Canaan before the children of Israel…

  10. What the heck is wrong with these people? White Guilt has evolved into pure White Genocide. The Parks are owned by the Government and Public 100%. For everybody! One of the greatest things about this Country is our Parks…a true blessing for everyone. Deo Vindice !

  11. What an absolutely stupid idea. As someone who believes in preservation and conservation of the natural beauty and historical significance of the US National Parks, it is reprehensible to hand over these gorgeous vistas to the
    alcoholic.and huffing scrailings. In no time at all, the landscapes would be an eye sore of empty Evan Williams bottles, punctured cans of spray paint, discarded denim, and kiosks of ugly silver and turquoise jewelery.

    Oh yeah, the North American Aborigines had no concept of property rights, as they were nomadic hunter-gatherers.

  12. I wonder how this transracial homo feels about giving Palestine back to the Palestinians?! The atlantic is run by literal feds and glow in the darks it has the most anti-white anti American clickbait articles right next to Zoghington Post and CNN

  13. The arrogance of those jews to sit in judgement of John Muir, a man who lived in a different era and is no longer around to defend himself. Interesting how the jews are wholly incapable of judging themselves, though.

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