Tucker Carlson Reacts To The Politicization of the Derek Chauvin Trial

Derek Chauvin never had a chance of being found not guilty.

In Joe Biden’s America, it is White people who are under attack and cops who are lynched by the media. “Trans women” are women in one big Saturnalia. The media in this country are drunk on social justice ideology and have a pathological hatred of White male police officers and have put a collective target on their backs. They would have set the country on fire had the verdict been otherwise.

The lynch mobs which were incited to violence by “journalists” last summer caused at least a billion dollars worth of property damage. There were at least 25 people who were killed in the George Floyd riots. Their deaths were a small price to pay for the “racial justice” movement though.

Note: The night is young. They might still do it anyway. Any excuse will do.

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      • @Erik…

        “The Greatest White Man to ever live Adolph Hitler!”

        If that were true, we would not be in this situation.

        • @Ivan,

          Tell me of anyone else that came from such humble beginnings and achieved as much as St. Adolf did?

          The worst mistakes that the White race ever committed was not throwing off the millstone of the jews and their corrosive and subversive presence, and not joining Hitler’s sacred cause,

          Me thinks your kippah is getting too tight.

          • @John Bonaccorsi…

            Thank you, Dear John, for being a faithful friend!

            Nothing finer in the Human Realm than that.
            My regards to mama!

          • @November…

            I agree with the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis, who shocked the Jewish World in the 1950s and 60s, in their assertion that God raised up Adolf Hitler to smite Jewry for their ungodliness.

            Even today, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis still assert this.

            I believe that God blesst the endeavours of Adolf Hitler until somewhere about the time of Barbarossa.

            Hitler was truly a great, courageous, talented, charismatic, and nationalist moral man, though, his utter lack of empathy, even for his own people (as evincet by what occurred in the last two years after Kursk) puts a black mark on him from which not only will his reputation never recover, The Western White World is still struggling under a hex.

            In the end, White Nationalism must succeed, though it will only do so if it embodies god’s will for it, and, to do that, it must decline systematick barbarity.

            That said, your argument is not with me, but, with your fellow 100% blooded White Gentiles whose opinion of Hitler is not nearly so even-handed as mine.

            Until then I believe your stalhelm is tripping up your goose step.

        • @Turdganev – you kikes can shit on Adolf the Great the other 364 days a year but we Whites will take one this day to celebrate his Birthday.

          • Our fellow-commenter Ivan contends admirably with the force of his dual ethnicity, cd. He deserves to be addressed respectfully.

        • @Ivan Turgenev For one moment in time, people were out from under the “banking system”. Germany had the fastest growing economy under Hitler. People had a common goal in their nation and their own kind.
          I doubt whites will ever be able to rise like that again.

          • @Pilot…

            Yes, I agree that German’s Hitler was on the right track in the early years. As Winston Churchill said, ‘If Hitler had died in 1938, he would have been remembered as Adolf The Great’.

            AS to your notion that White Gentiles are out for the count, I completely disagree.

            Although it is inarguable that White Gentile stock is down, White Gentiles are a force on this earth so profound that only god Himself could prevent a rearisal.

            Try not to be so pessimistic.

            Yes, this is The Golden Age of The Jews, but, that, too, shall pass, just as has ever empire before it, just as will every empire that comes after it.

        • “Happy Birthday St. Adolf.”

          In this world, saints get crucified.
          It’s the cunning ruthless that prevail, Genghis Khan.

      • “The Greatest White Man to ever live Adolph Hitler!”

        Too virtuous, too tolerant. A man for a superior world, not this one.

        He should have borrowed a few traits from Stalin

      • The greatest was and is Jesus Christ not Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler is burning in hell as we speak.

        • @Orthodox…

          Chryst is God, not a man.

          But, yes, I take your point – Hitler is in hell, along with the likes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hussein, Harris, and a whole host of vigilantes, terrorists, and executioners, from Begin, ????? and ?????, to Dirlewanger, Eichman, & Mengele, to Brown, Manson, McVeigh, and Paddock.

          All of these men may have have good motivations, but, the demonick methodology they chose condemns them each to eternal damnation.

          • You show your colors well. Of course you don’t name the ones who sent the Soviet troops in, to rape, pillage, and plunder Germany.

            Your god denied Moses from seeing the Promised Land, because he struck the rock twice for water. It’s like punishing someone for being smart.

