Tucker Carlson: The GOP Disconnect

Tucker Carlson addressed the elephant in the room on his show last night.

Why don’t Republican politicians represent Republican voters? If you look at just the polls or what kind of stories repeatedly get traction online, you will find that ordinary people who vote for the Republican Party believe most of the same things that we do now. Even something like 40% of Republican voters are populists on economics now and say their race or ethnicity is extremely or very important to their identity. Immigration is also the top issue on the minds of voters.

The problem ISN’T that we are incapable of persuading people to come around to our point of view. Most people would agree that antiracism is anti-white now thanks to Ibram X. Kendi. Most people would agree with us about censorship or how Antifa and Black Lives Matter are our common enemies. We’ve made huge strides in bridging the gap between our views and millions of people although Joe Biden and the Democrats deserve most of the credit for this. Look at how far we come since it was Bill O’Reilly in Tucker Carlson’s slot on FOX News.

We’re off doing one thing. The voters are concerned about most of the same things. Tucker Carlson and other people online who have large audiences are talking about the same issues. There is remarkably little difference these days. Meanwhile, the GOP is off in its own universe focusing on the DREAM Act or police reform or what we can do for OUR GREATEST ALLY which literally no one is clamoring for anywhere online.

Why is that? Why is there this huge disconnect between the politicians and the voters? One reason is that these people have been taking money from corporate PACs and wealthy donors for decades. Conservative institutions like the Heritage Foundation being ideologically committed to an obsolete ideology that has been rejected by voters is another big reason. The tendency of corrupt politicians to retire and become lobbyists is another reason that these people no longer represent the interests of their voters.

Maybe it is Frank Luntz though? Maybe he is convincing Republican politicians that what their voters really want is amnesty, gun control, “trans women” in women’s sports, censorship, criminal justice reform, people toppling statues and burning down police stations, etc. There is really no difference between what CEOs and PMCs believe and what populist and nationalist voters believe.

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  1. “Why don’t Republican politicians represent Republican voters?”

    Because the spirit of The ‘Grand Ole Party’ is still that of New England, even though it is now occupied by it’s antithesis – Rural and Smalltown Dixians, Plains Staters and Midwestern Heartlanders.

    Thus the leadership has one disposition (Internatlionalism, Notionalism, and a Yankee-Doodle Dandy Grand Federalism) and it’s constituency another (Nationalism, Real Politik, and a reestablishment of a Confederate America).

    Interesting to see which party, the leaders or the followers, wakes up first…

  2. Any White person who still thinks the Republican Party is the answer is either brain dead or a moron.

    • @More of the Same…

      They’re neither dead or a moron, Sir, but, less informed than you, in denial, and, too, well aware that they, as do we, as of 2021, lack any concrete alternatives.

      Most voters do not regard not voting as a rational alternative, as do some of us.

      • To put it another way, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

        • @More of The Same…

          Agreed – it’s one thing President Clinton used to say that I wholeheartedly agreed with!

        • @Ironic…

          Thank you for the kind words.

          All hail Comma Supremacy and long live Comma Supremacists!

  3. As people begin to notice the behavior patterns and aggressive self-interested hypocrisy of folks like Frank Luntz, I fear only bad things await us all.

    • Kevin McCarthy (Irish Roman Catholic) is queer for Frank (((Luntz))).

      I was watching Bob Casey an Irish Roman Catholic Senator from Pennsylvania this morning on FoxNews his politics are 100% compatible with (((Luntz))). They probably both attend the same Catholic Church. LOL.

      • “Kevin McCarthy (Irish Roman Catholic) is queer for Frank (((Luntz))).”

        Modern Yankees, Sir, both of them, lest you forget.

        Irish, who grew up breathing Southern air are, by and large, not like the Irish you prefer to depict.

  4. Lee Atwater famously explained how the Republican party operates and specifically how it marketed to Southern, rural, and “red state” white men back in the 60’s – 80’s.

    When David Duke was running Atwater said the Republicans will find the issues that Duke supporters care about, filter out anything that is “incompatible” with the Republican party, and adopt those issues. The Democrats have long mischaracterized what Atwater said, which was an early variation of “Democrats are the real racists.” Atwater said it was the local Democrats who would say, “nigger this, nigger that” and Republicans would instead come in and discuss issues.

    For Democrats, that is itself racism. Because all white people are racist, if a white person has a different opinion than the majority of black people, that is an expression of their racism.

    So if most black people in town want more parking and most white people want open space, the white people are expressing structural racism and should have instead asked what the black people wanted and did that instead.

    I know it seems silly, and it is. There is far less than meets the eye. These people seriously believe that white people voting is systemic racism and the only way to end racism is to bring in as many foreigners as possible and giving them the vote and so they can outvote white people, thus “ending structural racism.”

    So The Republicans like Tucker Carlson realize they have to do what Lee Atwater said and talk about “populist” economic issues and try to tamp down any sort of talk of race.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats are running on a full throated, 100% anti-white, all the time platform. Will be interesting to see if that works.

