Ibram X. Kendi: America Has Been Convicted

You murdered George Floyd.

George Floyd was murdered by systematic racism.

Joe Biden’s guru responded on CBS Morning to the Derek Chauvin verdict.

As we noted this morning, Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice swiftly moved to take action against the Minneapolis Police Department to investigate whether or not it collectively and systematically murdered George Floyd shortly after the Kendi interview.

Note: Tucker Carlson brought this up on his show tonight.

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  1. Negroes should have negroid police in their areas. That is something that can be immediately done. The negroid needs to be given a southern state, perhaps Georgia and be told to stay there or face repatriation to Africa.

    The biggest mistake this nation ever made was bringing them here to begin with, if separation is not somehow achieved this nation has zero future.

    • @Ron…

      “The negroid needs to be given a southern state, perhaps Georgia ”

      No, with respect, we’ve had enough of non-Southerners giving away every part of Dixie.

      Y’all want to give away a state, then go ahead and give up one or two o’ y’all’s.

      Even a third of a Yankee state the Nation of Islam would likely accept and make good of.

    • No we don’t hand them a whole state, let them stay put where they are. Problem is by not policing there will be a spillover of savagery into surrounding areas. And no way will the commies in DC let non-black areas aggressively police them to keep free of the savagery. Hurting us is exactly why Ellis Island leftist decedents monopolizing the media wanted to turn the blacks loose. I wonder if all the grinning middle aged white liberal women I saw on the evening Obama got elected in 2008 anticipated this shit coming? The must have though they were entering a utopia back then, hard to see how the blacks could possibly think things are worse than ever now when the only blacks old enough to remember Jim Crow are collecting Social Security.

  2. Just goes to show demographic is politics,whites has lost control of lever of power that kept the blacks in check.

  3. There is systemic racism but is against Whites. It can’t be more obvious. Whites need to take back control over these savages. Until we do, nothing will ever change, it will only get worse. We need many more Commander Rockwell’s and William Pierce’s

  4. “White America was put on trial and has been found guilty of systematic racism”

    Every nation in the world is ‘guilty of systemic racism’, because every nation has been built with it’s people, or the majority people in mind.

    If Mr. Kendi had metriculated a better curriculum than the one he did, he might know that… maybe.

    If Mr. Kendi had a better knowledge of his own Black American history, he would know that many black leaders, like Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey believed Blacks needed their own place, because it was unrealistic to expect Whites to ever act outside of their own racial interests.

    Although a large minority of whites are currently doing their best to belie that last statement, in the end, they won’t succeed.

    This was one of the many virtues of The Jim Crow and Southern Segregation system, because it insisted The Negro act independently of us and take care of himself.

    If you are not Southern, or simply are too young to have seen it, that was how it was not so long ago – Black families together, Black community small businesses thriving, and, all in all, Blacks taking care of their own business, without their hand ever out to Whitey.

    But, do-gooders from ye olde Blue States were hellbent to put an end to that, and put and end to Black independence they did.

    So, instead of Blacks fighting to be more independent, nowadays, they are chasing a dream of dependent equality they will never ever know.

    Who benefits from a futile cause?

    Oh,. yes, let me guess…

  5. “Systemic racism” just memes institutionalized “white supremacy.”

    In other words, the “racist pigs” are how white people control the “black community.”

    All this is, psychologically, “white supremacy.”

    The reality though is that the nigger is uncontrollable and practically invisible to a large bulk of “whites…” White males are ditching the “burden” wholesale and the “black community” is invisibly terrorized into exalting its murderers, rapists and all-around predators being incentivized by corporate media and a bevy of “woke” corporations.

    It is a satanic stew of self-annihilation.

  6. I’m loving every single minute of this. In the past three months we’ve gotten the acceleration we dreamed of when we voted for Trump in 2016.

  7. In this fantasy world created by the decadent Left: Big MSM, Big Tech, Big Race-Baiting Inc, Big Etc they mislead you to a false conclusion: White Man evil, Black Man good. The ADL, SPLC and other anti-White orgs will “confirm” this idea with lots of content supporting this view — no need to try to get around it. There is no questioning this basic fact — so just forget about denying it, you are a racist if you don’t accept this fact. But thanks to some parts of the internet that they haven’t quite been able to totally erase yet there is evidence that blacks can be very evil just as all other races are at times.

