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  1. Well, Miss Jennifer is one of a group of folks, ranging from David Brooks and Max Boot, to George Bush, Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brezhinski who reflect the Anglo-Jewish Alliance in this country, and, as such, it never fails that, when I hear their point of view, it is anathema to me.

    I believe that the quicker The South can separate itself from such influences not only better will it be, but, indeed, will be the whole world.

  2. Jennifer RUBIN







    • If most Americans were Odinists or Asatru or any other White pagan “religion”, I doubt they’d be so quick to want to defend that “democratic ally in the middle east”.

    • @Patrick…

      Yes, Sir, you’ve put your finger on it : – Miss Jennifer is astonishingly and astoundingly the living incarnate spirit of those NKVD dæmons that haunted Mother Russia a century ago, and which were responsible for the destruction of tens of millions of lives, the ruination of perhaps as many others, and, worse, the destruction of their souls by the near annihilation or the Holy Russian Orthodox Church.

      For anyone in the know, as we are, she is a frightening spectre, indeed…

  3. Jews constantly pushing for wars that will kill thousands or millions of people: Fine, and completely acceptable by the mainstream

    Making a comment that might be construed as racist or transphobic: banned from social media, banned from mastercard, banned from airbnb, banned from patreon, banned from KFC, etc.

    • They think they’re “defending their country”, but from what?
      They think they’re defending God and his family over there. After all, millions are spent on tourism, and making that trek to their mecca over there, the Holy Land.

  4. Jennifer is part of the propaganda campaign, now in fifth gear to get the U.S. to abort negotiations with Iran and instead attack Iran for the benefit of her country, Israel. If she were honest that is exactly what she would say. The fact that the vast majority of people in the U.S.; North and South, East and West, White and non-White do not want war with Iran has no bearing upon things.

    If Dementia Joe were of sound mind he would probably be doing what Jennifer wants. Because he is non compos mentis BHO and his ugly girlfriend, Susan Rice are calling the shots on Iran policy behind the scenes. The Iran deal was BHO’s only foreign policy success, such as it is, and he wants to preserve it as “his legacy.” Susan Rice is part Iranian and no doubt sympathizes with the Iranians. It also helps that BHO is probably Moslem.

    That said preserving the Iran deal Trump abandoned is in the best interests of the U.S. Pursuing the best interests of the U.S. is theoretically what the President should do although in real life it has been decades since that has been the real policy of the U.S. Government especially in the Near East.

    • I know people who would not be against military action versus Iran. These people simply do not know who is controlling the narrative; do not understand they are an outsider group with their own motivations. They are also clueless on the subject of Iranian/Anglo-American history and why Iran is demonized. Insouciant Americans, as PCR would say.

  5. Which is really more powerful? The Military Industrial Complex of the Judeo-Liberal Coalition?

  6. Funny how “liberal” those jews are – until it comes to Israel’s “right to exist”. Then they transform into ultra right-wing warmongers.

  7. The long-term survival of the jews looks uncertain. Either they continue inbreeding, which will result in more genetic and mental defects, or they breed with gentiles, which means their racial bloodline eventually gets diluted and disappears. And if civilization collapses (or goes into a protracted remission) what will their control of international finance, the courts, elite schools and the mass media avail them?

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