Jacobin: Identity Politics In Our Gilded Age w/ Matt Karp

I largely agree with Matt Karp.

I’ve noticed on my end that the political establishment has become more obsessed with race and more interested in fomenting racial conflict than even the most race-obsessed White Nationalists. The trend is interpreting everything that happens in the world through the lens of critical social justice.

This has become so blatant and obvious in recent years that it has prompted me to reflect on why they are doing this and how we should respond to this development. These people want to turn the country into a Royal Rumble of racial identity groups because they perceive it is in their interest to do so. It is also clearly the professional managerial class that is doing this and trying to manipulate people.

If you closely watch PMC TV, you will see they have become obsessed with racial and cultural conflict. Go take a look at the CNN and MSNBC YouTube pages. The way that this works is that PMC TV will shine a bright spotlight on some random crime that can be used as fodder to push the anti-White and anti-police narrative, attribute the crime to systematic racism and white supremacy and use it to stir up racial conflict and demonize the police. They are deliberately manufacturing a distorted picture of police violence in this country by choosing to focus on some incidents and not others. They will often lose interest in some incidents and move as a herd to the next one which can be cynically used to stoke outrage.

Why would you spread misinformation to millions of people and foment unnecessary racial strife by telling them that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd because of systematic racism and white supremacy when there is no evidence that this is the case? Why would the president of the United States go out and say something like that? Do they attribute any value at all to truth and getting the story right?

I’m not sure how we should respond to this yet, but I have gone out of my way to raise awareness about what is going on. I know that we shouldn’t take the bait though and walk into their trap. That’s exactly what the Center for American Progress and the Brookings Institution want us to do. That’s exactly what Joe Biden and his ghoul Merrick Garland are teeing up for as well.

“Journalists” have been emboldened by the Biden administration. They shamelessly lied about George Floyd being murdered by systematic racism. They lied to the public about Russian bounties. They lied to the public about “insurrectionists” beating Brian Sicknick to death with a fire extinguisher. They deliberately ignore the actual slow burning insurrection in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Not wishing to DR3 but the establishment is the group formenting racial war at the moment.

  2. If JFK had lived….he would have signed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act into law.

    I don’t believe the divide and conquer theory. The theory will be weaponized against you…for if you oppose the H1B…L1B Hindu Legal Immigrant Scab Labor Program you will be accused of DIVIDE AND CONQUER by Jimmy Dore…and other leftists…

    Two years ago over at UNZ Review Ilana Mercer addressed the divide and conquer issue with lots of comments by yours truly…..

    Alex Jones justified LEGAL IMMIGRATION for to oppose it is divide and conquer….

  3. The best response is to hold White elites to their ideals. Agree and amplify. Demand that they give up their wealth, give up their high status positions, move blacks from the hood into their wealthy neighborhoods, place gang members into their children’s schools, etc. Don’t allow them to isolate themselves from the consequences of their own stated positions.

    They are currently saying that White lower and middle classes should give up everything to blacks and latinxex, while they continue to give up nothing themselves. They’re the good Whites and the bipoc allies, not deplorable rednecks, so they don’t have to give anything up. Chris Cuomo just the other day said things won’t change until White kids start being killed. Of course, when elites say this stuff, they always mean other people’s lower class White kids, not their own. Why haven’t Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper given up their White privilege by handing their shows over to people of color yet? Why haven’t they put in the work for racial equity by donating their entire net worth to blacks?

  4. Look …..the flawed assumption being made is the assumption that Woke CEOs want White Folks and nonwhites to be at each other’s throat ….they dont…..They want Whites to passively accept their demographic extermination….


    Alex Jones a short fat greedy creature….

  5. > “Do they attribute any value at all to truth and getting the story right?”

    No, absolutely not. They are at war against the American people – whites – and “all war is based on deception.” So, of course they always lie except in the cases where telling the truth is in some way beneficial to them.

    They are attacking you – so of course they are going to lie to you.

    It’s becoming and open secret that they are ramping us all this racial hostility to stop people noticing the economic looting of the country – we have reached “the looting phase.” They are doing this “Race War” stuff to distract people while the US dollar gets devalued and the rest of the world just start ignoring the declining Yankee Empire.

    The current regime really cannot ever even slow down because if they lose their hold on power a lot of them could wind up with legal troubles similar to those of Augustin Bizimungu of Rwanda. International law is clear.

  6. The only way to not become the violent group they want us to is to not fight back. They are pushing us into a corner, dehumanizing us, and abusing our children. They deserve more than violence. The shame is that supposed nationalists have grown soft and have subconsciously accepted their dispossession and genocide.

  7. The Left is “jayhawking” us and enjoying it as much as cowardly Sherman and his men loved to burn down Southern plantations then throw defenseless Southern women and their children out into the mud and rain with none of their menfolk there to protect and avenge them.

    In 1858–1859, the slang term “Jayhawking” became widely used as a synonym for stealing.[

    O’ive been over till Eph. Kepley’s a-jayhawking.