    • @Banned Hipster…

      Many excellent things in your remark, worthy of focus.

      That said, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion about Mr. Carlson.

      He’s not trying to ‘tamp down on any sort of talk of race’.

      No, what he is doing is fighting from the inside, which, the converse of the exigencies you and I – as outsiders – face, has a very different set of rules.

      Mr. Carlson speaks of race all the time – you just have to know how to hear it.

      And speaking of how to know how to hear it, your example, Lee Atwater, put it like this : ‘In the 50s we, (political professionals) were talking Nigger, Nigger. By the early 70s those words had become taboo, so we addresst the same subject by advocating for for States’ Rights (anti-forcet integration) which, by the mid 80s our language had become as obtuse as being against the higher taxes that funded the welfare programs (that paid Black Women not to work).’

      Still the same subject, though, and, yes, Mr. Carlson talks about the abuses of Jewry Inc. all the time – he just uses words like, ‘Google’, Facebook’,’ Silicon Tech’, and,yes, he talks about White Replacement oft, as well, though he talks of it in terms of ‘Open Borders policies’, anti-Amnesty’, and on and on.

      Moreover, he did an entire expose of the Jewish oligarch, Paul Singer, wrecking a Nebraskan White Gentile town, and it was brutal how he laid Mr. Singer out, for all to see.

      And you can be sure that the JDL, ADL, and scores of other advocacy groups of The World Jewish Order, understand perfectly well all these semantick gadgets, which is precisely why they are so strenuously exerting themselves to get rid of him.

      Mr. Carlson, Sir – is right there, but, he is constrained by the commonly accepted social norms of our day.

      That said, he is fighting like crazy for us, from the inside.

      • “No, what he is doing is fighting from the inside, ”

        Give us a break man.

        Tucker Carlson is the very defintion of an insider. He went to schools that cost $58,000 per year, and did very poorly in his studies, then used his connections to get into an elite university. From there his connections were used to propel him upwards in his chosen career.

        The system doesn’t make people who fight it millionaires. System fighters are censored and banned from gainful employment. They are sued relentlessly and have their houses and computers ransacked by the state. They are jailed for protesting in the street. The system doesn’t put the people who fight it on Fox News every night of the week and make them millionaires! Tucker Carlson is not fighting the system, he is the system.

        • Thank you for your reply, Dear John.

          Though I agree with many of your observations here, as general principles, I do not regard Mr. Carlson as a fake opposition.

          I agree with you that Mr. Carlson is a part of the system, though, I disagree with you that he is not fighting the system.

          I think Mr. Carlson genuinely cares for this nation and it’s people, and being a part of the system does not change that.

          Just his expose, below, that he gave on an oligarch by the name of Singer, is revolutionary journalism, at the national level for this time in history.

          Nobody, Dear John, and I do mean nobody, has given a national level report like this in decades.

          It is extremely hard hitting and, because of reporting like this, Tucker Carlson has played a major part in raising the new Populist/Nationalism.

          If you have a few moments, catch this report he made, ’bout a year ago.

          Be well!

    • “Meanwhile, the Democrats are running on a full throated, 100% anti-white, all the time platform. Will be interesting to see if that works.”

      Yes it will. The majority of people in America are now quite simply “bad people.”

      • @Nioghtroiwl…

        Yes, but, you are missing the upside – what will work most about it is that it will lead to not only a reconfederatization of this land, but a reorganization of many states.

  5. Upper class is so entrenched and so old that it is a different nation already. Of course politicians are more loyal to their ethnic group than people with who they have nothing common whatsoever. Eternal problem with any form of aristocracy.

    In Europe is the same problem. EU officials formed pan European communist upper class hostile trans continental network similar to what Jews always had. And this nation within the nations is loyal only to themselves.

  6. The Republican Party venerial diseased slimmy inner core=THE HOMOSEXUAL PEDERAST PARTY

  7. The democrats are really pandering to the blacks. The pro crime movement appeases the childish mind of 75 IQ black underclass youth. Blacks quite simply refuse to accept any white can ever kill one of them even when they are engaged in criminal conduct. This is what 19th century politicians meant by they are incompatible with us. It seems the democrats looking at the Obama landslides and Hillary loss realized they need a huge black turnout to win. Look at “blue states” like Delaware, Michigan, Illinois, these are about 25% black, almost as much as a lot of southern states and without the black vote these states would be republican. Unfortunately “yankee” whites in these places lack the solidarity of southern whites who know they have to vote as a block to keep blacks from running their states into the ground. Still, I remember in the 80s Illinois was a red state with republican governors. The arrival of vast amounts of immigrants to Chicago land is what changed it, the suburbs too are now overrun with Mexicans, Hindus, Asians, etc who now vote in scumbags like Tammy Duckworth instead of the former republican congressman we used to have in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago where I grew up. Worse, in places murdered by corporate America like Flint MI and Danville IL the whites pick up and leave but the black welfare queens stay put as their welfare check did not get exported to China and rent in these decayed rust belt cities is dirt cheap. The worst thing that happened to downstate Illinois where I now live was the demolition of the projects in Chicago. The elites wanted to gentrify Chicago and sent them packing down the I 57 Greyhound/Amtrak “Crime Corridor” ruining the small cities along that route with ghetto crime. There is a small movement for downstate secession centered in Effingham, but no way would congress authorize a new red state with two new republican Senators. Nor do I really see much of a future for America run by the traditional method of elections, we need a non-democratic form of government like in the UAE. Democracy sucks and we now have a majority of bad people in this country who are immersed in this degenerate culture of drugs and bastard children and want mid 20th century America to die they same was a bad child wants to kill their parents, resenting their attempts to discipline them.

