Woke Joe Reacts To George Floyd Verdict

Joe Biden doesn’t wade into the culture wars.

He only personally intervenes in criminal trials after arriving at the right verdict himself, endorses his guru Ibram X. Kendi’s anti-White conspiracy theory of systematic racism and uses his authority as president to push “racial equity” at every level of public policy. Good old Woke Joe also labeled Georgia a “Jim Eagle” state and said we were all “complicit” in the Atlanta shooting.

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  1. There was no justice, it was a public lunching in effigy. These clown speak of justice only when it comes to the protected races. Where’s the justice for Ashley Babbitt?

    • That black scumbag AG from Minnesota seriously overcharged Chavin for what was an accidental death. This was manslaughter at most, and most regimes around the world would give their cops a pass even in such a situation because they know they need their backs to go out and work. No serious nation would allow their media to be taken over by cretins to side with the most degenerate anti social forces in society. No way would any normal nation allow the media to condemn the police.

  2. There is footage of Biden taking orders from Crump. Some new law that will be passed.

    This verdict was what is what was. I think the cop was a burn out constantly being surrounded by black dysfunction and crime and took matters into his own hands. You can’t expect a person to constantly be around that and have a clear head. Same as our military people that are burned out and killing themselves.

    No question that this will embolden the revolution and those that fund this will increase funds. Blood is in the water. They can sense it and things will most likely double down.

    White cops will begin to retire and find other work. Police forces will get more colored. At some point this nation will divide. This is unstable and toxic.

    As Biden is hell bent on bringing in more immigrants with no idea of our culture and standards, taught that White America is their enemy, this will increase.

  3. So “nice” to see a white-guilt-ridden Commie put the icing (is it white?) on this get-whitey cake for the jubilant anti-White pro-black Left that they have been baking for about a year now . I know that Biden must be relieved that the radical Left didn’t make him look bad by burning down the country tonight (if Biden truly knows what’s going on). But don’t worry this get-whitey campaign isn’t over yet.

  4. At the end of his speech I noticed Scumbag Joe asked God to bless St. Floyd but not the USA, which is something that until now presidents always did.

    I don’t think retreating up into the Appalachians or the backwoods of the Ozarks is going to work. These assholes are more ideologically driven and ruthless than the Khmer Rouge.

  5. Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

    On Saturday, January 6, 2007, Christian and Newsom planned to go out for dinner together and then attend a friend’s party. That afternoon, Christian went to a friend’s apartment to get ready. At around 8:00 pm, Christian’s friend went to the party and Christian stayed behind and waited for Newsom to pick her up. Newsom arrived and he and Christian went to the apartment complex parking lot.

    The assailants [four black males and 1 black female:Eric Boyd, Letalvis Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas,Vanessa Lynn Coleman] observed Christian and Newsom standing close to Christian’s vehicle in an embrace. They then decided to attack the couple. Both were forced into the backseat of Christian’s SUV at gunpoint, had their hands tied behind their backs, and were taken to Davidson’s house at 2316 Chipman Street.

    Both Christian and Newsom were raped. Newsom is believed to have been raped inside Davidson’s house. According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner, Newsom was sodomized with an object and raped by a minimum of one of the perpetrators. He was then taken to a set of railroad tracks where he forced to walk barefoot to the location where he was murdered. Prosecutors believe a mangled dog leash found on a hillside leading up to the railroad tracks was used to force Newsom to walk to his death. When Newsom was murdered, his hands were bound behind his back and his feet were bound together. He was blindfolded with a bandana and gagged with a sock. He wore only a shirt, t-shirt, and underwear. Newsom was shot in his neck and the back. Newsom was still very much alive, and after a while, they shot him in the back of his head. The fatal shot was fired with the muzzle of the gun against his head above his right ear and severed his brain stem. After killing Newsom, the assailants set his body on fire.

    Christian was held prisoner inside Davidson’s house, mostly in the north bedroom. Prosecutors believe that Coleman held Christian captive while the male offenders were murdering Newsom. After murdering Newsom, the assailants returned to Davidson’s house where they beat and repeatedly raped Christian. The medical examiner testified that Christian died after hours of sexual torture, sustaining severe head injuries and suffering severe injuries to her vagina, anus, and mouth due to sexual assaults. Her injuries were consistent with being raped with an object. According to the medical examiner, the sexual attack Christian endured was “extreme” and “much more than a simple sexual assault.” Prosecutors believe that Christian was tied to a chair and orally raped by Davidson and Cobbins. Christian was also anally and vaginally raped. She was also beaten and kicked in her vagina and beaten on the head. Christian suffered extensive hemorrhaging to her head and vaginal area. Additionally, Christian suffered bruises and carpet burns on much of her body. According to Davidson’s confession, during Christian’s captivity, she said she “didn’t want to die.”

    Before killing her, in an effort to remove DNA evidence, Christian’s attackers poured bleach down her throat and scrubbed her body, including her bleeding and battered genital area with it. Christian was bound in a hog-tied fashion with curtains and strips of bedding. Her face was tightly covered with a small trash bag and her body was stashed in five large trash bags. Christian, who was naked except for her camisole and sweater, was tied in a fetal position and placed inside a residential waste disposal unit, and covered with sheets. The medical examiner testified at trial that there was evidence that Christian slowly suffocated to death. Christian died between the afternoon of January 7 and the afternoon of January 8. As Christian was suffocating to death, Davidson left to spend time with his girlfriend and gave her Christian’s personal items. Davidson also used Newsom’s cellphone and was seen wearing Newsom’s shoes.
    — Wikipedia: “Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom”

    So this druggie criminal passing counterfeit money, George Floyd, has a police procedure used to keep him subdued while arresting him and somehow he can’t breath and dies in just mere minutes(?) and this poor while girl is raped, beaten, tortured for hours, has bleach poured down her throat, her face covered with a small trash bag and her body stashed in five large trash bags and the medical examiner testified that there was evidence that she slowly suffocated to death and the anti-White media does such a good job of NOT making a big story of her death because she is white and her attackers are black and it doesn’t their propaganda/narritive the only people die because they can’t breath are drug abusing black men at the hands of white law enforcement officers.

    This country does have a big RACE problem and that problem is anti-White Marxists/Communists/Anarchists/MSM/Big Tech/Big Media/Big Business/etc are RACIST ANTI-WHITE BIGOTS who despise white people to such a degree that they will use any trick they have make them look bad and threaten to burn this country down if they can’t crucify them in a big circus show trial and make them pay a penalty far greater than those 5 black animals did who deliberately and visiously did to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

    May God avenge Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom against all you white haters to the same level you are trying to place all the injustices done by whites against blacks on Dereck Chavin’s head. He didn’t pour bleach down Floyd’s throat or cover his face with a trash bag or stash his body in five trash bags and let him slowly sufficate as your 5 black animal heroes did.

    WAKE UP, YOU WHITE HATING RACIST BIGOTS! Let’s see you finally go after these blacks who murder/rape white people for once! We have backlogs of years of your neglect!

  6. It was beyond inappropriate for a sitting United States President to intervene himself in a case which had no relation to him. That jury was very likely pressured into making the conviction and also the trial happened in Minneapolis when it should have been moved. There was a kangaroo court along with the personal information of the jurors leaked. This happens in third world nations.

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