            Whites were much better as pagans.

          • Oh Ivan,

            You need to flog a chicken for atonement for that comment.

            As you know, but didn’t include are the names of some of the biggest mass murderers in recorded history that were Sephardic and Ashkenazi jews. Some jews will willingly admit as much.

        • Orthodox Scumlord,

          It was Jesus that supposedly descended into hell, after he died on the cross.

          Hitler is in Valhalla with the other heroes of the White Gentile race. Don’t worry. You’ll never see him where you’re going.

        • @Pilot…

          “You show your colors well. Of course you don’t name the ones who sent the Soviet troops in, to rape, pillage, and plunder Germany.”

          Actually, I did name them, but, having written those Judeo-Bolshevik demons in their native Russian letters, this site interpreted them as question marks.

          That said, if Hitler had not squandered German manhood in Russia, they would have been there to defend the Vaterland.

          Another disaster of Hitler’s to permanently lose the German lands of Schlesien, Der Sudetenland, and, most precious of all, OstPreuBen.

          3 million dead and 12 million East Prussian Germans permanently misplacet in 44-45, and every one of them a victim of Hitler’s aggressive and misanthropick policies in The East.

          That was the great genocide of the 20th century, and it was achieved in large part thanks to the very one who swore he came to protect them…

          • Ivan,

            I would say the great genocide of the 20th/21st century is abortion and it continues as I write. The USA has had 55-62 million legal abortions since 1973.
            Russia has a higher abortion rate than the USA according to one article I read.

            As of december 2020 Mexico has had 231,901 legal abortions.

            By the way neither you, the Slumlord, or myself were given the Keys to the Kingdom where they can on their own authority determine heaven and hell for a baptized person.

            As for abortion in Latin America—-You might find this of interest. I did.

            completely prohibited: El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras
            allowed only to save the mother’s life: Guatemala, Paraguay, Venezuela,
            allowed only to save the mother’s life and in case of rape: Brazil
            allowed only to save the mother’s life or health: Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador (and rape of disabled women)
            allowed only to save the mother’s life and in case of rape or fetal malformation: Chile (since 2017), Panama
            allowed only to save the mother’s life or health, and in case of rape: Bolivia
            allowed only to save the mother’s life or health, and in case of rape, or fetal malformation: Colombia
            allowed on request: Argentina, Cuba, Guyana, Uruguay, and some states of Mexico (Mexico City and Oaxaca)[

            The above was derived from “Reproductive rights in Latin America” Wikipedia.

            I am not trying to distract from WW2 but I have already gone down this road with you on that issue plus I am trying to remain mostly inactive on this site.

          • @Cristina…

            I respectfully disagree that we cannot assert that mass murderers, of any race, era, idealogy, or class, who do not repent are in hell, for it is not our assertion, but, that of our Lord and our Catholick churches, both East and West.

            As to your correction of what the greatest genocide has been, I humbly bow to your assertion about the genocide that is the totality of slain of fetuses.

            The carnage is truly horrifick.

            I humbly bow to your demonstration of my glaring omission, and thank you for it.

            Always great to hear from you, Young Lady. Please extend my greeting to your family, and friends and schoolmates with whom you have shared some of this vlog.

          • Ivan,

            I accept your compliments in the spirit in which they were offered.

            And of course any person knowingly committing any grave sin and not repenting by the moment of their death would be lost. That Law probably includes most humans in history great or small.

            I thank you for your comment on my family/friends and I hope your wife, daughters, and yourself are in good health.

          • @Cristina Romana Alva. H. In my opinion, the biggest genocide were

            Russian deaths WW2–over 20 million died.

            Runner ups:
            The Forced Ukrainian Famine of 1932–some sources say up to 10 million died.

            German deaths in WW2 –over 4 million

            Khmer Rouge–about 2 million people

          • @Ivan Turgenev For what Hitler attempted, I find it exemplary, and acknowledge his attempt to free Europeans from the tyranny of the banking systems. It seems everyone, at some time, finds themselves under the control of the tribe.
            The other side said that Hitler had brainwashed and mesmerized people, which is pretty funny, because any leader that attempted to free his people from that aberration, would receive the following of a savior. BTW, I am 100% Aryan, your “gentile” label is condescending.

          • @Pilot…

            Thank you for your thoughtful and polite comments.

