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  1. According to a dear friend of mine, who is a rabbi,m the greatest threat to American Jews is America, itself, – his reasoning that Jews have become so accepted here, they no longer have any interest to maintain their tribe.

    The American Culture is not just a threat to Jews, however, but, to every race, nation, and culture.

    I’ve seen what it has done to Dixie, and I hope I live long enough to see it thrown out of here.

    • “According to a dear friend of mine, who is a rabbi”

      The Dissident Right are a funny lot. This guy has a “dear friend” who is a jew but nearly every post it is written that the jews use blacks as a weapon against White Men. No one says a thing here about some “southern confederate” or whatever Hunter Wallace calls you group of people on why this guy has a yid “dear friend”

      I saw recently on Amren the commenters (one of who named himself after the founder of the KKK which normally we call FBI shills) drove off a 15 year commenter because he dared to move to the Philippines and had a Filipina Wife calling him a “race traitor” and other vile nastiness but Amren just ignored the whole incident.

      This website has a fantastic series about Post Colonial Africa and that is about it from what I see. I am sure you will all rally around your buddy here with the jewish “dear friend” but what I wonder is why would a race realist be friends with a jew? I can see why a White American would marry a Filipina and move to the Philippines to get the hell out of America though because of the severely low quality of the avg White woman and because America is not a very safe place to be a White Race Realist.

      All in all the White Dissident movement or whatever each blog site owner wants to call his little kingdom of ether, are a weird bunch.

      • Hunter appoves those who want to post here unless they break the rules. That can be a blessing and a curse.

        Anyone here with a clue knows Ivan is a Jew. I assume he lives in Israel. There’s another one Juri, from Eastern Europe or Russia, who’s mission is to shift blame from Jews to mentally ill Whites. Yeah obviously another Jew, or an intelligence agent. This is just how it is in nationalism. Our enemies are always on us like flies on shit. You just have to learn to put up with it.

        • I read the top half of your comment when I made that comment. Now I read the bottom half. We have another jew.

      • @aldasfail:

        That is because you have totally bought into the propaganda that Whites pursuing their OWN interests and wanting to put their OWN people first must hate every other race.

        What would you call a woman who is the neighborhood mother and feeds, clothes, and tenderly cares for all the children out there only to see that HER children are malnourished, dressed in rags, and digging through the garbage for sustenance? I don’t know about you, but I would call that woman a lousy mother.

        If you understand the concept of PARENTS loving and protecting and even advocating for their own children without yoking it expecting them to care more about the children of OTHER parents or even HATING the children of other parents, then why is it so hard for you to grasp the concept of Whites taking care of their own WITHOUT hating or oppressing other races

  2. Yes, secular jws are integrating into the bugmen squads and thus dilute their “jewishness” and furthermore have generally way fewer children.

    However I think the Orthodox jews still have significantly higher birth rates ( i think it’s still at least 4 children per couple)

    • Outbreeding is a part of Jewish strategy. Like the book of Esther, the Jews often marry their sons or daughters off to powerful people outside of the tribe to gain advantage. This does not threaten them because the Jews who outmarry are not race traitors. They are still 100% loyal to jewry and they make sure that their spouse will be 100% loyal to Jewry as well. Contrast this with the Whites who marry out who are almost always anti-White.

  3. I often say that jews, in their hubris, don’t bother to try to become immune to their own tactics and tools. This rests my case. The white pill I needed today.

  4. That may be happening, but it’s not happening fast enough to prevent Anti-Christians from destroying the US as a White Christian country. And the same goes for Canada and other White Christian countries.

    By the way, ultra-religious Anti-Christians, such as Hasidim, are not disappearing. In fact, they have 10 children each. It may be true to an extent that religious Anti-Christians are less noxious than their secularized counterparts since the former tend to keep to themselves, but there will probably be enough defections from the ultra-religious ranks to replenish the numbers of the secularized Anti-Christians. The current secularized Anti-Christians descend from Anti-Christians who broke off from the ultra-religious communities, and this cycle has probably repeated several times throughout history. There were secularized Anti-Christians in the Roman Empire who were assimilated into the larger population but then replaced by defectors from the religious ranks who perceived an advantage in making themselves outwardly similar to the goyim.

    The only thing to do is what the Catholic kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, nobly did for Spain: expel all Anti-Christians from the land. That will never happen in the US, which is a deranged and demoniac entity, but any ethnostate subsequently founded by Whites should adhere to that policy.