    Men are now at Fort Scott, working by the day for a living as loyal as Gen. Blunt himself, who have had every hoof confiscated, or jayhawked, which is about the same thing, for all the benefit it is to the Government.

    Missouri–Kansas border lexicon

    The term became part of the lexicon of the Missouri–Kansas border in about 1858, during the Kansas territorial period. The term came to be used to describe militant bands nominally associated with the free-state cause. One early Kansas history contained this succinct characterization of the Jayhawkers:

    Confederated at first for defense against pro-slavery outrages, but ultimately falling more or less completely into the vocation of robbers and assassins, they have received the name—whatever its origin may be—of jayhawkers.

    Farmer’s Americanisms, old and new (1889) linked the term with anti-slavery advocates of late 1850s in Kansas.

    G. Murlin Welch, a historian of the territorial period described the Jayhawkers as bands of men that were willing to fight, kill, and rob for a variety of motives that included defense against pro-slavery “Border Ruffians”, abolition, driving pro-slavery settlers from their claims of land, revenge, and/or plunder and personal profit.

    While the “Bleeding Kansas” era is generally regarded as beginning in 1856, the earliest documented uses of the term “jayhawker” during the Kansas troubles were in the late 1850s, after the issue of slavery in Kansas had essentially been decided in favor of the Free State cause. The earliest dated mention of the name comes from the autobiography of August Bondi, who came to Kansas in 1855. Bondi said he observed General James Lane addressing his forces as Jayhawkers in December 1857.

    Another early reference to the term (as applied to the Kansas troubles) emerging at that time is provided in the retrospective account of Kansas newspaperman John McReynolds. McReynolds reportedly picked up the term from Pat Devlin, a Free State partisan described as “nothing more nor less than a dangerous bully.” In mid-1858, McReynolds asked Devlin where he had acquired two fine horses that he had recently brought into the town of Osawatomie. Devlin replied that he “got them as the Jayhawk gets its birds in Ireland”, which he explained as follows: “In Ireland a bird, which is called the Jayhawk, flies about after dark, seeking the roosts and nests of smaller birds, and not only robs nests of eggs, but frequently kills the birds.” McReynolds understood Devlin had acquired his horses in the same manner the Jayhawk got its prey, and used the term in a Southern Kansas Herald newspaper column to describe a case of theft in the ongoing partisan violence. The term was quickly picked up by other newspapers, and “Jayhawkers” soon came to denote the militants and thieves affiliated with the Free State cause.

    The Left is stealing our history, heritage, monuments, heroes, our honor, our culture, our manhood, our police … our future.

    Do you think cucks can fight off jayhawks? We have cuck Southerners who now bow down to liberal jayhawkers and vote to remove our monuments, our history, our culture, etc and replace it with apologies for actually having the gall to be born White.

    When the white police are all gone what’s going ot be left? Just the guns and ammunition you have until the feds surround you and take it from you and throw you in prison.

    May God Save the South!

    • “Ride With the Devil” — Pro-Union Jayhawkers vs Southern Bushwackers

      Kansas Jayhawkers kill pro slavery Asa Chiles one of the main character’s father starting about the 7 minute mark.

      WARNING! You may want to stop watching the film after this scene if offensive language/violence/other things offend you. To make it look as realistic as possible they did make a good try.

  8. I highly recommend that folks here listen the Savage Nation podcast for this week.

    I know his real name is Michael Weiner and he’s Jewish and, to a certain degree, is “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” over Israel, but I do think he is far more sympathetic to Whites and is not cynically trying to divert them from pursuing their own interests and expending all their energies into Zionist paths or allowing themselves to be subverted to hating the people Jews want to eliminate like how the nationalists of Ukraine are being used.

    I honestly think he’s one of the sharper knives in the Semitic drawer and he pissed off at his brethren because he knows the USA was the best host The Eternal Guests ever moved in on and when the USA withers and blows away, no soft landing will be available. The Chinese have got their number and the Dot Indians are every bit as corrupt, dishonest, greedy and collective as The Tribe.

    He discusses all the potential problems of Biden-Harris and says they have all these legal precedents when it comes to tyranny and basically violating the Constitutional rights of Americans from Abraham Lincoln. (One of the things he said was that this is third term of Obama who not only had a bust of Lincoln but drew his inspiration for radical transformation of America from Lincoln). Savage saw the whole object of pushing the South into war was to deliberately destroy their wealth and influence, saying most of the rich in the North were nouveau rich jealous of the Antebellum South culture and some other interesting theories.

    I forget whether it was on THIS board or another I visited where the Global PTB wanted to eliminate chattel slavery precisely BECAUSE the Southerners treated the labor they owned too well and replace it with wage slavery. I don’t think it was a coincidence that, when those plantations still left standing went to share cropping, it was one of the factors that ended Reconstruction and the occupation of Yankee troops.

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