Department of Social Justice Had a Backup Plan To Arrest Derek Chauvin

How do you like the social justice system?

The only thing that matters now is what woke progressive elites and their lynch mobs think of you. Even if a jury of your peers decides you are innocent, you are guilty and should be arrested on the spot anyway. There is a sacred “racial justice” narrative at stake here.

The Hill:

“The Justice Department (DOJ) planned to arrest Derek Chauvin inside the courthouse and charge him with civil rights violations in the case of a mistrial or if he had been found not guilty of George Floyd’s murder, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Wednesday.

The Star Tribune reported that federal prosecutors had built a police brutality case against Chauvin, as well as the other three officers who were charged in Floyd’s death. However, the DOJ didn’t pursue a grand jury indictment to avoid influencing the murder trial. …”

Joe Biden himself said that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. He had already arrived at the verdict himself before it was announced. George Floyd was murdered by “white supremacy” and systematic racism. We’re all complicit. We all murdered him and deserve to be collectively punished for it.

Note: As I said this morning, woke progressivism simply cannot coexist with our traditional justice system or anyone who has a different point of view. We’re just another pathetic communist country now.

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  1. Funny how white people are collectively guilty of supposedly bad things like enslaving Negroes but cannot be collectively given credit for our race’s many contributions to the arts and sciences.

    I have mixed feelings about Chauvin. He is obviously a victim of unjust persecution and double jeopardy. But he was also an obedient servant of ZOG who probably wouldn’t have thought twice about shooting you, your wife or your family dog if ordered to do so.

      • “charge him with civil rights violations”

        Can u say Double jeopardy.
        This was a big objection to ‘civil rights laws’, back in the 60s, when they were proposed. That these laws violate the constitutional protection not to be tried twice for the same, which they do.

  2. Looking at that mug shot. Wow. The guy has seen a lot. And now he’s sentenced to life.

    His wife divorced him within days of the incident. Definitely not worth it. But he was tasked to work a city filled with blacks and paid by a government that wanted him to fail. Very bad situation he was involved in.

    I’d bet at night before he falls asleep he second questions himself and why he got involved, from what I understand he also killed another guy during his police career.

    The morale level must be very low in police departments. His career and being a tough cop, which he obviously was, put him behind bars.

    • Yeah. “Poor bastard,” I thought, even if he was a stooge for this corrupt system. Watching his railroading by a corrupt system is close to witnessing judicial murder.

    • I kinda admire the way he took it. No sign of emotion. Like when Saddam was hanged. He knows the score, he’s a bit like a Cormac McCarthy character, trucks through it like it doesn’t mean fucking thing to him. Cold Blood.

  3. What amazes me is all this work the Department of Social Justice and FBI is able to do after 4 years of being able to do NOTHING for Trump except stir up anti-Russian hysteria. Wouldn’t it be nice if, when Repubs had the power, they would actually exercise it?

  4. I think we can all agree that the guy trusted the system, fought for it and was ruined by it. Nothing new, have a conversation with my father that was a soldier or my nephew that was buck wild in Iraq.

    Very unfortunate for those that buy into it. Ends badly following corruption and being played. I’m of the mind of abandoning the system all together, let of drop.

    LOL, put yourself in his shoes for a second. He was a career cop, was hard as fuck. Did his job and was locked up for doing his job. Any cop with a decent head on his shoulders should resign. Let it go off. This system is not worth shit.

    If the guy was in some foreign nation delivering pain and death he’d have gotten a medal. For being hard and tough. And taking out a clear threat. But he was on the doll of the US government in a city where blacks whine and yell and got fucked over.

    Bad move but he was saturated around it and used hard measurements. Happens. Dude burned out years before Floyd. He does not deserve life in prison. We don’t take care of our own anymore.

    • He really might have had N-fatigue. He was not going to show mercy or compassion in front of the bystander hood crowd….make an example out of this big buck.

    • He is not one of our own, he is a white traitor.

      He married a Filipino woman because he is so mentaly ill, he couldn’t find a single person among a billion of his own kind to marry. ZOG trained him in Israeli restraint techniques, which is a form of torture the Israeli army use on Palestinian civilians if they protest their dispossession. White traitors like him are all over the West. They are denying nationalists essential services, arresting & passing sentence on them, and locking them up for thought crime.

