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      • @Arrian…

        President Bush is definitely a New England Fauntleroy, though, what is unique about this is that he presents himself as if he were a humble pie average Texan!

  1. Ask him to explain what he was doing on 9/11/2001 and why he didn’t do anything to stop the hijackings which they knew about months in advance according to his own National Security director.

    Congrats, Democrats, you got George W. Bush on your side. Own it.

  2. The George W Bush Whitehouse

    A revolving door


    Male homosexual prostitutes

    Who serviced high ranking US MILITARY OFFICERS

    One of whom was a regular guest

    On the Sean Hannity Show

  3. “George W. Bush Complains About “Misinformation”

    ‘I do not believe in nation building.’

    So said Governor/Candidate George Bush, this in his first 2000 debate against Vice President Al Gore.

    “Weapons of Mass Destruction.’

    So said President George Bush, this when questioned as to why The United States’ Government was going to war against Iraq.

    • George Bush complains about dirty peasants with opinions his establishment buddies don’t like. Then George says, “I don’t know what WE”, meaning the establishment, “are going to do about that.”, while half the country is censored by Democrats and filthy rich jews.

      So what’s next George? Is WE going to waterboard Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights?

  4. “Is this some kind of shit test by the corporate media to see how STUPID far removed from reality that they can push their narrative?”

    Stupid media, for a stupid population.

  5. That pretty much tells all the elections between two parties they switch votes for the same regime.

  6. And seeing shitlibs defending Pence is even more jarring. At first they thought he was Satan reincarnated because he wanted to zap the LGBTs straight now he is Jesus for saving us from Zion Don.

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