            I agree with your thoughts about other genocides.

            While I still think the biggest non-abortion related genocide is East Prussia, Cambodia, under Pol Pot does come close, by ratio.

            Yes, the Judeo-Bolshevik caused famines, not to mention the repressions must weigh large in any consideration of heinous events in the 20th century.

            The establishment Russian figure for all that, between the years 1920-1953 (Leninst-Stalinist years) is 30,000,000 dead, not to mention all the lives that were derailed, injured, and destroyed in every other sense than the total physical.

            Your figures are very different than what I have seen, for the standard figures of Germans loss in WWII is 20,000,000 dead, 12,000,000 in the last year, alone.

            As to me ‘condescending to you, it could not have been for I do not feel in the position to ‘condescend to anyone’. I am just a normal guy, the worth of which God alone shall decide.

            I agree with you that Hitler’s brave attempt to reassert German sovereignty against the Anglo-Jewish World order was exemplary.

            I think it entirely right and just.

            Much of misanthropick methodology, he used, particularly after September 1 1939 is the problem- a very very big problem that totally stained the just German cause.

            In any case, I wish you a very good day.

          • @Cristina…

            Alright, My Dear Young Lady – thank you for your kind words and, as well, for your having informed me as to the legal disposition of Latin Nations, vis-a-vis, infanticide.

            A great feather in the cap of Roman Catholicism is what you have mentioned, because without it, murder of the innocents would have been rife in those countries, much as it has been here since Roe vs. Wade.

            The good news, however, is that Roe vs. Wade is on very weak legs, not just judicially, nor because the nation is about to split, but, because the populace, as a whole, has turned against homicides & genocides waged under the deceptively inconspicuous title, ‘reproductive rights’.

            Bye for now!

  1. Whites are treated worse under the current anti_White system than blacks were ever treated under “Jim Crow”

  2. The system is set up to be anti White. Certainly our media, Hollywood, many politicians and our mis education system are all anti White. Many corporations are as well.

    How do people like a Samantha Bee, a Samuel Jackson, various talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and one wretched fake news actor after the next become super rich and famous? Just be a pretend communist denouncing White people and police all day long while constantly kissing the asses of black people to the point zero negative things are said about blacks.

    We are at a point it has to blow up. Blacks are the proverbial bully in the room with zombie like young Whites backing them up. These are wicked people always searching for a riot.

    The fact Chauvin was found guilty will not quench the thirst of domestic terrorists. Only being thrown in jail or killed during rioting will quench their thirst.

    The Democrats are so far gone, so in the butt holes of black people, that even a censure of evil, racist, communist old bag Maxine Waters is blocked by them. Republicans are tools but compared to Democrats, yes they are better.

    It turns out our Republican big cat, beta male is a chick named Marjorie Taylor Greene. I love the fact she is calling for the tossing of Waters. Just like she did against Biden. I loved her statements on her masks. No wonder she has gotten millions in donations in a very short time, which for a freshman Congress person is unheard of. Yeah, because she has courage, does not do the black thang and says what many are thinking.

    The country cannot go in with a lucifer media wanting riots, only promoting fake black victimhood while ignoring the everyday hood rats. Somehow they have to be sued consistently. I really don’t understand how they are allowed to simply push propaganda to have White people hated.

    There is nothing more frustrating than seeing another affirmative action hire telling me their serpent “news” of how blacks are great or victims 24/7. It’s all a monster lie.

    And for the trillionth time, how could any White person ever want to be a police officer in a diverse place? You have to literally be insane. If any area goes over 5% black it’s time to retire, quit or apply for another police job in another area. I cracked up seeing the entire emergency response team in Albuquerque simply quit. Good bye bitches. Call Spike Lee security team to help ya out when Rufus or Hector commits a crime.

    • Nothing will happen to Maxine Waters. They just verbally disapproved, but they are afraid to do anything more.
      Republicans are not better. They haven’t stopped the riots, the looting, or the crime. They promote open borders, amnesty, bringing more nonwhites in, giving nonwhites more and more money and special rights. Both parties work for the same corporation.

    • “And for the trillionth time, how could any White person ever want to be a police officer in a diverse place? You have to literally be insane”

      This is another step in the systematic destruction of America.

      Media driven.

