Liberal Larry: Happy Earth Day 2021!

Happy Earth Day!

I would love to hear Larry’s take on the Sierra Club canceling John Muir and dismantling our National Parks and turning them over to Native Americans in order to strike a blow against “white supremacy.” Joe Biden is currently speaking to other world leaders on the climate change crisis.


“Multiple world leaders announced new targets for reducing greenhouse gases during President Biden’s virtual climate summit, which featured more than 40 heads of state and other world and business leaders. …

United States: Biden said the U.S. would seek to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50%-52% by 2030 relative to 2005 levels, roughly twice as ambitious as the previous target of a 26%-28% cut by 2025 set during the Obama administration. …”


“Why it matters: Achieving it would require greatly accelerating the transition of U.S. power, industry and transportation to cleaner energy sources and greater efficiency. The pledge aims to show the U.S. return to climate diplomacy and prod other nations to act aggressively too. …”

Biden is going all out to change the weather before 2030.

It is going to require drastic changes to the U.S. economy to reach the goal. Even CNN is saying it would be like doing 190 moonshots and Russia and China are not playing along.

Note: Unfortunately, these emission targets still aren’t good enough for Greta Thunberg.

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  1. @ did this creature get kicked in thee.head by a horse, fall from a tree, landing on his head? Or suffered from oxygen deprivation as a child, when his fat mammy, rolled over on top of him while they slept, anyway in thee future, cretins like him exiled, bad for thee morale of our people.

  2. These corporate woke-funded “green new deal” sellout faggots don’t hold a candle to national socialist and original white american progressive environmental policy.
    also, happy Earth Day!

  3. In the 90’s the Sierra Club said that the only way to conserve the California ecology was to limit immigration. Then, one of their biggest donor, who wasn’t the type to celebrate Christmas, said he would never donate another dime and would start a competing organization if they didn’t reverse their agenda and support mass immigration.

    So the Sierra Club folded. Now they want to “cancel” their founder.

    This is a larger version of what happened to The Atlantic magazine. It was once the flagship publication of the Yankee “WASP” Liberal set, based in Boston and representative of Respectable New England liberalism.

    Then a bunch of neo-con Jews bought it and turned it into what it is today, a warmongering, anti-white, anti-Christian tabloid with some third rate “culture” bloggers whining about fashionable “social justice” nonsense.

    Abercrombie & Fitch used to be a manufacturer and retailer of high quality outdoor clothing for colder weather. Then Les Wexner – Jeffrey Epstein’s mentor – bought it and turned it into this near-pornographic catalog brand aimed at teenagers.

    Lesson to learn: never allow your institution and brand to be taken over by the Scrooges who ruin Christmas.

    • Very good observations. The you know whos have also ruined the once highly estimable National Geographic magazine. Such low, vulgar creatures!

  4. Most “experts” don;t know the 1st thing about basic science and they’re going to lecture others on “climate” change

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