Tucker Carlson: The War On Cops

The emerging crime wave is also on Tucker Carson’s radar.

There is no doubt that Black Lives Matter and the ongoing War on the Police by the media is the cause of the explosion in violent crime. Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice hasn’t succeeded in abolishing the police yet. They have succeeded, however, in defunding the police in lots of big cities and raising the potential costs of being a police officer far above the benefits. No one wants to be vilified by the media as the next Darren Wilson or Derek Chauvin and so cops show up and go through the motions now without really doing any policing that would leave them exposed in risky situations. The people who end up paying the price for this are mostly the black and brown law abiding citizens in big cities who are preyed on by all the criminals who have been emboldened in their neighborhoods.

The Jacobin ladies are spooked by this development. After all, it is the people who live in these big cities like Chicago or New York City who are getting shot and killed in record numbers. It is not the “white supremacists” or the “reactionaries” who are shooting them. We don’t live in these places. Those people who are getting victimized by emboldened criminals also have Joe Biden and Merrick Garland, Black Lives Matter, progressive activists and the media to thank for glorifying them.

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  1. I think there is a broader imperialist agenda here. If you centralize control of law enforcement it’s easy to cover up your own crimes – see, the “failed narco-state of Mexico.”


    The “progressives” were quite clear that police unions must be destroyed because they are full of white men who pool their money and hire lawyers so they don’t get sued by … “progressive” activist law firms.

    It’s a cycle. Counter Currents had an article about the “leaderss of the Black community” in Northeastern cities in the 1970’s demanding the police lock up heroin dealers – they even wanted the death penalty.

    In that case, the police were not arresting enough Black criminals, thus it was racist.

    So the War on Drugs started, they started arresting Black heroin dealers, then when the Crack Epidemic hit the new “leaders of the Black community” said the police were arresting too many Black criminals.

    They said cops should wear body cams that would prove systemic racism now they want to ban body cams because they are showing Black criminals acting criminal.

    You can’t “win” of course because that isn’t the game.

  2. This is a non-issue – it’s just FoxNews ginning up the Boomers – ZOG is not going to defend The Boys In Blue That Serve the Jew any more than they will ever cut military spending.

  3. The motive of pushing a federal police force is more clear under Biden. At the same time they are trying to break local law enforcement, they’re expanding the role of the feds under the justification of fighting “domestic terrorism.” They have wanted to put all law enforcement in federal hands for years.

  4. I don’t like Bernie, Hillary or Joe but there was a time when they were more or less honest about the root causes of America’s crime problem. Now you can’t have a honest discussion about it because the shitlibs will immediately pretend to be outraged and offended. Then they’ll do everything they can to ruin your life.

    Imagine that stupid colored girl trying to compare Iceland to the US. That’s the kind of idiocy we are being forced to deal with.

    • It’s like the ones who whine how Denmark had free healthcare for everyone. Like there’s any comparison. These people are idiots. Is there something in the water?

  5. There’s a war on Whites, period. If those cops happen to be Whites they are going to be causalities.

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