  8. You have to blame GOP voters themselves. They have been very gullible and have not fought back against the people manipulating them. We saw this with the failure of the Tea Party challenges against awful incumbents/ Lindsey Graham won three straight primaries AFTER coming out as an amnesty leader. McCain did the same.

    • @ATBOTL…

      Yes, Republican voters have not wisht to deal with reality. Many still do not, though that number is diminishing rapidly.

  9. Both parties pretend to represent the voters but in reality they go against everything they were elected for. They present the minority over the majority. They represent their donors and lobbies. Favors, favors and more favors.

  10. I wonder why on earth would ANY politician with too working brain cells want to be a Republican?!

    It is obvious as hell to me that there isn’t a single Republican who truly believes in borders, language, culture, free speech, or the right to bear arms. Or any other conservative principle out there. What has True Conservative Inc. conserved? Would that be the traditional definition of marriage?! No.

    Would that even be supporting a ban on defining marriage period, recognizing civil unions and tell Americans that private institutions can officiate over whatever commitment ceremony they want. Americans can call their adult sex partner whatever they want, but FEDGOV only recognizes civil unions and the traditional marriages of yesteryear are grandfathered into recognized civil unions. Well, no.

    They haven’t been able to conserve the right of females to their own sports or their own restrooms from men who think they are women.

    They only thing they have managed to conserve is more wars for Israel, and, oh yes, tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Slightly OT, but if the Republicans weren’t in on the cabal to remove Trump, they would have talked him out of not allowing the property owners, wealthy, upper middle class, hell.. middle class … or anyone with a mortgage to claim their city, state, and local income taxes and property taxes on their federal tax returns. Then they were shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you when Trump lost White suburbanites. (I would bet dollars to donuts that PENCE encouraged THAT folly. That man was as creepy as Mitt Romney).

    I wonder if all these political hopefuls meet in the back room with the Usual Suspects and are assigned to the party. The least charismatic, most milquetoast-looking nebbish gets to wear the red tie and represent The Party of Lincoln. Speaking of which, if the fix wasn’t in, WHY did the REPUBLICANS allow the media to assign them the color RED which had been the Democrat color BC (Before Clinton)?

    In any case, even though all these Talk Show Hosts talk about how naive the Republicans are, they have gotten years of bad advice from Frank Luntz. It would be nice if, every once in a while, the Republicans made a mistake in favor of the American people, but it never happens.

    So, I think that any seminar that Luntz conducts is to massage HIS talking points into something that sounds VAGUELY conservative, delivers big payoffs to wealthy donors and the Chamber of Commerce while rah-rahing the average White voter into scorning the very idea that they need the government to do ANYTHING for them.

    I am in a position where I can listen to a lot Talk Radio and they do nothing but yap about how the Constitution was framed to protect Natural Rights and limited government is the best government Terrible Tommy Metzer astutely observed that NO government grants rights; only privileges (which can be taken away). Notice how everything on the Bill of Rights is being redefined as some sort of White Privilege which is causing systemic racism?

    Say what you want about “Progressives,” but they figured out a long time ago what the RIGHT obviously still haven’t figured out to this day. FIND A WAY TO MAKE GOVERNMENT WORK FOR YOU OR IT WILL CERTAINLY WORK AGAINST YOU.

  11. Tucker is the man for the challenge we face as citizens of an occupied government. He speaks the truth without fear. No other man of influence does that. His support for the Republican nomination will swell over the next two years until he is unstoppable. Hundreds of millions of dollars in small donations as well as tens of millions of motivated volunteers will sweep all opposition aside. Our nation has one last shot and he is it. Get ready for a wild ride.

  12. A good job of hammering that filthy kike shill. I didn’t know he also worked for all the Cultural Marxist corporations, figuring him to be just a standard GOP system spin-doctor prescribing the usual sickening snake oil. That the Repuglicants knew his affiliations and continue to follow his “sage” jewshit proves what willing whores they themselves are.

  13. Tucker is being dishonest.

    Red states have been focusing heavily on addressing many of these issues, even the stupid ones like Blomph’s voter fraud claims.

    Federal level GOP is pretty useless but then again they’re in the minority in both chambers.

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