Stephen Colbert: Feds Scan Instagram To Catch Grey Hat Wearing “Insurrectionist”

It might seem weird to see Jacobin content on a “far right” website.

In recent years though, it has dawned on me that the socialists have a point about class conflict because it has become increasingly difficult to ignore. These people are TRYING to stir up racial conflict. There is a lot of truth in what they have said about the professional managerial class. Clearly, the White professional bourgeoisie have made a sport out of hunting down and repressing the White working class. In fact, it is so funny that late night comedians like Stephen Colbert are laughing about it!

Hold on … I have a real funny one:

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  1. Colbert’s show is unwatchable/unendurable. There are cable access programs that are more entertaining. He’s got a look on his face as if to say “I know this sucks, I hate it too.” It might have been better when there was a live studio audience that generated some energy or feedback. But it looks as if those days are never going to return.

    • It really is unsettling to say the least. The graphics and sound effects. His demeanor. It is watchable, just not easy to do so. I would love to get in these peoples head and roam around for awhile. Colbert is a naturally charming and intelligent WASP. The why to what he does would be ingesting. He doesnt need the money.

    • He was interesting as a fake Oreilly. But that’s about it. The rest of his career is just hypocritical careerism.

  2. Let the bourgeoisie persecute these Q-tards, they deserve it for being Trump-supporting idiots. If it was a genuine insurrection—as many involved believed it was—then their punishment so far has been extremely lenient.

    Ultimately this is fake repression of fake insurrectionists in the fake nation that is Judeo-America. Nothing is serious anymore, and that is the hallmark of a Jewish-controlled civilization.

  3. I feel no bond of any kind with Colbert. We are the same species, of the same race and both speak English. We should have much in common. But he loathes people like me and I loathe people like him. I can’t even stand the sight of his face.

  4. I recall watching his So Who Do You Think You Are? They traced him to Ireland and he wept tears about Cromwell sacking Drogheda. He’s a mincing Catholic who basically fits the same insane profile as Biden. Plastic Paddy. Forget that he’s an Ethnic French though. They never oppressed their neighbours. No sir.

  5. Colbert just can’t get the Jan 6 storming the Nation Capital, he’s butthurd,how dare they enter the House of Tel Aviv.

  6. I give you credit HW, I could never watch these shows without my blood pressure rising 50 points. They are so bias towards Whites.

  7. I stopped watching broadcast TV around the start of the previous decade and stopped watching cable not that long after. If there’s something that I want I pirate it, copy it to my solid state hard drive and watch it on my TV. No commercials with white women taking black dick, no whiny white faggots, no gayness, no none of that. Just me and my entertainment.

    Trying to watch TV now is like stepping into another world. Watching the Super Bowl every commercial was for cars, car insurance, or fast food. Everything else had ads skewed towards and extremely geriatric audience. My local news was full of term life insurance and funeral homes.

    • I do the same thing. I still have TV but only watch certain show like old westerns that I tape so I don’t have to watch the degenerate commercials. I haven’t watched the news in almost 15 years.

  8. Seriously, it’s a toss up who has the more infuriating face between Stephen Colbert and David French.

    • As infuriating as you find Monsieur Colbert, I find it more so, as he is a fellow Southerner who has absolutely NO respect for his own kind.

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