    Killers of Melissa Missi McLauchlin

    The Racial Killing of Melissa McLauchlin by Blacks

    In the midst of the hysteria surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting by a Hispanic and the constant drumbeat Ad nauseam of Matthew Shepard (actually a drug deal that went bad) and the dragging death of James Byrd (which was really a revenge killing for Byrd violently assaulting a relative of one of the men), we need to remember a real racist killing.

    When a gang of seven blacks kidnapped, gang raped and murdered Melissa “Missi” McLauchlin goes largely ignored. When a minor story in the AP in 2008 reported on the execution of one of the men, it played down the racial part of the murder. This crime predated the Shepard/Byrd killings but unlike them, the press has gone silent. The victim was white and this was clearly a racist attack.

    She was murdered in 1992 and here in 2012 we need to remember a true victim of racial hate because the press never will. Extracts from The State (Columbia, SC) September 4, 1994 Page: B5

    McLauchlin, 25, was shot in the face five times with a .25-caliber pistol and left to die on the side of U.S. 78 near Summerville Dec. 30, 1992.

    Police said that before the slaying some of the defendants, all of whom are black, made a New Year’s resolution to rape and kill a white woman as retribution for 400 years of oppression of black people…

    In previous hearings some defendants said McLauchlin was willingly having sex with a half-dozen men she’d never met for the promise of drugs. They said that promise was a ruse to lure her into their car… (The facts don’t add up.)

    McLauchlin’s body had a blood-alcohol level of more than 0.25 percent, but toxicology reports showed no trace of illegal drugs. Dorchester County sheriff’s Lt. Butch Henerey said McLauchlin’s only known drug connection was that she entered a drug rehabilitation program in the mid- to late 1980s.
    Melissa Missi McLauchlin
    Melissa “Missi” McLauchlin

    The outcome of the case is as follows from http://www.prodeathpenalty.com/Pending/05/apr05.htm and I updated the rest.

    Date of scheduled execution: April 5, 2005
    State: South Carolina
    Victim name: Melissa “Missi” McLauchlin, 25
    Inmate name: Joseph Gardner
    Status: December 05, 2008 Executed

    Joseph M.L. Gardner was pronounced dead at 6:15 p.m. Friday in the state’s death chamber in Columbia. He did not make a final statement, but did mouth the words “Thank you. I’m OK,” to a relative who witnessed his death.

    Gardner was convicted of the Dec. 30, 1992, killing of Melissa “Missi” McLauchlin, who was raped, tortured, shot five times in the face and left to die by the side of a road in Summerville. At the time of the shooting, police said Gardner and some other men made a New Year’s resolution to rape and kill a white woman as retribution for 400 years of oppression of black people.

    Gardner, who was later arrested in Philadelphia, was the trigger man. Gardner was sentenced to death in December 1995. Joseph Martin Luther Gardner was convicted of the Dec. 30, 1992, killing of Melissa Ann McLauchlin, who was raped, tortured, shot five times in the face and left to die by the side of a road in Summerville.

    Missi McLauchlin, 25, was a native of Wixom, Michigan, living with her fiance’s family in North Charleston, South Carolina. On the night she died, she had an argument with her fiance at a nightclub. She stormed out of the club and began to walk home. Police spotted her, obviously drunk, and gave her a ride home, but she apparently set out on foot for another club.

    Three black men, Matthew Carl Mack, Matthew Williams, and Joseph Gardner pulled up alongside in a car and started a conversation. The men had spent most of the day drinking and watching pornographic videos of black men having sex with white women. At one point Mack had exploded in anger at his white girlfriend, saying he wanted to “stab her,” but that “it ain’t got to be her, any white would do.” Williams said he wanted to have sex with a white woman.

    Two hours later, the group watched a television news account of the biggest stories of 1992. When the videotaped beating and arrest of Rodney King came on the air, the third man, Gardner, spoke of “four hundred years of oppression,” and made a “New Year’s resolution” to “kill a white bitch.” It was in this state of mind that they returned with Missi to the trailer where the men lived. The men soon began raping her. They put out the word within the trailer park that they had “captured a white woman,” and three other black men arrived and raped her.

