Joe Biden’s Joint Address To Congress

It was extremely boring.

Now that Joe Biden’s first 100 days are over, he is moving from the easy part to the hard part. The road ahead is about to get a lot rougher for Joe Biden.

  • It was easy to be sworn into office after the peak of COVID and to distribute the vaccine which had already been created and take credit for it
  • It was easy to use budget reconciliation to pass the American Jobs Plan and deliver $1,400 checks
  • It was easy to arrive in office and sign a blitzkrieg of executive orders

What comes next?

  • As COVID fades as an issue, we are seeing other far more divisive issues like immigration and crime rising in salience
  • The unwillingness of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to part ways with the filibuster is an insurmountable roadblock in the Senate to most of the Democrat agenda
  • How will the Democrats ultimately fund the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan? Will they actually tax the wealthy or will these big plans crash on the shoals of roadblocks like the SALT Caucus? Will wealthy suburbanites go along with tax hikes?
  • Will the Democrats even be able to stick together to pass the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan? If so, what will those plans look like when they emerge as legislation from Congress given what we have already seen with the corporate tax rate?
  • Is this widely anticipated economic boom which is the conventional wisdom in Washington really a sure thing in late 2021 and 2022?
  • Will those executive orders hold up when challenged in federal court?
  • In light of the ongoing War on the Police, what will crime season look like this summer?
  • What is going to happen with gas prices, electricity prices and food prices due to Joe Biden’s spending and climate change policies? $6 trillion in spending is a lot of money, right? Are we really going to cover that by raising taxes?
  • Will there be any surprises on the foreign policy front by the 2022 midterms?
  • Will the culture war flare up and intensify over any number of issues? The latest Gallup poll suggests the economy is receding as an issue and racism and immigration are advancing

Trump was blindsided and drowned by COVID which torpedoed his reelection strategy. Could something similar happen to Joe Biden and the Democrats?

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  1. It was an adequate performance by Biden. But considering he personally has done so little for the past three months and, so, must have spent large chunks of time rehearsing during his intermittent lucid moments, he should have done better.

  2. Apparently “White Supremacists” are a problem now because Sleepy Joe and US intel agencies have labeled them as “The Most Lethal Threat To the Homeland Today” – not sure if that means the CIA/mossad is going to start arming/training/funding them like they do with ISIS and AL Qaeda but I doubt it.

  3. Dementia Joe’s big accomplishment was staying vertical for an hour, reading his lines on the teleprompter and not drooling all over himself. Now he will need to rest up for a couple of weeks before his next public appearance.

    • Yeah. 10 to 20 he has an ‘accident’ before the year is out, and the Shiksa Paki is made Ho in Chief….

  4. Don’t forget to consider the likelihood that Biden will soon be officially replaced by Koonmala, HW. Once he’s gone she will have her own agenda, which will of course be even more radically anti-white than his.

  5. We need Southern Independence. Otherwise, the Southern and Western States need to work together to bring about the political defeat of Yankeedom and the Left Coast.

    It’s the only way to bring about ordered liberty, a stable social order, and a resurgence of White Western civilisation. The Puritans and their Yankee descendants in America® have had their 400+ year run. It’s past time that it ended.

  6. At least the Republicans came out and stood up for White people and Americans afterwards. Of course not the other gay Senator from South Carolina, the black one, Tim Scott attacked Biden on spending and infrastructure. He did manage to agree with Biden about Americas early evil sin of slavery and that racist white supremacy is rampant as he called for more diversity.

    Then he Tweeted out the need for unity capitalizing Black, Hispanic, Asian but not white.

    • At this point I consider the Republicans to be more of an enemy than the DumboKKKraps. I still like Gov. Desantis, even though his allegiance to the Zionist state may eventually become a serious problem.

  7. Lol the democrats are currently criminalizing the right wing, putting them on no-fly terrorist lists and raiding their homes and offices (Giuliani got raided), and the response from the GOP is to send out their token black guy to say Democrats are the real racists who don’t do enough to end racism. The American empire is a joke.

    • I’m really upset with the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and North Koreans for not launching an all out attack on this country and putting an end to American imperialism once and for all. Maybe they’re waiting for us to collapse on our own but dammit, that could take years!

      • Enough of an attack to topple the Washington regime but leave the Heartland intact. We can decentralize and Build Back Better.

    • I’ll support the GOP again when they come out and admit there is a war of Whites, especially men and takes steps to reverse it. Unfortunately, it will never happen, so the GOP is dead to me. Instead they keep pandering to the blacks and other nonwhites to show how they’re not racist.

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