      ZOG has no further use for this white traitor, so they are making an example of him, before throwing him away. Treason is not a viable long term survival strategy.

      • @Jack – Whites cops like Chauvin are arrogant and carry a chip on their shoulder and think that because they are the police they are untouchable but (((TPTB))) wouldn’t – and don’t – hesitate a split-second to cast them to the dogs.

    • “Any cop with a decent head on his shoulders should resign. ”

      Drink coffee, eat doughnuts and chase wild tail.

  5. I don’t understand why Chauvin’s defense team requested a jury trial.

    It seems to me that Chauvin couldn’t have done any worse if he had just had a judge decide his fate and let it go at that.

    Might add that both the Trump AND the Biden Department of “Justice” are run by morons. Why not simply arrest and charge the “errant” cop and put him in an undisclosed federal prison? Just make a big production of it for public consumption to give them the impression they are doing some serious time breaking rocks in Levinworth or something. But quietly put them in Club Fed and then discreetly move them into a witness protection program or something.

    Wanted to add that I can’t believe Minneapolis would send a cop to hunt down Floyd for passing a counterfeit bill. What was the denomination? Ten dollars? Cities burned and monuments were topped over a ten dollar theft? There’s a special kind of stupid sending a cop to trap down someone passing counterfeit bills when the store should have simply filed a police report over the phone for insurance purposes like a petty shoplifting or burglary of vehicle.

    In fact, any theft a sainted “person of color” engages in as long as no weapon or physical intimidation is involved should be a phoned in police report for insurance purposes. Why? Because it will eventually involve Big Money. If insurance company stockholders take enough of a hit from five-fingered reparations, the shit will stop. Law and Order will be more than a tweet.

    Same with that neighbor who had the father and son team watch his property to protect it from Our Favorite Jogger, Armed Robbery … er, Ahmaud Arberry. Insure everything to the hilt. Secure everything as much as possible with locks and if the Jogger takes his five-fingered reparations, then file a report. A lot of people who do this even exaggerate the worth of what was stolen so that they can get more insurance money.

    In the meantime, that old saying about an Ounce of Protection Is Worth a Pound of Cure. I see a bunch of gun and ammo shops bought out by White Americans who still think the gun should be the first resort rather than the last resort. Those are the dudes who end up paying through the nose if they have to use them, because the Gun Grabbers are composed of lawyers who come from a people who spent thousands of years composing a belief system to help them “out-lawyer God.”

    However, if you spend most of your money securing your property, and that includes looking like you have very little to make it worth the while of someone like Our Favorite Jogger, you will be miles ahead of the game. There are all kinds of inexpensive hacks out there (much cheaper than guns or ammo) to fortify your home, thus making it Not Worth It any curious people casing your neighborhood.

    • “Might add that both the Trump AND the Biden Department of “Justice” are run by morons.”

      Trump either wouldn’t or couldn’t purge all these people working against him from the justice department. They were going after his allies as if we had a democratic president. Deep State: just a euphemism for jews in the bureaucracy.

  6. The “trial” was the any attempt to get his prosecution moved to another city. Once that failed a guilty on all counts was a given. The jurors had already went through six months of black riots and didn’t want to see it continue for both cowardliness personal but also societal reasons. A fair “trail” was never an option in this case.

  7. There should have been a change of venue, to another area.
    The local pool of jurors was to biased by media coverage and potential violence.

    The entire case screams , injustice.

  8. Savage society, savage behavior.

    If we had an all WHITE nation, none of this would occur.
    Be like England use to be, bobbies only had a police whistle,
    No gun, not even a nightstick.

  9. As if the “mostly peaceful protestors” had nothing to do with influencing the trial. Chauvin was screwed before he even walked into the courthouse.

  10. The guy simply screwed up at his job and these demons who usurped America railroaded him because they needed to inflame the blacks last summer in quite simply another CIA Soros color coded revolution run at home against the sitting president they didn’t approve of.

  11. FYI, those ‘good ol’ boys” in Georgia that were charged with the murder of the dindu nuffin jogger have also been charged with (((federal hate crimes))) in their case. Therefore, even if they are acquitted on the state charges, they still will face the wrath of (((Merrick Garland’s department of jews))).

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