Wokal Distance Explains “I’m So Exhausted”

Wokal Distance has an excellent thread that explains why all of these little brat “journalists” are always using the phrase “I’m so exhausted” to signal each other on Twitter:

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  1. @ they are flaming out, they have no staying power, they can’t handle the grind, they fight with no honor, they show strength against the weak, the vulnerable, thee outnumbered, thee elderly, once exposed to resistance, they melt, our elected officials have allowed them to terrorize the public, they must be held accountable as well, they are even more guilty. They are cursed.

  2. This reminds me of how blacks used to complain that to be promoted at work they had to work twice as hard as whites to get the promotion. They were right: by black standards, a black does have to work 200% to do what a white person would consider 100%. Anyone who works with blacks sees this daily. They take more unofficial social breaks, they work at a slower pace, they make more mistakes.

    Work of any kind is intellectual labor. The things that whites don’t have a problem with, like thinking about what they are doing while doing it, being quiet so as not to interrupt their coworkers, sitting still when necessary, these are problems for blacks, so it IS laborious for them. What a bunch of uncute children they are.

    As for white millennials complaining about essentially the same thing, they are just stooping to be like their black idols. Their jobs aren’t hard.

  3. You “woke” people might be battling the forces from prayers of righteous people who are kneeling down and praying to God to remove you perverts from this nation. I think it is going to eventually require fire — nuclear — megaton class.

  4. This how true genius operates. Instead of temporary symbols like Big Beautiful Wall, he pushed entire system into madness and self destruction.

  5. The SJW scum are always striking a holier-than-gawd drama queen pose. Such heroes they are, bearing the vast burden of being “woke” while the “stupid, ignorant White trash” mindlessly continue to spew their “toxic micro-aggressions”!

    They & the kikes who created them should be forced to dig their own mass graves.

  6. Lets hope this means they are suffering from collective mental burn out, and won’t be able to work intellectual jobs any longer. We’ll know this is so, when they start demanding decades long holidays in Fiji untill they recover – all paid for by the evil working class white taxpayer, of course!

  7. “It’s so exhausting” enduring the annoying ideology and constant lies put out by the upper class and upper middle class White liberal elites.

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