    Two black women, girlfriends of some of the rapists, were present in another room of the trailer, but did nothing to stop the attack. After they had enough, the men decided to get rid of the evidence-including Missi McLauchlin. They soaked her in bleach and hydrogen peroxide, and scrubbed her under the shower with a nylon brush, in the hope of ridding her skin of sperm or other evidence that could be linked to them. They forced her to scrub out her vagina with the same chemicals. They also talked openly of killing her. The men handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and put a heavy coat over her head.

    They then took her to a car, and forced her down onto the floorboards in the back. After they had driven for some time, she managed to get out of the handcuffs and began to struggle. Joseph Gardner, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, reached over the seat, held back her head, and shot her twice in the face.

    The driver pulled over to the shoulder 14 miles outside Charleston, where Gardner shot her three more times in the face and once in the arm. The men dumped her on the side of the road, drove back to Charleston, and went nightclubbing. A passing driver found Missi McLauchlin, miraculously alive, and he left to get help but she died before the ambulance arrived.

    Missi had a blood alcohol level of .25 at the time of her autopsy. There were no traces of drugs. It took police four days to identify the body, and a day later they located the trailer where Missi McLaughlin was raped. By January 9, 1993, police had arrested seven people including two of the ringleaders-Matthew Mack and Matthew Williams-and two women, Edna Williams and Indira Simmons, who were charged with being accessories to murder and sexual assault. Three of the rapists were sailors stationed at nearby Charleston Naval Base.

    The only suspect not in custody was the triggerman, Joseph Gardner, who had carried out his New Year’s resolution. Gardner, who was AWOL from the Navy, eluded police for nearly two years, and might never have been caught had the FBI not put him on the “ten most wanted” list. He was living in Philadelphia when someone saw his picture in the post office and tipped off the police.

    He was arrested on October 20, 1994. Police suspected a racial motivation from the start, since they found a “crudely written racial diatribe” in the trailer, complete with racial epithets about white oppression, which claimed blacks were “justified in seeking revenge.”

    Walter Bailey, the chief prosecutor in the case, said “It was the absolutely most brutal and senseless crime, one of the worst things I have ever seen. Totally unprovoked.” Before his sentencing, Gardner told the jury, “Do what you think is best.” Before that, Joe Gardner apologized to Missi’s parents. “I hope it gives you some sense of closure so you can put this behind you and move on. Yesterday when I was listening to you talk, it really hurt me. I really hurt you.”

    The seven women and five men that found him guilty of kidnapping and murdering Missi thought about it for two hours and decided that the 25-year-old Detroit native should die in the electric chair or by lethal injection. “When it came down, the picture in my mind was my daughter’s grave and roses starting to bloom and that she was finally resting in peace,” said Missi’s mother, Patricia McLauchlin.

    Gardner was the only person sentenced to death in the case. Mack received a life sentence plus 30 years, which will allow parole eligibility after 30 years. Williams pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility after 30 years. However, 1st Circuit Solicitor Walter Bailey agreed that if Williams would help prosecute Gardner, Williams could be sentenced again under circumstances that would cut parole eligibility to 20 years.

    Another man involved, Roger Williams, served half of a five-year sentence for third-degree criminal sexual conduct and being present during the commission of a felony and not reporting it. He was scheduled to be released in December 1995. Danny Dwayne McCall was sentenced to nine years for the same charges as Roger Williams, suspended upon service of six years followed by five years of probation. He was denied parole in June 1995.

    Edna Jenkins, who was dating Gardner at the time, pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact of murder, illegally buying two handguns within 30 days and lying on a firearms application. She served 554 days in jail. Indira Simmons, who was living in the trailer with Matthew Williams, pleaded guilty to failing to report a felony. She served 572 days, partly in jail and the remainder under house arrest.


    • Not much on the free channels except one of the free multiplexes runs those detective reality shows from 12 years ago. “First 48” and most of the murderers are black with the smattering of a few white scumbags and hispanic drug related gangland hits. I notice even back in the late Bush Jr, 1st Obama terms nobody ever gets the death sentence anymore, even for murders committed during the commission of a felony. They get 40 years second degree murder for blacks killing someone during an armed robbery. In the 80s and 90s these southern states and places like Ohio used to give out the death sentence. I can say I am somewhat hesitant to see routine death penalty due to potential incompetence in the State. Too many innocent people have wound up there on a “hunch”.