      • Whites won’t be able to work as police, with the option that happened to Chauvin. They will recruit more blacks as policemen. It will be like Planet of the Apes.

  3. A bit of levity in these times:

    I just checked the Vox Day site. A complete moron that is from Minneapolis. He predicted a not guilty verdict. Backtracked. The guy has been in Europe for years and his views are nonsense,

  4. The Chinks will restore law and order to our formerly majority white countries. They know how to deal with Brackie.

  5. The cyst-STEM is anti-white because most “whites” are self-annihilators. And even the high IQ “whites” reject any sort of racial Supremacy. This leaves, largely, normie cucks who barely persist by a listless continuum of denial and indifference.

  6. small quibble with Tuckers comment that POTUS has never commented on the guilt of a defendant in a high profile case before the verdict: Nixon declared Manson guilty before the end of the trial, then had to backtrack.

    • In court Manson held up a copy of the LA Times with the headline NIXON DECLARES MANSON GUILTY for all the jurors to see. The judge should have declared a mistrial right there and then. But Manson knew he was being railroaded.

      • Didn’t Blompf declare James Fields guilty of first degree murder, prior to Fields’ case beginning?

  7. “In Joe Biden’s America, it is White people who are under attack and cops who are lynched by the media.”

    In Trump’s America too, this entire farce started on his watch. It just goes to show the office of president has very little influence on cultural trends.

    • He called himself, “the Law and Order President”, too. Just words. Just like “build the wall” was, too. Immigration was higher under Trump than even Obama. All of the Hondurans got in. Plus more Mexicans and Central Americans. We just can’t let enough in.

      • @Pilot,

        I knew that we had been conned at the Presidential Inauguration Luncheon where Trump heaped praise on Hellary Rotten Clinton, after an entire campaign of “Lock her up” jingoism.

  8. The citizenry is too degenerate for any change to come from the democratic process. I doubt this will end well. The US has gone derelict in a darwinian struggle for survival and will eventually be conquered. The good people are still too in love with liberal French ideas from the 18th century to do what is necessary. They think the current marxists owning the media have a right to private property to seize it from them and weed out marxism from our society. Nope, it’s an ever quickening fade to irrelevancy until no one competent is left to maintain our weaponry. Once the initiators in our nukes go bad and white boys no longer fly F15s expect the Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Mexicans, etc to send their army in and take over and make us second class citizens. They won’t save us, they will loathe us for allowing the leading nation on the planet to fall to such depths. And for being stupid enough not to see blacks for what the obviously are to the naked eye: the most primitive extant form of hominid with Homo Erectus features visible in the faces of many pure breed Africans.

  9. “expect the Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Mexicans, etc to send their army in and take over ”

    Theyll just buy-out the country with massive immigrant invasion, retain a handfull of WHITE technocrats to train their Chinese replacements.

    It’s happening !

    • You don’t have to bring everyone along, just enough quality and powerful ones. The rest will go along with whatever is the big deal, as usual.

  10. “The citizenry is too degenerate for any change to come from the democratic process.”

    That’s the one big flaw in Hunter”s advocating populism, the populace is too stupid.

    • Nah.

      If you are immersed in this culture, you are surrounded by radicals. Most people are not and never will be radicals. If a society was always full of radicals, it couldn’t function. The truth is that the number of radicals in a population slowly grows and only surges in momemts of severe crisis

  11. Has any Christian “leader” had the guts to step forward and say that Chauvin was thrown to the wolves, that Fentanyl Floyd is no saint and got what he deserved for earning the wages of sin? If I was a Believer I think I would be another Increase Mather!

  12. “All of these men may have have good motivations, but, the demonick methodology they chose condemns them each to eternal damnation.”

    Thomas Jefferson is also in hell (didn’t buy the jewish Jesus Son of God story). George Washington & Ben Franklin are in hell with him. Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, many other great & good Americans – just a-burnin’ in hell. For all eternity.

    Cosmic “justice”, aa imagined by kikes.

    As Twain said:

    “Choose heaven for the climate, and hell for the company.”

  13. He doesn’t deserve such a harsh sentence and Floyd was far from being a respectable individual, but you simpletons forget Chauvin acted unprofessionally and he deserves a lesser sentence for what he did. Too many cops abuse their power and use lethal means first and unnecessarily. Weren’t you kooks criticizing them after the Capitol attack? lol

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