Newsweek: Antifa Vow To Continue Engaging In Violence

Antifa have nothing to fear from Merrick Garland or the FBI. It is not like Democrats see the law as anything but a tool to be used to repress the Right. The Biden administration is giving Black Lives Matter and Antifa a free hand to engage in all the violence that they want.


“Anti-fascist—or “Antifa”—chapters around the U.S. are concerned about the push for new domestic terrorism legislation that may include them, but say they remain committed to violent opposition to far-right groups and police regardless.

Antifa activists are determined to continue their activities even if the threat of a terror designation becomes reality, and predict more upheaval and violence this year amid America’s divided social landscape and fears of rising extremism. …

The activists defended their use of violence and property damage, arguing it is a response to far-right and police violence. They also believe it is more effective at making protestors heard than being peaceful. …”

In fairness, it is not like William Barr did anything about the problem either though. Antifa rioted for four straight years under Trump. What happened to the Durham Report?

New York Post:

“Top congressional Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, are pushing new laws to stamp out “domestic terrorism.” But they’re targeting only right-wing organizations. If rioters are looting and setting fires for a leftist cause, that’s OK.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a better approach. He signed a law Monday that guarantees violent protesters who destroy property or attack cops land in jail. Regardless of how virtuous their cause.

Unfortunately, Democrats aren’t interested in ensuring the public has peace and safety. Instead, their goal is to label even peaceful right-leaning groups domestic terrorists and put them out of business. That’s un-American …

Tell that to Schumer. He introduced a Senate resolution calling on the FBI and intelligence community to examine the leadership and membership of right-wing groups and “prioritize the investigation and prosecution of such groups.” 

Schumer’s proposal is dangerous. Belonging to an ideological group — far left or far right — isn’t a crime in the United States. You can be a Nazi, a Communist, a member of Antifa or the Proud Boys. Or any other despicable movement. The FBI’s job is to investigate violent crimes, not ideology, though Schumer’s resolution suggests it should do the latter. ..”

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  1. It is our ability to reason that separates us from the animals. So then why can’t these people explain to us why their way is the right way without having to resort to violence? And if they can not convince us of that then how strong can their arguments be?

    And if they must resort to violence over reason to get their way are they not inferior to civilized human beings? Civilized human beings settle disputes with reason not violence. Animals and antifa have much in common.

  2. antifa was originally a jewish creation, so it’s only fitting that (((Merrick Garland))) will conveniently overlook their terrorism domestically. nothing new under the sun.

  3. They used to be ARA Anti Racist Alliance.Now it’s Anti Fascist,but it’s still the same.alliance with non whites identity.White history identity statues have been vandalized and removed.Even the national flag Stars and Bars.

  4. “Antifa aren’t worried about being labeled domestic violent extremists.”

    In some respects Antifa reminds me of how Southerners used to be – cocksure of ourselves, our worldview, and devil-may care about who thought what about us, or our values.

    Even though my worldview is almost entirely antithetical to Antifa, I do respect them for their courage, their willingness to risk and sacrifice, and their unwillingness to consider any opinion not their own.

    Seems to me that we, White Southerners, have got quite a lot to learn from Antifa – not in the future, but, right now.

      • @Roland…

        I totally agree that they are free of that threat, Sir, but, they are not free from the threat of reprisals, and you can be sure that they know that.

        Let’s be clear, I am averse to them, but, you cannot accuse them of lacking conviction, or a willingness to act on that.

        Be well, Friend!

  5. “The Biden administration is giving Black Lives Matter and Antifa a free hand to engage in all the violence that they want.”

    One way to know that you are dealing with The Anglo-Jewish World Order is by their techniques – they almost always making use of fronts and outsourcing their dirty work to others.

    This is how The Anglo-Jewish empire successfully acquired an empire in the 18th century and it’s how they maintained it, in almost all areas, except, perhaps, India, where it was broken and defeated by Ghandhi.

    Keeping the natives divided and falling out with each other, constantly misdirecting folks, and or using proxy forces, has proven it’s worth for centuries, or, at least, to The Anglo-Jewish, now The Anglo-Jew England Empire.

    That said, a growing number of people, owing to the Internet, are growing wise to these techniques – a number of cognoscenti which, I do b’lieve, is fast approaching tens of millions, in this country alone…

  6. The only thing they understand is brutal force but unfortunately anyone that tries is punished by the FBI and the the DOJ. Both blm and antifa could be stopped but whose going to do it?

  7. Do you not realize Trump unleased some furious tweets against Antifa when he was president? Unfortunately for Trump he equated provocative tweets the same as solid concrete action.

  8. “It is not like Democrats see the law as anything but a tool to be used to repress the Right.”

    American radicals of various stripes have seen the law that way, since 1830. The only things that change are the names of their numerous SJW organisations. But whatever they call themselves, us Southrons just keep on calling them Yankees. That hasn’t changed a bit.

    Yankees gotta Yank. Under any name, and under any flag. They cain’t help themselves.

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