  8. OT, but funny. Hunter, did you know that black African “Moors” and other non-whites are actually the “Free White Persons” mentioned in the Naturalization Act of 1790? Apparently, blacks are the real white people and we are imposters.

  9. From Herr N., as a friend of mine used to refer to him, an excerpt—not quite apposite, but close enough:

    Those who are failures from the start, downtrodden, crushed—it is they, the weakest, who must undermine life among men, who call into question and poison most dangerously our trust in life, in man, and in ourselves. Where does one not encounter that veiled glance which burdens one with a profound sadness, that inward-turned glance of the born failure which betrays how such a man speaks to himself—that glance which is a sigh! “If only I were someone else,” sighs this glance: “but there is no hope of that. I am who I am: how could I ever get free of myself? And yet—I am sick of myself!“

    It is on such soil, on swampy ground, that every weed, every poisonous plant grows, always so small, so hidden, so false, so saccharine. Here the worms of vengefulness and rancor swarm; here the air stinks of secrets and concealment; here the web of the most malicious of all conspiracies is being spun constantly—the conspiracy of the suffering against the well-constituted and victorious, here the aspect of the victorious is hated. And what mendaciousness is employed to disguise that this hatred is hatred! What a display of grand words and postures, what an art of “honest” calumny! These failures: what noble eloquence flows from their lips! How much sugary, slimy, humble submissiveness swims in their eyes! What do they really want? At least to represent justice, love, wisdom, superiority—that is the ambition of the lowest, the sick. And how skillful such an ambition makes them! Admire above all the forger’s skill with which the stamp of virtue, even the ring, the golden-sounding ring of virtue, is here counterfeited. They monopolize virtue, these weak, hopelessly sick people, there is no doubt of it: “we alone are the good and just,” they say, “we alone are homines bonae voluntatis.” They walk among us as embodied reproaches, as warnings to us—as if health, well-constitutedness, strength, pride, and the sense of power were in themselves necessarily vicious things for which one must pay some day, and pay bitterly: how ready they themselves are at bottom to make one pay; how they crave to be hangmen. There is among them an abundance of the vengeful disguised as judges, who constantly bear the word “justice” in their mouths like poisonous spittle ….

    — Nietzsche, Section 14, Third Essay, “What is the Meaning of Ascetic Ideals?” On the Genealogy of Morals (Walter Kaufmann translation)

  10. Blacks are not without sin. The question becomes, is it wrong to hold the blood responsible for the atrocities committed by individuals? Is it wrong to hold the Jews responsible for the murder of Christ? Jews agreed to it. “Let his blood be on us and our children.” Whites never agreed and slavery was not murder of the innocent son of God.

    This guy must ask himself does he and his kids want to take personal responsibility for all the crimes committed by his blood and where this is going to lead to.

    Christ preached forgiveness for a reason, to avoid the ultimate destruction of human kind.

    ALL the racial antagonism is being done by the Jews out of a deep deep hatred for Christ and the sooner black as a whole realize this the better off the world will be.

    • The Blacks “realize” and “understand” nothing – just as dressing a dog up in clothes and expecting him to be able to drive a car is a waste of time so is trying to educate Blacks about anything. As White Europeans we are the product of thousands of years of intellectualism and civilization (much of it thanks to your despised Catholic Church) – Blacks have lived within the framework on an equal footing of a genuine civilation for only 150 years. All of the BS you are fed by Hollywood and the media about Blacks being engineers and scientists and the like is a lie.

  11. This is death march for white people. We are meant to perish en route to their magical destination.

    • I completely agree @Kasserine. That is why I am dumbfounded by those posting on this site who think they will be allowed to sit back in amusement as it all unravels. They are gravely underestimating the peril we are in.

  12. Funny how the “anti racists” never ask themselves what causes so much hostility towards the Negroes. Could it have something to do with their behavior and their attitude?

    “Ibrahim X” is paid by the Left to be their resident Angry Blag Mayne. He’s like a stock character in a minstrel show, a stereotype. I wonder if that has ever occurred to him?

  13. “Transform this nation.” They do not want fairness. They do not want equality. They do not want equity. They want Black Supremacy. It will never be enough, Whitey.

    • @Powell…

      Let’s face it : nobody wants ‘equality’ for our group, we want supremacy.

      That’s why the world has been mostly segregated and for a very long time at that.

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