Rising: New York Times Declares War On Twitch Streamers

Here you go.

It is the same “intersectional” problem. In this case, it is busybody “journalists” who work for the corporate media acting like commissars and demanding censorship to force their woke ideology down the throats of other people.

New York Times:

Someone do something! Get those people!

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    • @Dart…

      “Democracy’ … a very interesting and idiosyncratick is their use of that word, I do believe…

  1. The NY Times is for all intents and purposes no longer in existence. It has been replaced by an ultra left-wing opinion blog whose owner purchased the Times name and masthead.

  2. All the fucking (((commissar))) scum turning this country into the New Soviet Union as we speak deserve to be impaled. It’s total systematic tyranny, from the “news” media, to the jewniversities, to the federal agencies.

  3. The jew-niversity I work at as a maintenance guy recently added the perk of all employees being able to sign up for the jew York Times… But almost no articles allow comments!

    How am I supposed to name the jew and indigent black if I can not even comment! Luckily Occidental Dissent, Gab, & Telegram are still around.

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