  5. This is bad. They are sporing out. It will make them harder to spot.

    “Baptism, nor even cross-breeding are of any avail. We remain jews even unto the 100th generation, as we have been for 3000 years before. We do not lose the odor of our race. In every cohabitation with every woman our race is the domineering one; the result of such are young jews.” Dr. Eduard Gans (Jew)

  6. Even those who are only half or one quarter jew are raised to think and act like “full blooded” jews. Maybe their long-range plan is to contaminate every race and ethnicity with their genes so that the whole world will be at least partially jewish?

  7. Jews have been interbreeding with the goyim for a very long time. Yet somehow, they endure. Genetic studies on Ashkenazi Jews shows that it’s actually the matrilineal line that is the most European and the patrilineal line that comes from the Levant. This fits into Mark Brahmin’s point about Judaism being a bride gathering cult. “Jewishness” need not be passed down from having a (genetically) Jewish mother alone. This, of course, runs counter to what we are always told. In the poll, you’ll see that the importance that their grandchildren be Jewish is much higher than actually marrying someone who is Jewish. I’d be interested in seeing conversion rates and what percentage of Jewish-gentile offspring consider themselves to be Jewish.

    From this article: “The genetics suggest many of the founding Ashkenazi women were actually converts from local European populations.

    “The simplest explanation was that it was mainly women who converted and they married with men who’d come from the Near East,” Richards told LiveScience.

    • Besides celebrities, who are these people breeding with them? For a normal white, wouldn’t it feel a bit strange to settle down with one? They are Semitic, not European.

  8. We could only hope. I’m afraid that folk of European stock will be long bred out of existence before the Jews ever marry sufficient goyim elites to transform into their next evil incarnation. If the number of crypto members of Yahweh’s chosen pets was ever accurately tabulated, this would be obvious.

  9. I know a lot of Jewish people and they all are married to other Jews. They are the most close knit group of people I have ever seen in business and social alike. It is an admirable quality and I am just not seeing this data in real life. I can name about two hundred Jewish couples and not one that married a Gentile

    • Well, it’s not admirable. They have freedoms and privileges we don’t have. They can openly discriminate and say they only want other Jews in their organizations and relationships. We can’t.

    • It’s usually the more religious they are the more likely they will marry with their own. The types who are not religious or have mostly non Jewish friends will usually marry non Jews.

      Some will outright discriminate against you to your face. Lol. They even say they cannot even set you up on a date with a Jew.

      I know a fair amount of Jews and basically but not always, the less religious the Jewish person the more likely to marry non Jews. The religious ones are so caught up in things like not mixing meat and dairy, looking to have a lot of kids, being against promoting JESUS CHRIST, hanging out with other religious Jews that it truly is cult like. I know one jewish guy who dated a lot of non Jews when less religious but then became Orthodox and it’s only Jewish women now….except when you want to be a slut. They do that with non Jews. Basically him becoming more Jewish made him more bizarre.

      Back in the day when xxx stores were around, a good amount of orthodox would wander in.

      One of the funniest things I saw years back were Orthodox Jews coming out of a school. Many poured into a car. They then proceeded to whip out cigarettes and blast rap music. All bopping their heads to the beat. I think many Orthodox Jewish women also have their fantasy goy male interests.

  10. Shelley Adelson always reminded me of Grand Negus Zek, the leader of the Ferengi Alliance in the later spin-offs of Star Trek. How many rules of acquisition are there?

  11. My greatest argument against the irrational antisemtism of our fringe is just this.

    They aren’t immune to the corrosive effects of the globalist system with which they are ascribed sole guilt for. Or the other deleterious effects of modernism.

    Are they over represented in institutions of power? Yes absolutely.

    Is that dangerous given that they hate us for who we are and are neurotic to the point of self destruction? Yes absolutely.

    Should they be removed from power and put back into their place? Yes absolutely.

    Are they to blame for everything that goes wrong? Is there a perfidious yid behind every crisis? No.

    Are they to blame for where we are as a race and civilization? No. They are taking advantage of our disfunction.

    Do I hate them for that? Yes.

    The parable of the scorpion and the frog is instructive. Its in our nature to be trusting and naive. Its in theirs to hurt us even if it destroys them. The solution is separatism.

    • Money buys a lot of shielding from the “corrosive effects”. Plenty of money allows someone to just leave the country if it gets bad enough, and hey, they have another country to call home in the Middle East. Do we have that? No.

    • separation is NOT a solution. separation simply prolongs the time between conflicts. they are parasites, and they will always come after us. they have no worker caste, so they need us to survive. there is no other solution but extermination. you dont make concessions to bloodsucking parasites.

