Flashback: Kamala Harris Said She Would Support Eating Less Red Meat If Elected President

I would like to hear what Black and Hispanic people think about this.

What do you think about the War on Barbecue? Are you ready to give up your ribs and pork chops, your chicken and your steak, burgers and brisket and eat tofu and all of that bugman fag shit in the grocery store? Are you willing to pay significantly higher prices for red meat and eat it less frequently?

FOX News:

“Before she dropped out of the 2020 presidential race, Vice President Harris said she supported changing the food pyramid to incentivize Americans to eat less red meat because of climate change.

A voter asked Harris if she supported changing the nation’s dietary guidelines to reduce consumption of red meat, alleging that climate change is linked to the “overproduction of red meat,” during a CNN town hall in September 2019. …”

Kamala Harris admitted on video she was the Hamburglar.

Did anyone who voted for Joe Biden expect him to ban menthols? I didn’t see that one coming.

National Review:

“The media like to play this neat trick in which they highlight some conservative hyperbole about Democrats, and then pretend the entire underlying concern that motivated discussion of the topic is nothing but a wild conspiracy theory cooked up in a vacuum.

Take the issue of meat.

“Biden is not coming for Americans’ Big Macs, chicken wings or bacon,” the Washington Post informs us. CNN ran one of their typically idiotic chyrons yesterday: “BIDEN PREPS ADDRESS TO NATION AS GOP CONSPIRACISTS SPREAD FALSE CLAIMS ON MASK-WEARING, BEEF AND BOOKS TO ATTACK HIM.” All of this concern was prompted by a Daily Mail story suggesting Joe Biden would need to limit America’s meat consumption to meet his climate-change goals.

However, Biden’s climate-change goal of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions by 100 percent from 2005 levels isn’t achievable without severely restricting factory farming. As a recent Science study found, food-system emissions alone make the Paris Agreement’s target limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius unreachable. And Biden argues that his climate plan exceeds those targets. “Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth,” another Science study tells us, per the Guardian.

Of course, while the media gaslight on the issue, we’ve been hearing about the importance of eliminating meat for a long time. For a decade now, the United Nations has been urging a global meat-and-dairy-free diet. The topic has been one of the hobbyhorses of left-wing political outlets like Vox. “Let’s Launch a Moonshot for Meatless Meat,” popular New York Times columnist Ezra Klein proposed last week. In a 2018 documentary of Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestselling anti-meat book, Eating Animals, co-narrator Natalie Portman explains the immorality of consuming meat. …”

The media is screaming that there isn’t an issue here.

This means that either one of two things is true. EITHER Kamala Harris was lying about supporting a reduction in red meat consumption and the Biden administration IS NOT going to screw around with industrial animal agriculture and the food supply chain to reduce carbon emissions from livestock to fight climate change, OR, Joe Biden’s plan to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 is bullshit.

It seems much more likely to me that they just don’t want to talk about making this delicious brisket more expensive for the average person because it is such a highly divisive issue and would be a massive political albatross for the Democrats. They want to do it by stealth because it is toxic and only Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) support it. This is why they are screaming “PANTS ON FIRE” and “FOUR PINOCCHIOS” and “conspiracy theorist” for noticing that these two things are mutually exclusive.

The agenda of Bill Gates, Nanny Bloomberg and Tom Steyer and people like that who have purchased the Democratic Party’s policy agenda is incompatible with the diets of black and Hispanic Democrats.

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    • I support total banning of real meat consumption, plus abortions, depopulation, social credit ratings, AI, 5G, mass surveillance in totalitarian states, banning of Protestantism (Catholicism or Orthodoxy is a bit more tolerable), organ-engineering and similar cyborg-like technologies, eugenics and genetic engineering to the production of higher-quality humans, etc

      It seems that my views have become more “Jewish” in the last two years, beyond the red pill

  1. I think this is funny, because it doesn’t affect me at all. Also I know very soon, they will force the normies to eat bugroach burgers. The normies will moan for a while, then they will lap those roaches up like mothers milk, while watching their favorite negroes play sportsball.

    • Nah, the poaching will go through the roof for starters, perpetrated by illegals mainly but that’s winning for impossible whopper right here I guess.

  2. What does “meatless meat” mean? Lol Someone should call these people out for the mindless terms they use. The liberal elites seem like idiots to me. There is no way that they are the best and brightest.

  3. Our ruling “elite” don’t want us to fly, eat meat, live in rural areas, own property, express controversial opinions, have any firearms, homeschool our kids, have national borders or have a racial/ethnic identity. They basically want us to be unthinking, cud-chewing human livestock.

  4. What color meat was she inhaling to advance her political career? Was she not known as the “BJ queen?”

    • Check with Willie Brown, former speaker of the California State Assembly. He said she smokes a mean sausage.

    • Real Southern fried chicken is a delicacy. Joggers like the fast food kind, which holds no place among the real stuff.

      • When it’s done right. But of course that’s done at home or in the yard. Not at a box store.

  5. I’m ready to give up Yankees, their coloured auxillaries, and the Jewish puppeteers pulling both of their strings.

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