Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Despotism

Editor’s Note: I’m going to be on the road all day again.

I think we understand each other.

There is no possibility of coexistence under woke progressivism.

As Joe Biden himself said in his Joint Address, it is a struggle between light and darkness. Everything is “white supremacy.” It is axiomatic that Joe Biden’s police state should trample on the constitutional rights and civil liberties of evil “white supremacists” and other “domestic extremists.”

You shouldn’t be allowed to speak on the internet or hold a job in this country because of your political views. You shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military or in law enforcement. You don’t have any rights that protects you from FBI surveillance like the Fourth Amendment. You should be demonized on the basis of your race. You don’t have any property rights which can’t be nullified by vigilante social justice mobs. Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice should have the power to round people up and incarcerate them in gulags based on nothing more than their political opinions. We’re now in the business of using the state as a weapon to criminalize our domestic political opposition. The “journalists” now operate as commissars who go around policing ordinary people who have the wrong political views in order to intimidate them into conforming to the norms of the ruling party.

In light of the stakes of this question, there is no room for polite debate about any other issue. If the government can label you a “domestic extremist” and treat you like a terrorist rather than a citizen, you are being treated as an enemy of the state. You can’t afford to allow people like that to control the state.

As a content creator, Tucker Carlson seems to grasp this. Republican politicians, however, don’t grasp the severity of the situation. Maybe someone out there can get them up to speed?

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  1. My view of The Biden Presidency, thusfar, is that it is astoundingly similar to that of Trump.

    I say this because both played, and play, around at the edges of change, on issues that don’t really matter, and on those that really do, they do little to nothing.

    Then, to add insult to injury, both spend, and spent, all their time crowing about themselves and their achievements!

    As Nader said some years back – it is the two headed uni-party monster.

  2. “Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?”

    What are they so scared of? Why the sudden rush to eliminate all dissent? Is it a coincidence that this is all happening in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? How many of these creeps are being blackmailed for their misdeeds? How many are just blind followers doing what they believe is right?

    How deep does the rot go?

  3. I guess that the response to this argument, from a Republican pol would be to say that if they had the majority the excesses of the left would be checked. When you hand the left every branch of the government like in 2020 you get Merrill Garland making the entire nation a Waco siege.

  4. Tucker is close but he won’t close the deal. He avoids the ownership of the media.

    Frustrating, but the boy is owned and paid. He dances.

    The Boomer generation is a tough sell. But for some reason I think he’s about to the truth. I’m probably wrong on that.

    He’s making serious money and is providing for his family in a big wealthy way. He is bought and paid for.

    • We can only expect so much from a network TV personality who makes $30 million a year. Still, TC does say a lot of things that nobody else in the establishment media has the courage to say.

      • @Spahnranch1970
        According to this Tucker gets six million a year from Fox, but is heir to a fortune from his family’s frozen food empire.


        Yep. Anyone connected with the major parties is bought and paid for. Their job isn’t to tell the truth, it is to lead people away from the truth. At any rate if he told the truth, he’d be booted off Fox that night, and would making videos with only 1000 views on Bitchute.

      • That is real money. I couldn’t imagine that amount of money and I guess it would sway anyone. These media types live in a different world I suppose.

        I see it as a way the wealthy pay off opposition. To keep things going in their direction. Corruption, etc. I wouldn’t last ten minutes in that business. I’d rather be broke.

        I had a conversation with an Iraqi last week. An interpreter that did years in FOBs during the war. She made bank and twisted words around. Very sketchy lady.

        It’s refreshing to hear a person that understands Jews. She is an Assyrian Christian. She was explaining to me how the Jews still hate her people for times in ancient Babylonia. I brought up the topic and she let loose. She said “you have to understand, the media in every nation is the problem”.

        I know a Muslim Eritrean from Africa. He has the bruise on his forehead from praying to Allah In his house he has a live stream of Mecca on, all the time. Very devout. Didn’t bring up black crime to him as that’s obvious and he is clearly ashamed of American blacks and their poor behavior. Same thing, “it’s the media in your nation”.

        Majority of people don’t really delve into things and just go along with the narrative. Tucker in a segment could inform Americans of the scam, he’s in the know. His failure to do so is a sign of being compromised and paid. No other way to look at it.

        He’s a good actor though, dances well.

      • I agree. He obviously knows where everything is coming from. I don’t know if he is “owned”. The left has to keep enough “white supremacists” in the limelight, otherwise…people will wonder why the media is always harping on “white supremacists”. See? Here’s one right here. But if Tucker mentions the tribe, he will be gone, or made into an example of “antisemitism”.

    • Faux News is a big misdirection op. Keeping the blinders on their audience and leading them down dead ends.

  5. Republican politicians understand their role as the junior party. Biden himself said earlier this year that they need a strong republican party as controlled opposition. The two party con only works if the illusion of choice is maintained.

    • Pretty much.

      I’ve noticed that lots of people who you wouldn’t expect have wised up to what is going on. This hasn’t translated, however, into any awareness at the politician level

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        There is only but so much awareness you can have when you are paid to be unaware…

  6. “Do White people have any rights which woke people are bound to respect?”


    Do White People have any rights which The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government will not allow proxies, and or proxy entities, to violate?

  7. It’s open Race War against White Folks…

    I used to be a person who hated the Confederacy…..hated Nazi Germany….hated gun rights….didn’t like jokes about Jews….I was a socially-conservative Irish Catholic…

    These days I am socially-culturally conservative Christian…can’t stand the Pope…but I despise Protestanism also pro-2nd-gun rights….