  12. Jews have been :”vanishing” for 3,000 years

    and then magically re-appearing. Cf:

    “holocaust”. In fact, (((they))) closely regulate

    intermarriage with the Host population,

    in order to capture goyisch genes

    for purposes of racial camouflage.

    • I agree. Besides the genes, they get plastic surgery and change their names. How many German surnames were hijacked by them?
      As much as they hate us, they like our white worlds. Long ago, they flocked to England, Germany, and France, for their high brow living standards. They weren’t moving to Madagascar.

  13. So Alan Dershowitz stopped raping little girls trafficked by his fellow Mossad assets Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell long enough to complain that more and more Ashkenazis want nothing to do with the freak-o Scientology level cult called “Judaism” and the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine?

    Well, good. I can’t see how anyone would want to admit to being a “Jew.” It’s the current year, get with the times!

  14. what was really a surprise in genetic tests – at least the ones I’ve seen – is how little the Ashkenazi Jew has of the typical European haplogroups like R1b and R1a.
    I was expecting a lot more of the Slavic R1a.

    • They are on both sides. If you’re on both sides, you never lose.

      They do have a conservative side, but it’s not something that favors us. But a lot of people buy into it, especially the religious folk.

  15. This indicates that gentile society has become so thoroughly judaized that Jews feel comfortable intermarrying. White gentiles, especially from the upper classes, have already integrated to Jewish culture and have become as depraved, godless, and cretinous as the Jews themselves.

  16. “Did you know it was this bad?”


    The jews have been plotting to leave the USSA and jump ship to China for a while now. They even had a big conference in Wye, Massachusetts planning this.

    Jews main plan seems to be to maintain an Orthodox core in the Zionist entity whilst wrecking havoc in the goyim nations.

    However currently another infatada appears likely. The World tires of jewry.

  17. I see. The intermarrying of Jews with Whites is—what? Bad for Jews, good for Whites?

    Just how stupid do you have to be.

  18. “Jews are disappearing due to intermarriage”

    Or Americans are becoming indistinguishable from Jews.

  19. Yes a lot of jews are marrying outside their community, but the offspring of such unions are thoroughly immersed in the culture of modernism. As a matter of fact, the orthodox and conservative jews who marry within their faith usually aren’t the troublemakers, they tend to be conservative and sensible like Ben Shapiro. While the movement of vast number of children of Jewish ellis island immigrants into the elite in the mid 20th century has radically altered the mood of the rest of the gentile members of that elite as their European style revolutionary marxism entered the mindset of the elites. The whole elite and those who look up to join that clique has now been so infected with these ideas the country is on the path to being conquered by any foreign power serious about the Machiavellian reality of human society.

  20. I don’t believe anyone who says they know a lot of Jews if they don’t live in NYC, LA or S. Florida. I grew up in a heavily Jewish suburb of NYC and have lived in Manhattan. This article is true. They are intermarrying at very high rates. Mixed Jewish people, outside of the media and politics playing up their Jewishness for career reasons, do not have strong Jewish identities. Many people who are half Jewish want nothing to do with Jews, like the guy I knew through the music scene who a nazi skinhead. Quarter Jewish people? Forget about it. They couldn’t care less about Jews. Intermarriage will end Jews. They cannot pass on their very intense culture past a certain level of mixing. European Jews are already half European.

    Hassidic Jews have plummeting birth rates, they have probably halved in 30 years. Most of them have about four or five kids now, not ten. That will fall further. I live near them so I know them. They are fleeing NYC now because they can’t afford it. It will be harder to maintain their communities in the suburbs and the new ones fleeing NYC don’t want to live in ghettos like New Square. They are moving to ethnically and religiously mixed neighborhoods that they will never be able to take over.

    Here’s an example. Jewish family I know. Orthodox, father is clergy. Three daughters. One marries a white man, moves away from NYC, kids are raised Christian. One daughter marries Jewish man, no kids. One daughter marries Jewish man, no kids and divorced. All too old to have kids now. This is common. When I look at the Jews I grew up with, at least half married non-Jews, many are unmarried in middle age and they have very few children, let alone fully Jewish children.

    The guy who says he knows “200 Jewish couples” and none are intermarried is lying. That’s statistically impossible. My Gen X schoolmates 30 years ago were about 20% Jewish and 10% half Jewish. That was non-orthodox boomer Jews(ie 95% of boomer Jews) marrying gentiles about 1/3 of the time. Gen X Jews married non Jews about half the time and mlnl jews about 2/3rds of the time. That is annihilation levels of intermarriage.

    Jews are very highly selected for certain traits. They are like a purebred race horse. Intermarriage destroys all of their advantages over others.

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