Center for American Progress: A Blueprint for Ending “White Supremacist Violence”

I would also like to end “white supremacist violence.”

Center for American Progress:

“White supremacist violence is not new, but in recent years, it has become a primary national security threat in the United States. Notions of racial superiority, hostility toward immigrants and minorities, and the myth of an embattled white majority defending its power have increasingly infiltrated mainstream American political and cultural discourse. In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published its annual threat assessment, identifying racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists, particularly white supremacist extremists, as “the most persistent and lethal threat in the Homeland.”

To address this issue, the Center for American Progress and the McCain Institute for International Leadership have developed a policy blueprint that outlines a comprehensive national strategy for tackling the complexity of white supremacist violence. Perpetrators of this violence employ a wide range of tactics; in turn, public officials must deploy a wide variety of policies to curb the violence and address its root causes. …”

Unlike these people, I am optimistic that “white supremacist violence” is already declining. There haven’t been any new accelerationist mass shootings in well over a year now. There are no new groups like Atomwaffen popping up and everyone knows The Base was a fed honeypot. White Nationalists avoided the George Floyd riots and in spite of the lies from corporate media virtually no one showed up at the Capitol Siege. It was normies who stormed the Capitol, not White Nationalists.

Why would anyone be stupid enough to go out and do another mass shooting anyway? As I understand it, the goal of the accelerationist mass shooters was to increase racial polarization, but is that really necessary when the entire political establishment has embraced Ibram X. Kendi’s doctrines? Isn’t Joe Biden and the corporate media already doing a better job at fomenting racial polarization? Could White Nationalists have possibly created anything more racially polarizing than systematic racism theory?

Violent accelerationism has been discredited by recent events:

  1. It was based on the belief that White people are complacent which was true in the 1980s, but is no longer true in the 2020s. White people are extremely anxious now and more receptive to our message. The public mood has radically changed since the George Floyd riots.
  2. Joe Biden and Ibram X. Kendi and CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times and The Washington Post are demonizing White people and stoking racial conflict. They’re already creating racial polarization. Unlike accelerationist mass shootings, the racial polarization that Ibram X. Kendi is creating is making White people more sympathetic to the pro-White cause.
  3. Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL are trying to cancel FOX News now. By embracing censorship and making such extreme demands, Greenblatt is drawing attention to the Jewish Question.
  4. Ibram X. Kendi’s doctrines have racially polarized watching baseball and football and drinking Coca-Cola. Can anyone really top that? Kendi has radicalized Joe Six Pack.
  5. Since Joe Biden has become president, the political views of so-called “far right domestic extremists” have gone mainstream on virtually every major issue. We’ve been vindicated by the Biden administration. There is no longer any difference between the “extremists” and the “mainstream.”
  6. There is mounting evidence that White racial consciousness is spiking and is resurgent. Ibram X. Kendi has stirred the sleeping giant.
  7. The ordinary White person now hates “journalists” and Big Tech and Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We have common enemies now. The normie has our six.
  8. Normies are so angry that they stormed the Capitol.

We don’t need “white supremacist violence” or throwbacks to the 1980s.

It is time to just go into politics full time now and lead the charge against the Democrats. Millions of White people have embraced our populist and nationalist views. They want to rally behind strong leaders who will fight back against the “journalists” and Joe Biden and woke progressivism.

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  1. The only violence is coming from black supremacists and communists. Whites have a right to protect themselves from these anti_White terrorists.

  2. What is happening is really obvious. “They” have far overstepped their boundaries with media and corporate power which is why Greenblatt needed to be reigned in. The blacks lack the intellect of “them” and are now thinking they have free reign to push as hard as they want. Lebron James just tweeted a threat at the cop who shot the knifewielding animal. They dont realize they are only allowed to go as far as their masters allow them

  3. Center for American Progress=Clinton think tank=terrorist organization=war crimes in Serbia…..war crimes in Syria….war crimes in Libya…war crimes in Ukraine…war crimes in America(Black Lives Matter-Antifa-Bill Clinton’s raping rampage)

  4. How to stop white supremacist violence: stop paying FBI agents to instigate violence. Defund the (federal) police. Replace the FBI with social workers.

  5. Black Lies Matter have done more to push Whites into the dissident right – by the millions – than anything Murdoch Murdoch could ever dream of.

    …F**ckin’ BASED!

  6. But still no really serious White politicians have grasped the new reality & opportunity. The kikes & commies won’t lose any sleep as long as all those pissed-off Whites are disorganised and therefore impotent.

  7. The Left will one day in the future realize how stupid it was too follow stupid people like Kendi. It going to drive everyone away from them. This is going to be like those religious movements who burn themselves out. Then people will spend the next century trying to pretend they had nothing to with this noxious ideology. Everybody needs to keep in mind that this is the latest ideological fad of a powerful,but narrow slice of society.

  8. The Center for American Progress was attacked for something criticizing Israel – remember Bernie Sanders attacking that nominee? So they decided to drop any talk about the human rights of Palestinians or Zionist apartheid and instead are attacking “white supremacists” meaning “ordinary white people who voted for Trump.”

    This is how “ZOG” works, by this sort of redirection – like how the Anti-Defamation League specializes in defaming people.

  9. “white supremacist violence.”

    At its worst could kill a handful of people.

    Jewish espionage, could potentially kill millions of Americans.
    The rosenbergs put the entire world on the verge of nuclear destruction.

    Were is the commission to “stop jewish treason”?

  10. “white supremacist violence.”

    They want vengeance, for their synagogue getting shot up by Robert Bowers.
    They’ve waited long enough that most people won’t make the connection.

  11. (((They))) know white Christians are not a violent people and they know how to do false flags too. “The Romans killed Christ”. “Oswald killed Kennedy.” “The Muslims did 911.” The Jews do their crimes and lay the blame on others.

    We, and this article and others like it are proof of it, are building toward a 911 type event that is to be blamed on whites Christians.

    Don’t lose sight of the meaning in the murder of the innocent Christ, the Jews persecute and torment the weak and the innocent for their own evil purposes.

    The persecution and torment of the innocent is the fruit of the Jews and the Jews are eternally damned by the hand of God because of it.

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