    I wish General Lee had won at Gettysburg…..I wish the Germans had won WW2…….and Jews really hate White Folks……Noam Chomsky wants OUR PEOPLE DEAD……Noam Chomsky is a Jewish cockroach…..

    It’s called going through the learning curve of Life…..I never never never thought I would ever ever ever hold these views….

    The best way to resist is not to vote….DO NOT CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED BY THE TWO HOMOSEXUAL PEDERAST PARTIES DEMOCRAT-REPUBLICAN….Civilization will just collapse in America when a prolonged MEGA-DRAUGHT comes around…

    • @Patrick…

      There are many many ways to resist, Dear Patrick.

      Bank with local banks, buy products that are not against us, do not patronize anything that helps evil.

      Above any and all of that – continue being a kind and genteel brother, son, father, neighbour, citizen, and friend.

      Every time in history is a war, only the foes and battlefield locations change.

      Don’t let this eat you up and spoil all that is good in you and your life.

      In time, it will work out, though, that time may not easily correspond with your life span, so just be good and appreciate your life.

    • Hope you learned that “nazi” was a derogatory term made up against the National Socialists. I wish the Confederates would have won, too.

      • @Pilot & Spahn…

        Thank you, both, for your support for both The South and it’s determination to protect the genius of the Original America – local control for local folks only.

    • You have made more progress in your way of thinking than most people ever will. Professor Chomsky is one of the “better” jews, but that’s still not saying much.

  8. An empty, doddering old man addresses a nearly empty room. Thus, the state of the core dead republic, at the heart of a dying empire. Oh yeah…and the doddering, do nothing orange-man plans to start doing his masturbatory “rallies” again. There are no political solutions…

  9. Why is numbersusa.com so worried about the consequences of the H1B…L1 B visa on Hindu “Americans”….What a bunch of faggot cucks over at numbersusa…..numbersusa is onboard with the GREAT RACE REPLACEMENT….

  10. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act




    ON NOV 3 2020

    And this is what you call the GREAT RACE REPLACEMENT

    Talk about election interference…..53 years of it…HOLY CANOLY….

    • @Patrick…

      Yes, that ‘Immigration Act’ (Senator Edward Kennedy – a New England Yankee & New York Senator Jacob Javits – a Jew) will have to be nullified through secession and a reconfederatization of America.

      It cannot be left standing, for the longer it is, the more we become what we are not, and that can never be good, unless you are someone who hates America…

  11. What is really sad is that this type of blog even exists. It is an unending trop of all that is “bad” and “wrong” with the world with no attainable realistic solutions. The constant discussions about KNEEgers, and Joos is tiering to say the least. The bottomline is that the world is only gonna get worse until Jesus Christ splits those sky’s now. I recommend concentrating on spirituality and let the world burn. Maybe then it will change your ways.

    • @Bobby Gentry…

      As a Christian I say no to you.

      This world is not any worse than it was when Chryst first came, and, no, we are not going to all abdicate our duties as patriots of our respective communities, in a vain notion that God is going to take care of us all, all the time.

      Nope, The Good Lord made the wheat seed, so that we can grow the wheat, mill it into flour, bake it into bread, distribute to grocery stores, so that you can buy it and eat it.

      The same is true in politicks – God gives us a brain and some guts.

      Now it’s time to use them, instead of finding excuses in the Bible to be cowardly, fatalistick, and feckless.

  12. Carlson can only go so far without forfeiting his millions, which is what most care about anyway. Would he he all the way if he could, I don’t know? I guess he says more than most in the conservative party.

    • @John…

      With respect, Sir, Tucker Calrson is a fine man and brave patriot who has done more than anyone in national media to expose the problems of this current day.

      Why ought he ruin himself, and possibility his family’s prospects, just to satisfy some of us, who will never be satisfied, anyway?

    • He can serve as a gateway, for the more intelligent and inquisitive among his audience. Not sure what percentage of the Fox audience that would be, though.

  13. Don’t expect a born with a silver spoon in his mouth WASP to be another Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

    Tucker Carlson knows that he is only allowed to weave his political opinions within ZOG’s parameters. He plays the role a a faux outlier of the msm, but Carlson is an obedient goy for the synagogue of satan.

    • @November…

      If it were true, what you say about Mr. Carlson just being an Obedient Goy, then Jewish Groups would not be so frantically trying to get rid of him.

      No, Mr. Carlson is, and, indeed, has long been, the most relevant National level journalist White Gentiles have had since before WWII.

      • @ Ivan,

        The 1500 rabbis that came together to “support” Cucker Carlson from jonathan goldblatt’s call to have Carlson removed from faux news was done to protect jewish interests. They understood that the Leo Frank Defense League had overstepped by going after the most popular broadcast journalist in America. Their intention was to minimize the damage, before even normiecons became redpilled to the JQ.

        If anything, it should how quickly the jews are able to spin a counter-narrative to keep the goym gaslit.

  14. “It is axiomatic that Joe Biden’s police state should trample on the constitutional rights and civil liberties of evil “white supremacists” and other “domestic extremists.”

    Joe Biden’s a Yankee. They’ve always been ill at ease with the Constitution, and with the republican form of government.

    “If the government can label you a “domestic extremist” and treat you like a terrorist rather than a citizen, you are being treated as an enemy of the state. You can’t afford to allow people like that to control the state.”

    This is why the original Southern Nationalists seceded. Yankees are not like other Americans. They’re a hostile foreign nation, within our nation. That’s why they need their own government in some Northern city. Instead of in Washington DC.

  15. Bobby Gentry not that I believe any of it, however Jesus himself said the end of the world would come in the lifetime of the people asking him, yet NOTHING. They had a long wait and I’m afraid you do too !

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